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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Inflation And Oil

Inflation is a commonly used term to reflect the cost of living. But everything begins with oil and essentially nothing can be ignored. The cost of everything will increase if the price of oil rises. What causes the cost of oil to continue to rocket? Scarcity and the exploration for new sources to some extent, but the summarily introduced rise in 'cost' of a barrel of oil can never be explained by such logic. This could be price manipulation on a grand scale. It's very sinister, but quite predictable, that the speed of control is accelerating. Prices rocket for no particular reason, then fall very slightly so everybody is happy with the new much higher price. The earlier cost of everything is forgotten and the new level is accepted and everybody is happy. The fact that petrol comes DOWN by a tiny amount (up to) 5p/litre or thereabouts, ridiculously and paradoxically overshadows the MASSIVE increase just before that. It's become a tired and worn out ploy.

The controlling iron grip is closing hard

The life-blood and money is being systematically squeezed out of (nearly) EVERYBODY.


Those in control and manipulating are not affected

EVERYTHING begins with rising energy prices

This suggests a simple conspiracy that can be viewed as all the (global) politicians falling into line by being so afraid of stepping out of line. Such is the POWER of oil in particular and energy as a whole.The rot starts at the 'top' and the barrel is infected by a filthy apple, but noboby notices. The rot percolates down destroying everything in its path. In any game, a ball has to be set in motion and is started by someone or something. It all seems to be connected to the money machine. The questions are:

  • How are this apple and ball connected?
  • Who is (or are) the someone or something?

This suggests a terrible weakness among influential people and illustrates the blindness to the destruction being perpetrated upon mankind. Globally. Everybody will suffer, even the wealthy who imagine they are immune. Cancer kills all people whether rich or poor. The trappings of wealth do not include immunity from infection. There are limits to buying your way out of all problems.

Incidentally, all conspiracies are simple though just made more complicated and complex by those who would debunk them.