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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Class A Drugs. Alcohol And Nicotine

Original posting, August 2006

A truly bizarre situation this one, but not particularly surprising. As class A drugs, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and magic mushrooms carry the largest legal penalties. Alcohol is in the top five of the most harmful drugs (alongside heroin, cocaine, barbiturates and methadone).
Ecstasy and LSD, both class A drugs come well below both tobacco (nicotine) and alcohol.

Alcohol, Sugar And Tobacco
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An MP's comment?

"We've made our recommendations to the government and we're very hopeful that they will act."

Is he serious? Hopeful? This government will act? Why would it do that? It's now got most of the nation hooked on alcohol and tobacco. These class A drugs, not officially classified as such, of course, have their users paying enormous amounts in tax. Where does it all go?

[Has anyone ever seen the accounts? Do you really believe the word of that Scotsman G. Brown? The Chancellor of the Exchequer. And we're constantly told (who by because I don't know? The message comes via newspapers!) is the best one we've had for years and years and...

...yes, that same one who "can't do his sums". Actually, he could walk into the premiership. No vote. No election. There he is. Just move next door from number 11 to number 10. Literally walk in. Officially through the front door, but there's certainly an internal connection between these two mansions. The one we're not supposed to know about.]

It actually stinks of allowing people to use class A drugs by paying a backdoor surcharge (tax) to make their use exempt from legal action.

Why do you imagine Prescott is still where he is? Blair on his hols having a great time when there's so much death and destruction directly accountable to him. Deputy PM. He's running the country! But then we see Prescott go in to number 10 by the front door, but we don't see G. Brown entering by that 'secret' internal connection. Who knows: number 10 may only be a front anyway. With this government's paranoia for secrecy. The location of the Post Office tower used to be a state secret. Certainly at some time in the (not so distant) past. You could be locked up in the Tower of London, or something just as quaint for telling anyone, even if you were standing in front of it! That was then, but not now.

Probably something nastier. A state secret about your location, perhaps.