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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Football Integrity: Full Of It

A report was recorded in November 2006 that illustrates the upstanding nature of an England football captain and demonstrates that arrogance can be the poor partner of wealth. More concerned, it seems, with saving the captaincy than a marriage and family. The silencing costs may have partly worked, yet containing the publicity coverage backfired. The idea, it seemed, was also that the dutiful wife was to be kept unawares. And unaware of paying for the silence. It didn't work. Loss of respect is total amongst those that should matter. No surprises, really.

It happened with Tiger Woods and (allegedly) the unusual human activity called SEX. Peculiar, after all SEX is responsible for procreation and continues the growth of the human race unabated. Even accelerated. The human condition on Earth is completely out of control. Too many (old) people being kept alive 'because we can', but with a dreadful quality of life. In both the cited instances there were several casualties of both genders and all ages. Tackling, it would seem, is not confined to the playing field and using the tackle in the playing field is allegedly happening, especially when fronting (or backing) up to the wrong team.

Everything gets reduced to trust and behaviour. The arguments of privacy become distorted when directly in the public eye. One way to retain privacy when a high profile is owned is to behave in a way that illustrates probity and integrity. Newspapers survive on reporting bad news of all types and significantly includes behaviour. Good news is of little interest to the 'papers'. Show a good character and these institutions starve. To attempt strangling any reports of public interest (regardless of protecting commercial sponsorship deals) after the fact is absolutely too late. The action itself begs for attention. Gambling with the outcome will inevitably lead to losing and a great deal more misery and pain.

Inter-team relationships are hugely important for a good outcome to be possible. Bad feeling and behaviour off the field will result in probable conflict that will inevitably result in bad performance on the field. And potential failure. The inevitable action to minimise the predictable outcome is... predictable.

What a mess.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nitrogen Dioxide: New Culprit

A new method of taxation had to become known and it appears to be nitrogen dioxide (dinitrogen tetroxide). This gas is beginning to generate topical press coverage. The process can be imagined: a government think-tank brainstorming for reasons (excuses) to blame the people. It is being brought into play as the new gas 'on the block'. It's not new, but it fits the purpose since CO2 is to be officially downplayed in the attempt at face-saving without the admission of errors. Note:

thousands and thousands

undeclared facts

After all, Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize on the back of all these 'mistakes'.

Climate Change Rhetoric

Out of mind and out of sight

  • Telling a lie is only an awareness if you possess a conscience. If you don't there is no such thing as a lie. There cannot be. It's self-defining. Allegiance of the corrupted is to the one who corrupts, but this is a greasy pole: the one corrupting may change it's tune. However, the change will be fairly minor, so it's probably a safe bet. And the previous generation may imagine that they misunderstood and that the new version of events corrects their misunderstanding.
    MP Expenses
    Nuclear Future
    Olympic Games 2012

    This is all evidential of the lost argument. Nitrogen dioxide is not a greenhouse gas, but is generated from car engines burning fossil-based fuels. Global warming cannot be brought into the argument either, though as a pollution cause is a prime contender. Ironically, nitrogen dioxide is a toxic gas (to humans and other aerobic creatures) so if this had been the original argument, it would have possibly become accepted with more complete scientific support. Now the push will be on to counter a growing hostility to the discredited science.

    All science has yet again been sacrificed to
    further official (government) disinformation.
    This is always money-based and involves
    forcing the people to pay - MORE.

    This is the reason for government. Not to serve the people, but strangle and control.

    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Manchester United: Debt

    Football clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea trade in players like most similar businesses and Manchester United is some £500m in debt. The recent benchmark 'wage' bill is reportedly between £130,000-£100,000 a week per player as offered by 'struggling' West Ham to Ruud Van Nistelrooy. This equates to about £1m weekly or £50m annually for just one team and excludes any other salaries etc. A huge outlay expected to be financed partly (presumably) by the loyalty of the 'fans'.

    High risk mortgage loans and lending/borrowing practices

    The mortgage qualification guidelines originally required a Stated Income, Verified Assets (SIVA) to acquire a loan. Proof of income was no longer needed and borrowers were only required to "state" it and show that they had money in the bank. This was followed by the No Income, Verified Assets (NIVA) loan. The lender no longer required proof of employment. Borrowers just needed to show proof of money in their bank accounts. The qualification guidelines kept getting looser in order to produce more mortgages and more securities. More virtual debt and virtual money. This led to the creation of NINA: No Income No Assets (sometimes referred to as Ninja loans: No Income, No Job (and) no Assets). Basically, NINA loans are official loan products and let you borrow money without having to prove or even state any owned assets. All that was required for a mortgage was a credit score. The requirements were becoming almost non-existent and just the application itself should secure the loan. This effectively led to the financial crisis.

    A similar outcome could be envisaged by investing in debt and this seems to be precisely what is being proposed. A bond issue raised the £500m investment from some 50 low risk investors (pension fund) managers and insurance groups in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd. The growth rate may appear (theoretically) attractive, but investing in debt does not make sense and there is no obvious method to create income. These football clubs with an enormous debt that will not shrink naturally, taking into account the difference between imagined income and certain outgoings, should scream DO NOT TOUCH. Any expected (virtual) return on investment is highly doubtful and such finance is destined to be lost.

