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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Illusion Of Change

Original posting, September 2006

  • See how illusion works:
Tell a lie often enough and it
starts to become the truth.
Until it is truth.

The legacy: leave raised taxes, community 'charge' etc and all the unpopular changes behind and firmly in place for the next government. The current one makes noises about change (which will never happen) and it will NOT be blamed for what could (and probably will) be introduced. The collusion that exists between governments is never realised. The creation of 'different' political ideology is just a screen that hides the true picture. Control. It's quite common that very early on in a new government, new policies are introduced that by the end of the government in 5 or more years have their history forgotten. The policies have been around for so long that they become just accepted as fact.

And all governments work together at this without a break. The illusion is that when a government ends, changes happen, but these changes are usually to something far worse. Though change is not recognised for what it really is. Just the label. More of the same just worse. Occasionally, some insignificant issue can be removed. Unimportant, but demonstrates undoing something. Part of the cover. Appear to do something, but actually very, very little. And it can happen quite fast and will be of no import anyway.

Government is so transparent already.
Always has been.
It's just that the people are asleep.