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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Population Growth: A Reason

Population Growth

It is not enough to simply observe that the global population is growing out of control and has become a very real threat to everything that lives on Earth. Human and everything else. This does not include animal livestock that is reared purely for human consumption. It's quite an obnoxious ethic that animal numbers are increased simply to provide sustenance for the human parasite. But that defines the true parasite. The greatest threat to life on Earth is the existence of the parasitic human creature. Within the domain of parasites exists a worse parasite that lives and feeds off the parasite: the parasitoid and...

ultimately kills the host

  • Setting up debt as early as possible in life will create the biggest potential 'take'. The extraction by the parasitoid from the parasite (consumer) and it's the subset parasite (seller) that feeds (possibly unaware) the parasitoid.

How articles are paid for makes no difference. It's the 'paid for' that is crucial. Whether it's a consumer who supports him/herself or a beneficiary of support by the parasite is pure irony. Keeping the host alive so any wealth it may have now or in the future can be plundered. The youngest are most likely to survive the longest and have the greatest requirement for new acquisitions. The older the individual, replacement is probable with (additionally) new acquisitions. A highly lucrative source.

The pecking order of survival would be the youngest followed by the middle-aged and lastly the elderly. Within each of these populations there is further classification and can be described as 'the wealthy' and 'the poor' sub-groups. So, the poor and young could change into better off and young, but certainly as being a group that has needs and wants. Such a large group has the greatest potential for the parasitoid to feed on. It is also the easiest to condition and 'persuade'. And it has a lot to do with just buying products that usually involve running costs. The commercial world itself only survives by selling its products to the consumer. All products have commercial cost value, but many fail to have any true 'value'.

The middle-aged will exist for a reasonable length of time and also have amassed wealth from a lifetime of 'creating' by saving. Property and possessions have an intrinsic 'value', but that does not necessarily represent true value. It's the 'worth' to someone. Trading-up will see growth.

The elderly would represent both the worth and worthless groups. Old and wealthy have riches that can be legally (officially) or illegally (stolen) plundered whereas the elderly poor just cost money to keep alive. They don't have anything 'worth' taking. It may have already been 'taken' and hence the later life poverty. The device of allowing the population to grow and create a larger market has reached the point where balance is lost. The 'tipping point'. The point where cost out exceeds the revenue in.

When the elderly have had their wealth plundered (governments, retirement homes, nursing homes...) they can be 'allowed' to expire. They also represent the group that has little further need to expand their range of possessions. It's the young urban professional or young upwardly-mobile professional (yuppiethat requires the most since early in life they possess the least.

Creation and maintenance of a consumer market will inevitably involve pandering to and supporting the young and encouraging a birth rate that produces the new 'batch' of future consumers. The 'batch' process is continuous: new in with old out. An aged population is possibly less able or healthy to understand finances and where it's all gone. Perfect.


  • Virtually everything in the 'modern' world (that is very backward going forwards) comes down to cost: debt and financing debt. It's human endeavour that is being destroyed by the parasitoid and represents mankind's legacy.
It's not outside the boundary of belief to expect diseases (viral and other) that affect the weak and elderly more than the (immature immune system) very young. Quite often, to remove the very old it can also involve the ('accidental') attack on a small element within the desirable group. The 'sacrifice' is economically viable. The economic viability equation constantly turns up and 'sacrifices' happen all the time. All unprovable mostly since the belief in such a dreadful tactic is totally absent. This has a similar principle to known defects in an item that can have fatal consequences, but in very rare circumstances. The cost of recall and correction vastly outweighs the occasional 'compensation' payment. An acceptable level of 'mistakes' get made.

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