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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

G20 -The Report

A Metropolitan Police report alleges certain 'facts'. The 'officers' were expected to display identity numbers. Some did not. Probably 'accidentally' obscured by other paraphernalia. Rather like a vehicle registration plate being caked in mud and so obscured. Illegal. Even 'accidentally' illegal. The shameful, but expected response? Minister is proud of G20 police. The spin is enough to make you sick with giddiness. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has failed in its attempt to block the release of video footage leading up to the death of Ian Tomlinson being broadcast. The description of independence is strained as a result of such action. Government constantly promotes the 'message' that if there is nothing to hide then openness is the best way forward. The rule of the day. Obviously for everyone else and not an 'independent' body. So, what is there to hide that the IPCC seeks to keep hidden? It would be interesting to view the reaction to CCTV being banned. The theory behind the use of this technology is to reveal activity. Not hide it. Speed cameras are installed to capture activity. Not hide it. The confidence in such alleged independence is instantly lost and such 'independence' is reasonably not accepted. This is suggestive of government interference and pressure being exerted on 'independent' authorities. Video footage (Channel 4) should be allowed into in the public domain. It is important that the public are entitled to view the actual behaviour of the state-controlled police that have been told to remain "calm and restrained". There is an obvious assumption that any individual dressed up as a 'Met police officer' is actually what it purports to be. This is similar to alleged protesters attacking the RBS building. There is no evidence that the violent attackers were any part of the peaceful protest of the demonstrators. Create the problem (violence) and provide the solution (police force). This would 'justify' the police attacking those who had no part in the violence.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Secondary Legislation And China Gateway

Secondary or delegated legislation is similar in principle to planning amendments after the original plans have been approved. The original plan is 'approved' by a committee of more than one person. Once approval has been granted (and possibly construction commenced) amendments can be made that only require 'rubber stamping' by one person. The potential for massaging plans is limitless with this arrangement. A three storey building can become magically four even when the local community has been advised of a three storey construction.

All approved
All legal

China Gateway A possible example in progress is the China Gateway. October 2008 was the initial approval for the 1st phase that was 'examined', when considerable resistance to this entire project was met by Thanet District Council (TDC), based on significant safety grounds. The details of phases 2 & 3 are still 'officially' unknown, yet in principle they now have approval. So through TDC's blindness, the project will begin and ignore serious and genuine concerns: potential drinking water contamination. The high ground at Manston contains the aquifers that serve Thanet. The entire area will be concreted over effectively sealing the ground underneath from the rainwater that soaks downwards through the chalk. The ground above will be covered with lorries and the potential contamination of drinking water for all the people of Thanet is very real. The aquifers could even run dry. The decisions of the few affect the many. If any individual suffers as a consequence of the action to allow this process to begin, then clearly any potential criminal behaviour that allowed it can be examined. Not that retrospective action helps any injured party. The blindness of TDC is exemplified by the fact that at least some of those who 'approved' these plans will use this water. The obvious question arises: when will the water run out if not adequately replenished by rainwater? This possibly wasn't even considered since the designation of agricultural use has been changed to employment use.

Cynical or essential?

Moving the goal posts once the game has begun is an old ploy to gain unfair and unwarranted advantage.

  • Phase 1: approved (hostile)
  • Phase 2: details unknown. Approval by rubber stamp
  • Phase 3: details unknown. Approval by rubber stamp
Recent manoeuvering has already become sinister. The company behind the plans for the business park near Manston has offered Kent County Council £3m for more land to increase the size of the development. This after Phase 1 approval, but before Phases 2 & 3 rubber stamping. This also at a time when KCC has become financially stretched (Kent taxpayers' money) through investments in a collapsed Icelandic bank. From a business point of view it is probably perceived as a good time to make such an offer although morally (in business? - DA) it is a disgrace. KCC should send the company packing. But it is inevitable that it won't. Another short term solution to a long term problem. Carter will be long gone, while the people of Thanet will still (hopefully) be here: 50 miles distant from Maidstone. Commercial Group Properties desires that KCC sell 27 acres of land at Columbus Avenue, Manston Park, Ramsgate, Kent.

