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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Financial Illusion

Both money and finance control, but they don't exist. It's like religion: the concept of god controls, but nobody has seen this fantasy. And never will. Or Bin Laden as one of the FBI 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, yet is not on the 9/11 list. And has never even been charged.

A non-existent 'fantasy'
cannot be indicted

Government borrowing is totally virtual and illustrates that real money is only implied. Just suggested, and is a euphemism for raising debt. Real money does not exist. It is only a method of barter (trade) and the written statement "I promise to pay the bearer" only constitutes a contract between the issuing 'bank' and the owner of that 'piece of paper'. But if the loan is by electronic credit then even that 'piece of paper' doesn't exist either. Only the notification of the debt and the penalties for not paying. To honour a continuously changing value of the paper 'money'. And then only downwards. Winners And Losers defines that and since currency devalues then somewhere a great deal of wealth is 'created', but only by redistribution and an implied debt.

When a personal loan (any kind of credit/loan facility) is 'arranged', there is no actual money involved simply an electronic credit and very real debt that replaces illusory 'money'. The 'money' people use as cash is just of intrinsic value, but still illusory. $£bns can be printed that have little real actual value (only intrinsic) yet who ever sees these $£bns?

Quantitative Easing

Virtual Money by definition does not exist except in belief. The picture the illusion appears to create is that there is a source of endless finance to enable borrowing to continue forever. The source that never runs out.

  • From where do governments 'borrow' money?
  • From where does the IMF get its funds?
From countries borrowing money? It's complete nonsense 'logic'. Fiction and fantasy. Smoke and mirrors.