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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Exploitation of a bad situation to gain advantage can be illustrated by downbanding. This approach is not a new concept, but just another shift in definition. A pay cut (negative promotion - a 'justified' demotion not caused by an employee's work record) or be made unemployed - sacked. The latest example appears to be Sainsbury's. A very profitable company yet expecting staff to accept a £0.00 wage increase.


Inflation incessantly increasing means staff are worse off by working for this company. was "shameful" that King collected pay and bonuses of £3.24m last year... £6.71 an hour after 15 years of loyal service... no pay rise for two years, and we're facing no pay rises in the future... not really have enough money to live on... paid just 40p more than my daughter, who only started this year...what's that for loyalty?"
    (Loyalty doesn't seem to fit the Sainsbury model and unsurprisingly, unemployment figures appear to be 'improving'. They will certainly be changing - DA).


    This also avoids the costly issue of redundancy. Staffing level reductions can go only so far before a business can no longer operate. This is an alternative approach to wealthy companies merging (taking over another company and its assets) and then trimming back any duplication of staff. Restructuring. As a cynical tactic this (smokescreen) enables a business to increase profitability and at the same time retain staff. If the concern is genuinely finding trading difficulties this also avoids the necessity to hire anew skilled staff who know their job. Retaining staff 'on the cheap'. Some employees can find new work elsewhere though most will probably find supreme difficulty in uprooting families with mortgages and young children at school. Doubtless many businesses are in difficulty and hence the exploitation by those only focused on increasing profitability.

    This is another example of the problems happening as a result of over population and the failed concept (was never a success - DA) of 'money and growth'.

    The older method was downsizing though this could restrict a business potential for 'growth'. A reduced level in the workforce.

    The entire system stinks anyway. The UK is cutting everything, yet countries like Portugal, Spain, Greece and Ireland are receiving bail-out funds to prop up this totally failed system that is based on debt. The situation works in one way to theoretically 'raise' money through the future debt repayment. It seems clear that the UK is cutting so that more wealth is just moved to the already wealthy (so incredibly short-sighted, dumb and stupid - DA). Defaulting on payment can be 'avoided' by giving a further loan and so increasing the debt and the potential return by interest repayment: simply converting the serious problem into a catastrophe. This virtual wealth is the confused logic of the idiot. But...

    Create the problem and
    provide the solution

    It cannot be coincidence that inflation has allegedly taken a dip so that an interest hike will not be necessary. But raising the interest has to be inflationary... who are they trying to kid?

    Such a system is unsustainable, but the 'wealthy' stand to lose so much of their perceived true wealth that any change is as likely as two (genuinely) males or two females conceiving a child with their same natural sex.

    To imagine that any long term plan is within the wit and intelligence of mankind is difficult. At best it can be opportunistic tinkering with the single aim of being top dog.

    Pathetic losers