The price of this land (employment or agricultural?) is clearly rated at £111,111 per acre and the value is suggestive of some sort of planning approval attached. The mist gathers over Manston. Work is to begin on the China Gateway development in October whether or not any further movement is made on the 27 acres and planning permission is still outstanding for Phases 2 & 3. Officially. But rubber stamps can be activated in an instant. Some of CGP's shares have been sold for just 3p, so if they are sold at 4p they will make a 30% return. Go figure the maths, but the potential is huge when starting at such a low value. Investment from China will ensure that the development gets built. It was represented last year of the China Gateway being driven by the Chinese government. It now sounds as though it is simply a source of finance in the current economic crisis that did not exist when approval was sought and acquired 12 months ago.

  • Something smells very bad in the air around Thanet, especially when the background detail does not add up.
Phase 1 was 'agreed' and forced through by Thanet District Council in October 2008. It comprises 21 different-sized warehouses and covers about 138,000 sq. metres. Phases 2 & 3 remain technically unapproved. Theoretically, if the entire set of three phases are approved, the coverage could be up to 307,000 sq. metres. Details remain secret and this in itself raises suspicion about the deal, only that the commercial wing of the Chinese government Chinamex is involved. This is a Dubai-registered company: Middle East Investment and Trade Promotion Centre and backed by the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing.

China Gateway, Manston

Attention has turned to China for investment since using banks is apparently not possible (still). Also apparently impossible is raising money on the London Stock Exchange. The justification for China is at the surface simple funding and examining any deeper is not possible.

  • "I believe that the quality of the site will entice companies to establish headquarters here which will underpin a long-term investment in the community."
Clearly, much is unknown and patently uncertain or deliberately hidden from public scrutiny.

  • Development apparently comprises buildings for mixed commercial use that includes marketing, research and development...

of what?

All defined, presumably under the approved phase 1 plans. The question remains:

What are phases 2 & 3?

Government Is Stale

A government (parasite) that does not introduce enough legislation has become stale and run out of ideas. It's the sole purpose of government. To introduce legislation to effect greater control over the people (host). The concept that government is a servant to the people and simply smooths the path of the people it serves has always been the smoke and mirrors that sustains any government and constitutes the best known of official secrets. Any national security angle has been increased by the introduction of terrorism. It's grown into the accepted method by 'terrorists' that once didn't exist to any appreciable extent as the way of forcing demands from (any) government. It has been allowed to grow and now justifies the control of the host by the parasite. Another method of control by making the host compliant and accepting the demands of the parasite. It is the parasite that controls the host.

Euro MP

The entire 'life' of a government as the parasite is spent feeding off the host (the people) by paradoxically feeding the host with the parasite's demands. To tighten the screws and gain an evermore effective stranglehold. It behaves like a virus spreading disease wherever it goes. It milks the system of its lifeblood and takes for itself evermore resources the longer it lives. Actual rebellion is avoided by 'democratic elections'. It's a cynical system. A controlling system. The use of finance is the ultimate method of control by design.

None of the Above Party

The growing population ensures that competition will always get more fierce. More people to chase after employment with the predictable result that pay declines in proportion to the growth in population. Greater demands placed upon the growing population who are progressively less able to fund their own life must sustain the growing parasite. It has become a more obvious method of control by the parasite to make the host work harder at feeding it. The parasite grows fatter and greedier and ultimately instead of being fed by the host would need to feed itself and is illustrated by the growing public (parasite) pensions at the sole expense of the taxpayer (host).

Worth of Public Pension

Paul Ormerod

  • When Brown started to throw a wall of money at the public sector in the late 1990s, this outcome was inevitable. Pay increases, re-gradings, extra promotions to manage the huge increase in staff – all these put money into the private pockets of public sector workers. And this is to say nothing of the massive social injustice which has been created by the huge gulf between public and private sector pension provisions. From an egalitarian perspective, this is a scandal even bigger than the bankers' bonuses. In the 1997 budget, Brown wrecked private pensions. Gold-plated public sector ones remain unreconstructed.
  • Millions of workers in the private sector have had to take pay cuts in the recession. Yet they see their public sector counterparts moaning that their increases are not big enough.
George Osborne:

