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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Injunctions

The simple response to sum up the concept of the super injunction (a device to prohibit the publication of the fact that an injunction exists) is that the arrogance of those who seek such a device defines the sordid little lives that they have. The belief that wealth (and perceived self-importance - DA) should confer the right to move amongst society as ‘untouchable and unaccountable‘ doing as they please as a product of this conceit.

Does anyone really want to know about these sordid ‘secrets‘? That of itself would be (yes, they do - DAa sad indictment on the society from which they wish to protect themselves.


The most enlightening move in this pathetic affair is the alleged action by 'a footballer' to challenge the entire fiasco in court. This does appear to be a move possibly by the 'tabloids' and is simply exploiting 'the footballer' as the tool to expedite this action:

The excuse

Apparently the individual ('footballer') concerned has already been identified, yet this action (at high cost no doubt - DA) is still to proceed. The gain for 'the footballer' is quite unclear. There seems to be little to protect and the irony is that 'the footballer' cannot be named by the press and so the details cannot be known about who is actually taking this action (does anybody really care? - DA). The anonymity of the 'tabloid press' is indirectly maintained. All that is known is the identity of the woman involved. Name and photos splashed across front pages in the complete double standard of the entire (nasty) business. Protect the 'honour' of 'the footballer' at the expense of a (female) pawn.

It seems that the press (possibly - DA) could be challenging the severe restriction to press freedoms. The only gainers are the lawyers. Again.

'Watch this space' (but not here - DA).

That’s it. Enough - DA