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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The growing burden of a reducing number of taxpayers and the growth of public pensions, splits the public and private sectors more and more. Inflation is running at almost 5% and pay increases (if at all) are around 1-2%. Rail companies are allowed to increase their charges by 3% in excess of inflation. Any reason for this is absolutely unjustified. The only obvious argument that can be formulated to explain this complete lack of logic is the survival of the rail companies at the expense of the captured consumer market. Technical blackmail, or so it would seem. Charge the passenger more so that he/she can travel to work in the quest of earning less than the increase. The conclusion here is obvious: meltdown will just arrive quicker. The commercial parasite continues to feed itself. The food source will, of course, be decimated, though the human survival instinct is simply exploited. People usually find a way to survive. The commercial enterprises simply help themselves to more and do nothing. Except take even more. This is true parasitism.

All the rhetoric and 'talking up' of the economy can be seen ever more clearly for what it really is. A skewed mix of a decreasing number of those able to afford the 'luxury' of working, while the number of out of work people increases. The growing (global) population is already too BIG, chasing a decreasing number of jobs and is still rampantly growing more and more out of control (this perversely suggests there once was control). As technology advances, fewer workers are necessary to undertake the more complex tasks overseen by computer, while the select few in the financial banking sector (not renowned for any real ability) continues to rake in grotesque payments, while the ordinary worker pays the price through job insecurity and the associated worry. A service industry can produce nothing and just... serves. A greater number of (well paid) servants is paradoxically more and more in charge (and control) of a dwindling number of those ostensibly being served. This is only illusion and like oil, gas and drinking water (around 3% of all water) will decline and eventually disappear.

Planet Earth with too many people living longer defines the trend that continues to grow. Life expectancy is increasing, but not the quality of life since old-age does not mean a better existence. Life may lengthen, but it's quality can deteriorate and some survive into old age with faculties intact, though many end in care homes and need constant (and expensive) support. Working longer is not always a choice, but a need. Ignoring the government conditioning that many 'enjoy' working, there is a greater number who would rather not work and convert a working life into a more leisure-based existence in older age. The nauseating inference is that if the increasing number of the older generation do not work then they are lazy and a burden. This totally ignores and attempts to misdirect attention away from the very serious problem of a younger generation that at best produces nothing and simply serves or at worst is dependent on benefits with little prospect of ever working or generating an actual desire to work. To be self-reliant has the important psychological benefit of self pride that goes with self-responsibility.

Older people need to sell their worth to fund costs in retirement homes and many are mentally deficient through age-related disease in care homes. Working on into old age is designed to defer retirement and working longer fills the pension fund pot with more virtual money without the need to 'pay' any of it out. Investment of pension funds to effect growth has seen a great deal disappear as the Winners And Losers redistribute any increase in the pot through continued contribution. Pension funds are not ring-fenced. The failure to protect these funds  exposes them to continues raids and is used in the attempt to create more money. That cannot work by definition: Winners And Losers. Longer mortgages have been introduced as house prices have increased. House prices rise more rapidly than salaries increase and the consequence is that more must be borrowed to 'buy' a home and the massively increased debt and the associated interest eventually paid to a lender. Some will profit, though only on the provision of a 'buyer' who somehow 'finds' the money. Cash sales can be either through borrowed or saved money. The buyer doesn't need to know or care. Clearly, any favourable attitude towards this trend is lunacy as the future and the current and next generations are being betrayed. Pension funds 'contain' a lot of virtual money. Inheritance is changing as lives are being maintained longer, though not the quality. Selling a home to raise the necessary revenue to fund lodging (or rent) in a retirement home destroys any possibility of  passing on any 'inheritance' potential.

Repossession of a failed (unsurprising) mortgage means that more re-lending can occur on the same property without the need to build new (higher cost) properties. The growing population that requires houses exceeds the numbers of properties on the market. The elephant in the room is that families evicted from their 'homes' by the entire global melt-down do not in reality just disappear, but will also require support. The taxation burden continues to increase with fewer contributors in work. Old people will eventually cease to exist and death is a fact of living for every individual that lives today. The cosmetics and 'beauty' industry panders to the ridiculous notion of staying young as though nobody ever dies and in the process 'makes' an absolute fortune simply by taking money from the gullible 'ugly'... freely given for absolutely nothing in return. A pot of some expensive and completely useless 'gunge'. And cosmetic surgery is an increasingly dangerous game. No 'cosmetic' product that does not include a knife has ever been proven to do as its marketing suggests. This must surely define stupidity: pay money to stay young. An absolute illusion. Everybody dies.

Job Creation

There will always be those that do and those that are simply parasites. After all, an ounce of image is worth a great deal more than a pound of ability.

The population growth is allowed simply so that the consumer market grows. The short-sightedness inherent within this model is that the growing numbers become less able to afford consumables and whether someone works or not, they consume the same amount of goods. In fact, more 'leisure time' as a result of not working increases the likelihood of being a consumer and not a provider. Except for trying to provide for a family that needs support, but is less able to sustain. The gap that divides the rich and poor continues to widen into a veritable gulf.

Logically, the wealthy will inherit what is left of the Earth. The demise of the poor (and functionally very able) will be superseded by the incapable rich. The rich are not naturally or particularly clever in a genetic sense so any perceived superiority is simple delusion. The 'wealthy' may inherit riches, but a skewed balance will eventually be reestablished as any value is debased. Value is just a concept and nothing tangible. An expensive car will be worthless when there is no fuel and the rich won't man the oil rig or the oil refining equipment. The parasite won't work for its survival and doesn't actually know how.

The parasite will eventually turn
and feed on its own kind.
  This is absolutely inevitable

Until the issue of the (global) population growth is seriously examined and action taken, there can be no future on Earth. Something must give. All politicians and those with any political allegiances must be disbarred from any discussions. Unless this happens, arguments will descend into the financial and be very quickly wrecked. But this won't happen. A global uprising and revolution probably will happen and could signal an all-out-war between the haves (protected by militaristic governments) and have-nots. Any useful future generation will be threatened with destruction and everything must then be lost.

The parasite may take, take, take everything, but is genetically...