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Monday, March 12, 2007

Extended Mortgage

Wicked idea this: buy a house over 100 years. Or more.

The mortgage can be continued by descendents. A new way of institutions making money by doing nothing.

Inheritance taxation could be modified to include the acquisition of a mortgage. There would technically be no inheritance as the legacy is simply the continuing family mortgage.

The interest will be millions, but it will make the standard £multimillion house price affordable.

The principle could even be used as a method of population control... fewer (smaller) houses with enormous mortgages that extend for decades (and on) with a debt into perpetuity. This would result in fewer people paying a greater amount. Forever. And it all just becomes a (new) way of life.

  • The big houses? These will have all been 'collected' and converted into flats then either sold (mortgaged) out or just let. The population may decline, but the yield grows from perpetual debt.