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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Politics In The UK And USA

It is really quite unremarkable that the USA is the allegedly most powerful nation on Earth (the wealthiest and most influential perhaps), yet Americans need their extensive, though very small, comfort zone. Currently, it is the familiar name Clinton that pervades the atmosphere. Bush as a Republican comes from a dynasty of Bushes and familiarity with a name mixed with money produces peculiar success. My prediction is that Hillary Clinton is the front runner (not an endorsement) with Barack Obama following behind. Just saying the 'right things' is never going to be enough and coming from an untested background to become the 'most powerful officer' on the planet is not necessarily going anywhere.

One possibility that could happen in the current election process is that the first woman President of the USA could occupy the White House for 8 years with her spouse who has already occupied the White House in a more senior position: as the President of the USA for 8 years (1993 - 2001). The terminology of this scenario is fascinating: how would Bill Clinton be addressed? A potentially disturbing scenario to consider is 'pillow talk' and the potential for influence.

Clinton and Bush

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Democrat and seems to need the presence of her ever-faithful and honourable husband companion to run for election. It appears as though the first woman would-be US president requires someone to talk for her. To rely on Bill Clinton is a strange decision. Is it? Not really, when the financial yield is so enormous. Scrutiny of the Clinton private income reveals over $109m (£53m) and has cost the US taxpayer almost as much as the other two living ex-presidents together. His retirement package to the end of 2008 will cost $8m, compared to the $5.5 for George Bush Snr and $4m for the Jimmy Carter package over the same period. Clinton has allegedly obtained more for every perk available to (former) presidents and include his pension, staff salaries, $3.2m office rent and a $420,000 phone bill (source: Politico).

Such is the overwhelming obsession to get into the White House again (the White House is a euphemism for absolute power) daughter Chelsea is being put forward as a potential candidate. At 28 years old she must abide her time for 7 years until eligible to run for office (35 years old is the minimum age requirement). The aim is to have a Clinton in the White House. Presumably, this wrecks any chance of marriage as the name would by necessity be changed.

Interesting (?) observation, but little else.

Saying what wants to be heard is an old ploy. But it still works. In fact, it happens everywhere and all of the time. The UK is a prime example with Gordon Brown talking volumes, but delivering little. UK politics never changes. What is done is always more oppressive than before. It's as though the British people have committed some heinous crime and must be punished. In the meantime murderers are let out of prison (assuming they were sent there in the first place) to kill again, but prison overcrowding is avoided.

Politics in the USA on the face of it looks much like British politics. Two main parties: Labour and Conservative in Britain and Republican and Democrat in America. The United States Constitution forces a Presidential election after a maximum of two terms (Term Limit). There is no such limit in British politics. (If only - DA.) The 'governed' citizens of either country will become disillusioned with government attitudes and are ready for change. The prime reason for the American two term limit. To prevent any monopoly happening. It seems to be that people sense another possible reason for a politician's desire to 'rule'. It is not just the power of control, but potentially the indirect access to the £billions of public money. Essentially the unaccountable £billions. Adjusting expenses as convenient is one tactic and even when caught out nothing much really happens.

In some cultures, corruption is a way of life (allegedly), but in the UK, 'transparency' has paradoxically revealed more of the underhand (alleged) activities and appears to have no party boundary. It's everywhere. The planet is doomed because there is currently no alternative to anarchy (no control) or politicians (control). Anarchy leads to the rising of out-of-control control. The 'mythical Mafia' scenario. It's all very confused and no one has any real sense of direction. All the talking up of change and a new broom sweeping clean is an illusion. The mess created can never be swept clean to start again. That's real fantasy.

Voting in the USA (20 Damning Facts)

But the peoples' attitude can be fantasy in the belief that everything will be 'all right'. If something is killed it will remain dead. Even when seriously injured, recovery could happen, but that's no guarantee. Something once damaged is never, ever the same. That applies to people and objects. It's delusion to imagine anything else. And when the long term plan is to control, a global attack by all parties on the people (roughly 7 billion) will continue until the battle is over. The serious problem is that people do not realize that a global battle is really happening and has been waged for minimally around the last 100 years. Control has been around since records began. Those records cannot be trusted as 'facts' get changed. Even in the history books.

Especially in the history books

This is the repository of information that is used to teach (indoctrinate, brain wash) the children for the next generation and the transition is complete after the parents and grandparents will eventually cease to exist. Second-hand knowledge remains in the books. Proof of truth and accuracy can then never be verified (first-hand) so the book becomes the source of truth. The classic example in the Christian belief is the bible. How this book became so globally controlling (the FEAR of God) is amazing as a 'success' story. That's also an example of fantasy. The success has resulted in billions being legally murdered in wars about control over the last 200 years.

Animal human nature is to control

Other non-sentient control involves protection. Human (sentient) control involves domination through subjugation.

A prison with virtual bars is...

still a prison