  • ...we must look at these fat cat public sector pensions, end this revolving door of people coming back to work for the same organisation they were working for just a month earlier with not just the salary they always had but also the pension. 
But the growing population (host) ensures that the growing parasite remains proportionately smaller than the host. Any body that gets too big must divide. Cell mitosis is a classic example. The cell must divide in order to survive. The logic would suggest that the parasite has reached a maximum 'sustainable' size and must therefore divide. Or, instead of creating two forms of parasite, split the host into two camps: rich and poor. That's been happening for quite a while and continues while never slowing, but actually accelerating in its progress. The parasite will feed off the 'rich'. That part of the host that continues to delude itself by imagining it has control by the acquisition of wealth. Inflation and an ever tightening stranglehold ensures that any wealth is constantly (and almost) invisibly 'removed' and Redistributed.

As always, the 'rich' are so blinded by their greed that they cannot see the full frontal attack. They still persist in the belief that they are the most 'worthy' part of the host. That they are some kind of special subspecies.

Swill is a mixture of solid and liquid food scraps 
(or any disgusting or distasteful liquid) fed to pigs

Everybody dies and it's bizarrely amusing to observe the 'subspecies' feeding at it's very own and very exclusive trough of 'wealth.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oligarchs Falling On Hard Times

The number of Russian billionaires has shrunk to just 32 from the 110 (2008) and the collective asset total reduced to around $140bn (£100bn) from $520bn (£350bn). This represents a drop of 75%, according to Forbes Russia. Oligarch
  1. Mikhail Khodorkovsky
  2. Roman Abramovich 8.5 (24.3)
  3. Viktor Vekselberg
  4. Mikhail Prokhorov 9.5 (19.5)
  5. Vladimir Potanin
  6. Mikhail Fridman 6.3 (20.8)
  7. Vladimir Lisin 5.2 (20.3)
  8. Oleg Deripaska 3.5 (28.0) Profile
  9. Alexei Mordashov 4.3 (21.2)
  10. Vagit Alekperov 7.8 (13.0)

Banks - Worst May Be Over

According to the Bank of England's newest recruit (David Miles) to the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the worst may be over. Hardly a surprising statement coming from... the Bank of England. The one that wants to get lending started. And the interest rolling in. The lifeblood of a lending institution.

David Miles is a City economist and the replacement for David Blanchflower on the committee of nine that sets the interest rate. In a similar upbeat 'talking up' message, Barack Obama and Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, are keen to restore confidence in American consumers. As a stark contrast, the IMF found that a combination of the banking crisis and the global nature of the downturn meant the world recession would be "unusually severe and long-lasting". However, the fund believes that the early actions taken by policymakers around the world, and a more favourable economic backdrop, distinguised the current crisis from the Great Depression.

Since October 2008, interest rates have been cut from 5% to 0.5%. And still this level at 23.09.09, so banks continue to enjoy using other's money 'on the cheap'. Paying a paltry low return while charging high rates themselves. VAT has been (temporarily) reduced (17.5% -> 15%) and the Bank of England has announced a £75bn scheme to inject money into the economy.

Finance ministers from the G20 will gather in Washington for the fund's spring meetings. With resources tripled to $750bn (after an agreement in London) the IMF is expected to play a more important role as guardian of the global economy.

Faith Schools Reprise

Faith Schools By 17.04.09, the view of faith schools is that they fail to improve standards. No proof has been found that providing parents with the choice of a religious secondary school either raised results or helped drive up standards in other local schools.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

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READ THIS - It’s Really Urgent!
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see also Mortgage Yoke

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Roundup And Monsanto

Royal Bank Of Hester
Royal Engagement
Royal Navy And The Non-Independent Trident Deterrent
Rule Over Us

Sacking The CEO
Sad End To A Magnificent Creature

Sainsbury: Parking Control Flawed
Sainsbury Trading: Westgate-on-Sea
Salad Days
SARS And Bird Flu
Saudi Arabian Arms Deal
Saudi Arabian Oil
Scare Stories
Scenic Railway Destroyed
Science Wearing The Mask Of Control
SCUBA Diving Dangers
Secondary Legislation And China Gateway
Security Services And Fear
Selling England By The Pound
Selling Human Eggs
Sentences To ‘Mean What they Say’
Serotonin Syndrome
Share Depression
Shell Oil And UK Taxation

