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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump - Misunderstood?

Democracy is a concept the British are used to. When a Government is in power it represents the entire nation (in principle - DA), but those that didn't vote for that political party feel unsupported.
   In the so-called Brexit referendum the issue of regaining 'control of our borders' was promulgated by UKIP. In America, Trump wants to do the same thing. It seems OK for the UK to do this, but not the USA. Is this not an example of Hypocrisy?
   Trump alleges to have many Muslim friends many of whom support his stance on immigration control. It is an obligation of anyone with the responsibility of maintaining security to keep the country and its citizens safe. PM Teresa May is charged with doing this in the UK.

What's the problem?

Unless, of course, there is a campaign to undermine the administration of the USA (the British media appear suspect - DA).