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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Increased Debt

The Daily E*****s is at it again: encouraging debt by helping house prices to increase. It's really disgusting to see it wet itself in glee because:

"Home owners had a double
cause to celebrate last night"

Note the use of home OWNERS. Proportionately, who is buying their home and how many actually own the house they live in? Anybody trying to get onto the property ladder is encouraged to try harder and the comment 'suggests' it must be a good thing to be on this ladder. For most 'ordinary' people, buying a house is the most expensive single item anyone could (one-day) own. The ongoing process of buying a house usually takes decades.  And all at the expense of amortised debts. The huge population of people 'buying' their own home explains the conditioning to 'owning is better than renting'. Few people have the means to buy outright for cash. Ideally, most people want to be independent of any landlord, but pragmatism doesn't always rise to the top. More often people do as they are expected... to do.

Not necessarily what is best for them

Once on the ladder, there is no way to jump off. And all the time you’re on it (from day 1), someone else is making money [until at least day 10,000 (or 15,000): about 27 years (or 41 years)]. Out of you. Paying a landlord does not involve paying out interest on a debt.

These people are the real target, of course. If you're already on the property ladder then you're home and dry (pun intentional), even though you probably do not own your home and your debt still exists.

Who devised the absolute importance of the property ladder? Why is it so absolutely important? Like breathing air. Sometime in the last 20 years or so, the term came into existence. Just appeared. It is simply an illusion to 'create' wealth or more accurately to increase debt and the virtual money that rides on its back.

There was a time when people actually owned what they possess, unlike in modern times when much of the 'owned' possessions are 'bought' on plastic. Credit. Loans. To identify as being successful, people are cynically encouraged to...

buy, buy, buy

Often, articles that are not necessary.

As far as the parasitic government is concerned, inheritance tax is here to stay and this is a guaranteed source of revenue for evermore. More and more people fall into the trap blinded by their own greed and thoughtlessness. Rather like someone moves into a house close to an airport then complains about the noise and demands compensation because of their own stupidity.

Transparent government is as transparent as a shop window. Look, but don't touch until you buy though you can afford it even if you didn't realise it. Government says so. This perpetuates the illusion of better living standards. Comfortable with all the things you don't need and comfortably in permanent debt. And getting worse with the illusion and the absolute belief of the reverse.

Meltdown. The parasite kills the parasite which in its turn dies and the host lives on. The Earth may (hopefully) survive mankind (yipee!!!). A few hundred thousand years for man against the many hundreds of millions of years that Earth can survive.


Such is the incredible distortion created by Man himself.