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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Heat Or Eat

Again, the cost of energy is to escalate. Up to around 19% for gas and 10% for electricity from the beginning of August. Just in time for the lucrative much higher-use cold-period. As usual, high use attracts the maximum financial yield. Minimal use (Spring and summer): no change. Government does nothing to investigate the justification of market costs being out of its control.

The answer is to provide a one-off winter payment for pensioners that is...

Pay for fuel? Not required

The very stale explanation from the 'industry' is the 'market costs'. It seems a very, very weak 'justification'. Consider the timing of global changes (except the UK, of course - DA) and local price rises. But since the increases are made by all the BIG SIX (in the UK) it must be the truth (of course it is! DA). The REST may just be The LITTLE REST, but it's all part of the same beast.

Energy Price Reductions
Energy Price Increases (2010)
Energy Price Rises (2010)
Energy Source?

Sustainable Energy

  • Is the current consumer/energy user already paying for the technologies (subsidising) by hugely inflated charges?

Pensioners have this (indirect) help, but that's it. The small amount of expenditure to finance this assistance is easily made up from the VAT (5% for energy) take from everybody who has to pay for it themselves. With an estimated 2.4m users (households) at around £750 or more for the winter period, this represents £90m in VAT  alone. There  is a much smaller number of pensioners (at £250 each). Any government would not interfere with its own feeding. The next expected move is to raise the VAT: 5% -> ? Very cynical. It's even more cynical when the VAT rate is recognised as only being a relatively small amount in lost taxation revenue: the lower rate of 5% compared to the current 20%.

When people start dying (not just older people - DA) the government will expectedly 'wring it hands together' and re-iterate that reducing the cost of gas and electricity is not possible for it to affect.

Government should always be ignored since it's always such a SICK joke. And a pathetic money-driven government.

The people? Who are they?