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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Open University

Additional: 22.07.2011

  • The Open University has announced annual tuition fees of £5000 for students starting full-time study next year (2012). Still less than the 'average', but disappointingly it appears to be jumping on the loan train. It has blamed the increase  on government 'reforms of university funding' (don't they all? - DA), but said that it is the lowest it could manage.
  • "The fee we've announced is the result of thorough research and is the lowest fee we are able to charge while ensuring we can continue to offer the quality, flexibility and accessibility for which the OU is renowned. Our scale and the way we teach mean we continue to be able to offer some recognised qualifications at a significantly more cost effective rate than you'd pay elsewhere."  
True - DA

    Additional: 20.08.2011

    As expected, a growing number of school leavers are opting for the OU rather than the conventional route. Some are, in fact, declining the original choice before results were obtained in favour of the OU. The reason? Cost: 3 x £5000 = £15,000 vs 3 x £9000 = £27,000 (all before interest). The OU also does not incur accommodation costs and at around half the outlay, this is still vastly cheaper. The alternative huge and potentially crippling outlay that as a debt must be serviced (many have seen through the government rhetoric of 'nothing to pay up front' ) has the enormous tide of debt following (cloaked - DA) from behind.

    With all the evermore depressing double-talked-up rhetoric about tertiary education costing around £25,000 - £27,000 over 3 years, the Open University (OU) offers a welcome option. And a great deal of choice. From school leaver to a more mature parent.

    The OU has been in existence since January 1971 and should be given serious consideration. The website is comprehensive and offers serious competition to the ‘mainline’ and very expensive alternatives.

    The government ‘sponsored’ system of tertiary education is to capitalise on the profit potential. It appears to be totally disinterested in the student (undergraduate or postgraduate) and only concerned with the interest yield on the loan that could take at least 30 years to maybe only partially pay off.

    • I have no personal interest in all this other than to assist others to maybe avoid the potential trap laid down by the (‘caring’) government. The series may be (hopefully) terribly wrong or only partially correct. It is up to the reader to decide for themselves. 

    Good luck for your futures - DA