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Saturday, April 11, 2009

G20 - The Troubles

Summary of details In order to protect these so very important G20 -Summit 'leaders', it has been necessary to suspend the Human Rights of the (British) people conducting a peaceful and lawful protest. Even when there is a case for protest the British government would like to make any protest illegal: Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. It's made it difficult enough already and one woman by herself constitutes serious organised crime and a threat to parliament. Simply reciting the names of the 97 of the UQ (aka UK) Ltd's war dead in Iraq at the Cenotaph memorial to Britain's war dead in Whitehall, near Downing Street. This shows the embarrassment that the government had. Not the shame it should display, but doesn't. Or respect to the dead. How appallingly pathetic can it get? Probably a lot more.


Protests near parliament The sort of 'violence' enacted at the G20 affair could reasonably be thought to have been organised and orchestrated by the government to justify the hammer-nut crushing response. The actions of the state-controlled police have clearly been well-rehearsed. The drawn and hidden baton. It's cynical and it's nasty.

Create the problem and provide the solution

And to just protect the financial system? It's always been the priority order: money and property at the top and people at the bottom. The more people there are the less important they become. The rise in population becomes it's demise.

Anything done by the government's (civilian) troops is acceptable

Nightmare Police State The thrust of the opposition is to the financial stranglehold and the 'free' donation of £billions of taxpayer-liability to the banks. These banks then lend the British taxpayers' money back to the British people, thereby screwing more money out of the alleged rescuer. Alleged since the government would like to spin the definition around and 'blame' the people for causing the crisis. This is the same principle that climate change is the fault of the people and nothing to do with the precession of the Earth around the Sun (which is gradually getting hotter). The people cannot be taxed (!) for a natural occurrence without some justifiction, however specious. The theft of any money by a private or corporate individual or group of individuals is serious crime, but when the banks 'lose' money through alleged incompetence it's OK. Nothing has been done wrong and the result could not be seen coming. All these 1000s £$billions (trillions) around the world constitutes global 'theft' (Restructuring Nearling Completion), and even if it's all virtual money it's gone somewhere.

This would be Serious Organised Crime if evidence could be found to prove it. But nobody's looking the right way. Just like Apollo hoax and all it's associated 'spin', it is still actually believed by the majority. Religion is still followed to the point of murder. The denial of basic facilities (toilets and water) must be a contravention of an individual's human right to comfort and survival. These people had be corralled in a procedure known as kettling. Basically, interned without any requirement to demonstrate lawful detention. Such a practice is not just hypocrisy, but vindictive hypocrisy. The British government sees itself as standing up for the Human Rights of individuals. As long as they are NOT British, but like most laws are interpreted and justified by their expediency. A similar, but violent, protest in Melbourne, Australia took place in 2006 and was also infiltrated with a violent sub-group of protesters using the situation.
To 'get the banks lending again' is a euphemism for what banks actually do. They are not in existence to serve, but to be served. With interest. The banks are there to make money out of the people rather than operate as a repository for the people's money. As soon as banks acquired shareholders the rot set in. Devil's Advocate Targets are set that must be met in order to pay off the investor (not the saver). Investors are important, but the customer-base is not. Classic parasite-host scenario.

The slave bank became the master