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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Controlled Demolition - 911

The very tidy destruction of the Twin Towers in New York (11th September 2001) clearly suggests a controlled demolition.

  • Thousands of dead through a war regarded as being illegally instigated and conducted on a false premise. World domination by control of oil. This constitutes an exceptionally serious war crime.
In the interest of balance, however, it has to be conceded that a speeding plane travelling horizontally does not have sufficient mass and momentum to 'push' over a building the size of the towering structure. Gravity would ensure a more or less vertical collapse of the huge weight of concrete and bricks. The momentum gained as the building crashed downwards would increase and an increasing amount of damage would be inevitable.

  • It is also accepted that the downward compression of the air-space in the building could cause what appears to be ejections somewhat like the powerful horizontal blasts of smoke/dust actually observed. The ejections do simply appear too much like explosive blasts rather than a squeezed volume of gas.
The speed with which the collapse occurred does not favour a natural event. Weakness is expected, but...