Short Story
Size Zero
Size Zero - Sense At Last

Slush Fund
Smart Electricity Meters
Smoke And Smoking
Smoke Screens And The House Of Lords
Smoking Kills
Smoking Stress

Social Exclusion, And Minimum Wage
Societal Engineering
South East England Development Agency
Southern Electric

Southern Electric - Calender Dates
Southern Electric - North Sea Gas And Hess Energy
Southern Electric - The Deceit
Southern Electric - The Letter

Southern Electric - Update
Space Shuttle - The Final Flight
Speaker Is Financially Stuck To The Spot
Speed Cameras
Speed Cameras And Mind Control
Speed Cameras And Surveillance
Speed Cameras And The AA
Speed Cameras Become Counter-Productive

Speed Limits
Speed Limit Increase
Speed, Power And Destructive Force
Speeding Police Car
Starvation And Obesity
Statins And NICE
Stealth Strategy
Stem Cells And The Catholic Church
Stopping Crime

Story, Possible Short
Student Ensnarement - An Entire Generation
Student Loans <- begin here
Student Loans: Elitism And Hypocrisy
Student Loans: Mechanism And Analysis
Student Loans: Repayment Analysis
Student Loans: The Belief
Student Loans: The Debt
Student Loans: The Conclusion Begins
Student Loans: Why Raise Tuition Fees?
Student Tuition Fee Trap

Subservient Servants
Sun Exposure And Cancer
Sunday ‘Slow’ Drivers
Super Injunctions
Supermarket Monopoly
Swimming - World Class Change
Swine Flu And Tamiflu
Sycophants Rule The World
‘Sympathetic’ Newspapers

Tainted Food
Tax By Stealth On Airlines
Tax Doctor
Tax Doctor Goes Jogging
Tax From Waste
Terminal Greed
Terror And The Patsy
‘Terror’ In Britain
‘Terrorism’: The Latest Cash Cow?

Tesco at Westgate-on-Sea
Testing The Success Of Indoctrination
Thanet Concrete Jungle

Thanet Council Costs
Thanet Earth
Thatcher Then And Equatorial Guinea Now
The Trial By Franz Kafka
Three Mile Island

Tories Show True Colours

Tracker Mortgage
Train Fare Price Hike
Transparent Castration
Tricky Single Leader
True Cost Of Going Nuclear - To Whom?
Truth, 9/11 And

Trump - Enough
Trump - Misunderstood?
Trump - Truth Will Out 
Trump - President USA
‘Trumped-Up’ Charge In Zimbabwe

Tuition Fees And Alan Johnson
Turner 'Contemptible' - Developments
Turner 'Contemptible' Saga Continues

Turner 'Contemptible' Shuns Local Writers
TV Sleep Button Stands Accused

UK Government - Normality Prevails
UK Record Industry And Copyright
Ultimate Breakdown Of Global Society
‘UN Troops’ To Lebanon
Under-Reporting Carbon Emissions

Union Motivation
Universities: Income Source
University Degrees
University Guide - Complete And Independent
University Of Kent - Tuition Fees
UQ (aka UK) Ltd
US Attack On Arab TV Station
US Interference In UK Affairs

Usury And Islamic Student Loans
Usury And Parasitism

Vanity Of Size
Various: 7th June, 2007

Vehicle Tax - Milking The Cash Cow
Very Decent Mayor Of Middlesborough
Vested Interests In Warmongering

Virgin Galactic
Virtual Money
Visible Proof Of MOT

Voice In The Wilderness

Voting In The USA, 20 Damning Facts About
Voting Mathematics, Unfairness And Absurdity
Water And Houses
Wealth And Power
Wealth Creation
Westminster Trough Of Hypocrisy
What Actually Is Slavery?
What Is The Total?
When Advocates Become Regulators
Windscale: 50th Anniversary
Winners And Losers
Wind Power
Woman Given ASBO For Suicide Bids

Women's Shoes and Health & Safety
Wonder Of Politics In Britain
Work Force Mood

World Cup And English Football
World Cup Rugby 2007
Worth, Human