      Thursday, January 21, 2010

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      Wednesday, January 20, 2010

      Methane Confirms Lost Argument

      The argument for climate change being caused exclusively by carbon dioxide and so blamed squarely at the growing human population has always been bogus. Specious, but still bogus. The 'official' argument is showing the predictable signs of having been lost. Methane is now being targeted:


      And nitrogen dioxide. This definitely attempts to link car exhaust pollution (internal combustion engine: ICE) with global warming/climate change. This too is specious in that the volume of this toxic gas is small compared to the large alleged 'fact'. The entire scientific community that has so righteously been advocating the 'no doubt' scenario will be absolutely discredited. Proof of a god or what's on the 'other side' of the Universe can never be tested. The Big Bang theory can't be validated. Only pseudo evidence that is interpreted as supporting 'proof'. The downside to this is the loss of faith in science caused by the failure to stand and be counted for actual beliefs rather than just making the right noises. That's moral cowardice. It's the danger of beliefs being turned into facts without any evidence.

      This gas (methane) has always been the most potent of the greenhouse gases and is more than twenty (20) times that of carbon dioxide. The issue will now be how to blame this on the growing human population. The peat bogs will be a problem and like many types of volcano are totally outside human control.

      The growing human population that is allowed to escalate without any attempts at control will almost certainly now become the focus of attention. Each of the billions of individuals from a baby to an aged person is a consumer - they all cost someone money. The planet revolves around money. The financial system and the growth of debt will ultimately destroy the entire global population. Some animals will survive though the human population will become extinct. The legacy of finance. There will be no controls imposed to slow the population growth (it is exponential), but the cynical growth in the livestock to feed it will not be discouraged, in the process creating more methane. Mugging the growing human population will possibly escalate even though the battle has been lost. The war against the growing human population will continue. This is a true paradox since the war continues against the growing human population that is never required to decrease in size. The growth is 'encouraged' by default (doing nothing to discourage) as the target to exploit is just getting...

      And more...

      The more people, the more cattle and so more
      the methane gas produced, but is this
      cattle or human cattle-fodder?

      Sunday, January 17, 2010

      Pre-Election Sycophancy

      The UQ (aka UK) Ltd 'leader' Dr James Gordon Brown has started (again) to precondition thinking towards the middle rich. They don't exist, but the vapour fills the void, or attempts to plug the gap, in that insidiously widening gulf between the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The 'poor' are grotesquely ignored while the 'rich' are served by this government, so-called Labour, for the people. But rich people.

      Marxism And The Labour Party

      This is all-illustrative of who is really in control: the really 'rich'. Not the pseudo-rich. That better off element within the poor group are deluded into imagining being one of the growing rich: the rich (technically) 'own' their wealth, but the better off poor pay for their imagined wealth through interest payments on loans. This ends up in the coffers of the (parasitic) rich. It's cynical. It's cyclical. It's transparantly obvious. The worse off poor are provided with benefits to provide succour and allegiance to a failed and inept state authority.

      Sunday, January 10, 2010

      Virgin Galactic

      Apollo, SDI (Star Wars), Twin Towers, Financial Meltdown... 

      Climate Change: The Convenient Lie

      The Branson stance on climate change is on the face of it highly cynical, very hypocritical and very confused. Full of conflicting argument. On the one hand advocating the reduction of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and on the other promoting hugely polluting space travel for the few wealthy enough to consider such selfish actions acceptable. The amount of CO2 accountable per person is huge when compared to even a planeload of conventional air-travellers. Then compare this to a single coachload of road passengers that spreads the proportionately tiny yield.

      It spreads the yield amongst a relatively small group of people at a local level, yet does not pollute to such an 'invisible' medium as the larger non-local atmosphere.

      • Focusing on profit creates a blindness towards balanced reason and the acquisition of profit rises above all else.
      The Branson profit is commercially enormous.

      Conflicting argument that is totally infested by parasitical hypocrisy.

      However, as is being conclusively shown the whole issue is pathetically wrong by the growing number who now realise they have been hoodwinked and that clearly the increase in atmospheric pollution is not and never has been a real concern. It is the major reason that air travel is on the increase and paradoxically completely in acceptable conflict with the alleged climate change and global warming scares.

      Governments know full well the extent of the hoax.

      Friday, January 01, 2010

      GM: Crops And Food Prices

      GM soya is regarded as being highly dangerous and currently, within Europe, GM soya is outlawed yet this may only be a technicality that is simply ignored.

      Illegal Cultivation

      Brazil and Argentina have an advantage over Europe as GM soya is allowed to be grown. It is unlikely that this product is not exported. If not as a product into Europe, then beef reared on GM-produced soya is exported into Europe. So, by the back door anyone who eats beef or its products (hamburgers) is at risk. The not so subtle hypocrisy of the human race is very distasteful. Eating the flesh of an animal and enjoying it is the bestial throwback of the self-acclaimed 'civilised' human race.

      The GM soya 'miracle' is causing problems in Argentina

      Argentina's GM WOES

      The first herbicide (glyphosate or Roundup) tolerant soya beans produced in the USA (by Monsanto) were approved for marketing in April 1996 in the EU as processed beans only.


      Monsanto manufactures the herbicide (Roundup) and sells the soya beans. Roundup is considered by some to be an environmentally-acceptable herbicide due to its very quick breakdown in the soil. Others (ACNFP) argue that such a wide-spectrum herbicide could reduce the food supplies for non-pest animal species. As a wide-spectrum herbicide glyphosate cannot be used on non-modified soya plants.

      Roundup And Cancers
      Roundup And Monsanto
      Soya: The Ubiquitous Bean
      The Monsanto Files. BE VERY, VERY AFRAID

      Non-GM soya would rocket in price and as a consequence animal and poultry feed become more expensive. This in its turn would cause UK meat and poultry costs to (allegedly) increase by around a fifth and lead to unfair competition from countries allowing GM-cultivation of crops.

      GM Crops And Foods

      An old conflict arises: potential health issues set against cost issues. Feed costs increase and exports decrease as the result of more costly products. The attempted conditioning-message?

      Ignore all potentially major health
      concerns: allow GM-product use
      to keep costs down