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Monday, January 02, 2012

Student Loans: Why Raise Tuition Fees?

Not why now, but just...


It's an obvious question, but has never been asked.

The short answer involves the imposition of debt. Anything that ensnares the victim, but a debt nevertheless. The predicted outcome will be to 'tinker' further with the education system and make exams more difficult (revert to the beginning). This will keep the trap full for now with the (nearly the last) crop of victims. As the university system collapses due the reduced numbers deciding to enter university, the potential influx will be moderated by making exams 'harder'. More difficult, more exacting and realistic. More... 'testing'. Examinations aren't just for passing, but to improve learning and knowledge. By their nature they will be... difficult. That's the whole idea. The elitist society will flourish.

Unless, of course, the aim is to just sweep up lots and lots of victims. (That's been done already by making exams easy to pass: AAA*** super-average grade.) It's a dreadful betrayal. It's nasty, but then this is 'caring' government. Never interested in the people who elected them, just to control and castrate the population. A 'global deficit' is a splendid weapon. Totally anonymous and the government cannot be directly blamed.

The 'global deficit': an invention.

Create the problem,
provide the solution

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