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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Cameron, David: A Profile
Cameron, David: Background
Cameron, David: In A Spin
Cameron, David: Loves ‘Hoodies’
Canary Wharf And The Olympics
Cannabis Law Changed: Again
Cannabis Or Tobacco. Or Worse?
Cannabis Will Remain A Class C Drug
Capital Gains Tax
‘Capitalism Is Good’ - The New Mantra

Cars: The Real Purchase Price
Cars: The Scrappage Deal
Carbon Capture And Storage
Carbon Offset Con
Carbon Emissions Again
Carbon Neutrality, £2000 Tax Creates
Cash Cow Lives On 

Caste, Aristocracy, Subduction
Chancellor In Control
Changing Climate

Chasing Vapour
Cheating All The Way To Success
Chemical Weapons, The US And Saddam Hussein
Cheney’s Multi-Million Dollar Revolving Door
China And The Olympics
China Gateway
China Gateway - Key Points
China Gateway And Secondary Legislation
China Gateway - The Facts
China Gateway - The Players
CIA Trying Very Hard To Be Effective
Clark, Sally: Cleared
Clark, Sally: The Expert Witness
Clark, Sally: The Obituary
Clarkson, Jeremy And Brown, Gordon
Class A Drugs. Alcohol And Nicotine
Clegg 'Apology'
Climate Change

Climate Change: Copenhagen, December 2009
Climate Change: Debate
Climate Change: Observations
Climate Change: The Convenient Lie
Climate Change: The World Natural Health Organization

Climate Change And Airport Expansion
Coalition Budget
Coccolithophores (Science)

Collecting A Blue Peter Badge Or Leaving On A Hymn...
Concerning Secret Societies
Confounded Interest
Conspiracy Theory, The Perception Of

Consumer And Retail Price Indices
Controlled Demolition - 911

Controlling Web logs (Blogs)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) - conclusion and summary 
Corporate Mantra
Corruption Trial Opens In France
Cost Of Cancer Drugs
Cotinine (Nicotine Metabolite)
Council Tax - Thanet District

Credit Card Debt
Crime In The UQ (aka UK) Ltd
Criminal Incentive
’Critical’ And ‘Severe’ Threats
Critical Illness Insurance
Cut Off My Nose... ID Cards - Again
Cuts: Reductions And Savings

Cynicism, Politics And Business