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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brown, Gordon: End Of Days


For all the rhetoric of the personal sacrifice involved with standing down as prime minister (before the official resignation), this appeared more of an attempt to deny any other government (especially Tory) being in power by the continued occupation of 10 Downing Street at least until the Labour Conference 2010 at end September. This is monumental arrogance by assuming that a Labour government will save the world and a Tory government will do the reverse. The arrogance comes in the 'suggestion' that Gordon knows best and therefore that the British electorate is just too stupid to realise the saviour that is in its midst and therefore all attempts to block a change of government is the responsibility of the incumbent government.

This is simply hijacking the democratic process. Crude and nasty. The people of Great Britain do not matter, but everything that the Labour government either has or hasn't done must not be interfered with. No-one, it would seem, has the right to interfere with government.

Clearly, this would only be the justification to stay in power and 'save' the people. Not the retention of power, of course.

But now he's gone. The Tax Doctor has resigned. That brings up a semantic point: can someone who was never elected to office actually resign from that office? Technically, this someone was never in a position to resign, but this is politics...UQ (aka UK) Ltd style.

The ongoing plan is to now drop the UQ description and return to UK: Great Britain. It is too common these days to describe Great Britain simply as Britain. Time for change, but not in the old Brown style.

Let's see what happens from now on: