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Monday, August 15, 2011

Societal Engineering

It publicly begins: Tessa Jowell pontificates about rewarding looters by changing society to avoid disenfranchising youth from the future. This is typical of the old labour guard. And it suggests evidence of engineering a class change. It suggests that the riots were organised with the specific aim to effect subsequent change.

  • Does the doleful-look on Jowell's face attempt to evoke sympathy for a cause? That practiced look of concern?
The current government Label is no different than the previous one or potentially the next one. They all desire the same thing: control.

Ideological change is a disease.

The cure? The control of the people. It's a true sickness. Nothing more worthwhile than simply having 'control'. And all their money and that effects even more control. It's a vicious cycle and ensnares
everything. That's the idea unless immunity is given by belonging to a different (wealth) class. It's surprisingly simply in principle. In practice, it's even easier if enough soldiers exist and there's no great rush to a conclusion that is itself evolving. The slow change will terminate with a more complete (and permanent) solution.

Create the Problem

Provide the Solution

The population continues to swell and in so doing increases the consumer base that will spend money in most cases acquired from the labours of those consumers. It's self-sustainable, perpetual and grows to support and finance the Parasite's Tree. The fruit that sustains it's growth. It's effectively Marxism turned on its revolving head, remembering labour is just another Label.

And attempts to make the people giddy. Backwards, forwards , upwards and downwards or clockwise? Maybe anti-clockwise?