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Monday, January 17, 2011

Banker Bonus

Cameron would like to "tax the [bankers'] bonuses to Hell", but also because of the desire to grow the economy, wants banks to lend money to businesses. That is entirely in keeping with the Tory ethos (forget coalition) of raising debt with the associated interest. These bonuses won't be taxed regardless of the rhetoric. The VAT tax for everyone else is (probably) permanent as the tax on the less wealthy. Rich or poor, VAT applies at the same rate. It's just that the %age of disposable income is very different: £2 in £10 = 20%, but £2 in £100 = 2% or £2 in £1000 = 0.2%. It explains why VAT is a very unfair tax. (Most tax is as unfair as it is unequal - DA)

Investment bankers suck money into the UK and, since wealth can't be created only redistributed, the parasite grows as it feeds. It is argued that the UK economy would not be first league if the banks were not so successful and so a healthy parasite defines a 'strong' economy. The struggle that is the redistribution is illustrated by all the major global economies all vying for supremacy in apparent competition. This must be 'coincidence'. Purely. Any other business would expect to move finance from within other budgets. Banks are so successful that alleged £bns more are required and are raised by 'loans' from the UK taxpayer. The taxpayer acts as legal guarantor without ever having been asked if that's acceptable.

Pay up and shut up

Governments behave in the traditional patronising and supremely arrogant fashion of the know-it-all when the people are (conveniently) assumed just to be too stupid to understand the complexities of finance (aka greed). Really, it's simply ignoring the people as they don't matter (except being the feedstock and the only true source of wealth). One definition of success is to be the winner. Even if that means there can only be one winner and millions of losers. The parasite wants. The parasite needs. That's its only reason for living. Nothing else.

The parasite feeds

And feeds

And ...