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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cuts: Reductions And Savings

Cut. Cuts. Cuts.
Savings. Savings. Savings.

Cuts and savings are just euphemisms for 'avoid paying out' and 'keep the money' for something else (always undeclared, but allegedly costing '£bns').

Create the problem and
provide the solution

In the USA

It's become tiresomely repetitive. The real aims of (government) cuts have been revealed as nothing more than an accelerated redistribution (= The Solution). Examination and analysis are needed to demonstrate that a debt crisis (= The Problem) is the reality and (allegedly as it still needs to be proved) has not been engineered to create the problem. The 'solution' (that is not a solution - DA) to this 'problem' is... cuts. And more cuts.

  • The (alleged) 'crisis' still needs proving since assumption only enables belief. Not necessarily the reality. If everyone agrees (reads from the same script - DA) there appears to be no conflict in opinion. Total belief. Everywhere. Potentially, a massive con.

This goes some way to explain the grotesque bonuses still (allegedly) paid to bankers when profits are falling like metal balls to a magnet. Bonuses? Not penalties for failure after failure? Government (taxpayer) finance has been 'lent' to the banks to prop up the financial system. The taxpayer supplying the parasitical banking sector with finance to create a bigger net to catch the 'free' money given (without consent) by the taxpayer who is then charged (heavily penalised) for their 'charity'. All economies that fail to do this enjoy an accelerated collapse.


The Virtual Money 'supplied' can never provide a solution, but it can tighten the screws of the hatch that contains the people. The apparently good advice that any surplus personal finance should be used to pay off a debt to minimise interest charges seems (speciously) sensible, but either way it results in finance being moved to pay for a debt. Pay off debt by reducing high interest (much, much less on savings) and encourages paying money out by simply attempting to reduce the amount... paid out. Yet banks are feeding the problem to make the problem grow. Starving a problem of support could possibly cause its demise. Feeding it is clearly designed to make it worse.

  • Reductions in the cost of providing street lighting are justified by limiting the cost of such a provision. Obviously, any saving is at the expense of withdrawing services, yet still charging premium prices. This could be made more a saleable idea if this also expressed the explicit reduction of Council Tax. This hasn't yet happened and probably never will since it is unlikely to result in lower Council Tax for dwellers. But less (paid) out means more (kept) in. The justification is always to "reduce the deficit" (real or imagined, rather like alleged global warming). The classical greedy nature of the parasite.
A similar principle exists with wind farm technology. The (government) subsidy to operators is generous (tax payers' money, of course) and any 'free' wind-produced energy won't benefit the consumer by a price reduction. The cost of electricity still increases and all justified by other factors. The suppliers receive government (taxpayer) subsidy to generate electricity from free wind and then sell at profit to the taxpayer who has already paid for the technology that produces it. Cyclical, profitable, self-sustaining...


Similar precepts are promoted with global warming/climate change. The rhetoric can get...


Speciously based on plausible concepts until a deeper review is considered.

The need to consult
is becoming more urgent by the day

This clearly explains how propaganda and politics really work. The control of the workers to provide the self-proclaimed 'masters' with luxury while everyone else enjoys misery. Politicians are always promoting themselves as some advanced type of human, but most appear as just more parasites.