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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nitrogen Dioxide: New Culprit

A new method of taxation had to become known and it appears to be nitrogen dioxide (dinitrogen tetroxide). This gas is beginning to generate topical press coverage. The process can be imagined: a government think-tank brainstorming for reasons (excuses) to blame the people. It is being brought into play as the new gas 'on the block'. It's not new, but it fits the purpose since CO2 is to be officially downplayed in the attempt at face-saving without the admission of errors. Note:

thousands and thousands

undeclared facts

After all, Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize on the back of all these 'mistakes'.

Climate Change Rhetoric

Out of mind and out of sight

  • Telling a lie is only an awareness if you possess a conscience. If you don't there is no such thing as a lie. There cannot be. It's self-defining. Allegiance of the corrupted is to the one who corrupts, but this is a greasy pole: the one corrupting may change it's tune. However, the change will be fairly minor, so it's probably a safe bet. And the previous generation may imagine that they misunderstood and that the new version of events corrects their misunderstanding.
    MP Expenses
    Nuclear Future
    Olympic Games 2012

    This is all evidential of the lost argument. Nitrogen dioxide is not a greenhouse gas, but is generated from car engines burning fossil-based fuels. Global warming cannot be brought into the argument either, though as a pollution cause is a prime contender. Ironically, nitrogen dioxide is a toxic gas (to humans and other aerobic creatures) so if this had been the original argument, it would have possibly become accepted with more complete scientific support. Now the push will be on to counter a growing hostility to the discredited science.

    All science has yet again been sacrificed to
    further official (government) disinformation.
    This is always money-based and involves
    forcing the people to pay - MORE.

    This is the reason for government. Not to serve the people, but strangle and control.