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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Student Loans: Elitism And Hypocrisy


The class warfare continues in the guise of the 'student loan'.

  • An overwhelming disadvantage to the 'poorer' student (non-privileged background - DA) is the eventual cost of a future debt if a Student Loan is arranged. The outcome after 3-years or more can not be guaranteed except that a heavy shackle has been put around neck of the (unemployed - DA) graduate. The anticipated and more thoughtful consideration will encourage the smarter student to opt for alternatives that do not involve university and the loan system. The 'poor' but smart student is the real threat to the privileged (not necessarily smart - DA) student. The obvious way forward is to clear the path of the competition by pricing them out. Roll out the Student Loan fiasco. Universities have fallen over themselves to raise their tuition fees in the grab for the potential money thrown at them and in so doing have entered the same trap as the less forward-thinking 'poor' student. They will predictably suffer. Students from well-off backgrounds do not require loans.

Note added: 04.02.2011

  • One full year before the introduction of raised tuition fees (2012), government 'cuts' are to reduce university support (teaching grant) initially by 6%. This is a first move to starve many 'university' status of funds before the option to raise tuition fees. This will probably force some into closure. All part of the elitist plan. Remove the competition. Elitism is not defined by ability, but engineered advantage.
    • Teaching grant:
    • 2010-11: £4.949bn
    • 2011-12: £4.645bn (CUT of 6%)
    • 2012-2013 (estimated): £3.815bn
    • Recurrent research grant:
    • 2010-11: £1.618bn
    • 2011-12: £1.549bn (CUT of 4.3%)
    • Teaching capital:
    • 2010-11: £207m
    • 2011-12: £95m (CUT of 54%)
    • Loans for tuition fees:
    • 2010-11: £2.5bn
    • 2011-12: £2.6bn (RISE of 4%)
A CUT is an explicit removal and a RISE is increased (imposition) government 'taking' and is the spun-euphemism for 'taxing'. Doublespeak and an example of double-spin. The engineering is pushing the 'choice' onto the people. It's the 'elitist' way. The general 'choice' is predictable with the result of increased disadvantage to the already 'less advantaged'. (Actually, no 'advantage' at all - DA)

    • It's hard to imagine a university NOT charging the maximum permissible. Whether the degree has value is not examined. A second rate degree from a second rate university, but top rate charges - DA
Marxism And The Labour Party

Hypocrisy is seen in the posture of the LibDems especially Dr.Vince Cable who enjoyed a free (tertiary) education, probably all the way up to being awarded his PhD, yet is responsible for the 'make the English pay' stance. The LibDem tail is being wagged by the Tory attack dog. Ineffective, hypocritical and pathetically weak. The acquisition of power makes it so easy to overturn standards in order to keep it. The same Label is very firmly pinned to lapdog Clegg. It's a clear example of the double standard, doublespeak politician who imagines everyone else has a similar value to theirs about principles. To about turn in a heartbeat is the politician's way that many people just cannot stomach.

Tuition Fees in Wales - 01.12.10
Tuition Fees in Scotland - 12.10.10
Tuition Fees in Scotland - 13.10.10
Tuition Fees in Scotland - 02.12.10
EU Fees: excluding England - 02.12.10

Any political party that seeks exclusive 'power' (not a coalition partnership) must demonstrate strength not weakness, but by even considering abstention (predicted outcome) the LibDems have shown an absolute disregard for supporters. The immediate and unhesitating stance should have been vote as pledged and absolutely no hint of compromise.

Even as late as 11.00pm (08.12.10), the day BEFORE the vote (and THE DAY OF THE VOTE) some minds (Simon Hughes) were apparently still unmade how to vote. Not voting against the government allows abstention instead. Hughes used the term 'neutralising' (BBC Newsnight - 08.12.10) as a justification to now ignore the signed pledge. Typical non-committal until 'forced'. Abstention remains 'at best'. This is almost certainly nothing more than a (very crude) delaying tactic to avoid publicly communicating choices before the party (gang) decision and in the 'interests' of party unity even though the under(lap)dog is rapidly chasing extinction. The number of LibDems (57) in the alleged coalition means that the vote would still proceed to raise tuition  fees even if everyone voted against the government. That won't happen since it cannot be allowed to happen. This is politics and would just finish the coalition sooner. Instead just...

become a hypocrite DA

New Statesman - 09.12.10
Nick Clegg - 09.12.10
Spectator - 09.12.10

  • Walking through the fire (of parliamentary power) suggests a 'brave attempt' at walking over hot coals
LibDem MPs in power with government ministerial 'responsibility' to government and NOT the people, probably don't care about the heat (politicians seem to thrive on a hot seat of power: DA). Even though the rank and file members still believe their own denial. This constitutes a baptism of fire by fire and is politics

The hunger for power and the consequential betrayal has blown any LibDem future out of the water. The failure to act has already resulted in failure. And that's before an actual vote. It's already too late to even begin to undo the damage. The LibDems are now consigned to the shadows. Forever.

The tuition fee issue has been completely underestimated and terminally ill-judged. This has led to the breaking of the LibDems. They will never again be considered seriously as a political force. If abstention goes ahead then that's it. Unless this is really what the LibDem leadership has always truly wanted. It makes no sense to abstain. Voting against tuition fees (as in the pre-election pledge) would show strength and conviction and possibly statesman-like behaviour. It would show support for the LibDem supporters. Failure to support their potential voters will lose those voters forever.

And strengthen the convictions of everyone else against the...

Vidkun Quisling

The choice of yellow as a party (Label) colour was inspired. If the betrayal goes ahead with all the anticipated abstentions. The contempt is then absolute. The minority LibDem within this coalition partnership would not change the outcome of the Tory majority. But it would show honesty, integrity and probity. Failure to act properly consigns those qualities to the rubbish dump. Where the LibDem party will inevitably go, if it fails to produce an honourable action. It's power to and for the people and not to the few with actual governmental power. Inaction would reveal the LibDem party for what it really is...

  • weak
  • treacherous
  • totally unfit to govern
Coalition partnership ->

'Coalition' government

Unless, of course, the vote is as...

signed and pledged

The elitist ideology is difficult to hide when only the English are expected to pay for their tuition. Welsh and Scottish students will continue free education at the cost to the UK (in name only) taxpayer. The English taxpayer will subsidise the other UK territories while ALL English students will pay for their own education by way of a loan that begins the interest/inflation creating-debt from day one. Everyone gets it free. Even the Welsh or Scottish student in an England-based university. Except the English. Anywhere. This appears to be highly selective bias against the English. The English pay for the nation's contribution to the...

alleged financial crisis

This is also supportive evidence for the concept of Labels and the destruction of England.

The weak LibDdem attitude is clear when hypocrisy rules. Dr.Vince Cable - abstain from the issue of student loans that was highly prominent and convenient when electioneering and before power and gave a 'promise' to fight against any move to introduce them. A first attempt at coalition with Labour failed, so hop over to the Tory camp. That worked: the Conservatives also wanted power at any cost. 

  • 'Power' for the LibDems was achieved simply by turning around and attaching the tail to the backside of a dog from the 'other side' even though it involved betrayal and hypocrisy.
The brains of the LibDems appears to be at the rear end and the...

Tory 'brain' at the other.

This is politics.

The predictable unrest (that is easily understood) ensues and government gets the perfect excuse for crushing the hostility using the very resources paid for by the taxpayer to quell such behaviour. It's (almost) literally beating yourself up. And the perfect answer to escape being beaten up? Become a politician.

Create the problem and
provide the solution