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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apollo, SDI (Star Wars), Twin Towers, Financial Meltdown...

  • 1969 - Apollo
  • 1983 - SDI (Star Wars)
  • 2001 - Twin Towers (New York)
  • 2009 - Financial meltdown
  • 201? - Starter for 10: the global £$trns
  • 202? - Manned expedition to Mars
all make for a very


Slush Fund

It's not worth anything, but it
'buys' a lot of favour
by being paid out in kind by the bearer of the fund

  • In each case in America, $bns are pushed onto the taxpayer from an engineered situation. Apollo delivered nothing, just lie after lie. Reagan's SDI program fizzled out as Soviet Union/US relations eased.

Does anyone still (did they ever) imagine
that Reagan devised the whole concept?

  • The military would, of course, have just fallen into the idea. Terrorism was devised and then manipulated. But who by?
  • Where did the RBS £28bn go? Nothing is lost, just redirected. Winners And Losers. So where is it all? If the search began then the danger is that the alleged 'money' could actually be located. That will never do. But it's really all just smoke and mirrors. Cloud vapour in the mist. The true extent of financial losses must have been engineered.
  • To evaluate the loss at £28bn is to rub the taxpayer's collective nose into the stinking heap. To let the taxpayer see the size of the yoke as it is placed over the shoulders of the load bearer. Nobody has suggested looking for this virtual money since it doesn't actually exist, but the illusion might be revealed for what it is. All the global losses being declared is the chosen method of burying the fiction. To make the illusion disappear so the trick will never be uncovered and so can be used again.
  • Dropping at the rate of approximately £925 every second for 300 days, would put £28bn into the financial black hole where virtual money that never existed formally disappears. It beggars belief that £28bn (allegedly) could have been 'lost'. It never existed, but the taxpayer will underwrite the fairy tale anyway. It's a 'sting' of truly gigantic proportions.