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Wednesday, October 07, 2020


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Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Important - watch these (8) videos

Possibly the most important for 2020/2021





YouTube has

DELETED (25.11.2020) this video -

CENSORSHIP of a possible TRUTH


What is it that has panicked YouTube? An arbitrary (unexplained, Louis - DA) decision was made to ban a particular video. There is no clear mention in the terms of service that indicates what is so terrible about a video concerning vaccines? What has gotten YouTube so rattled? Why has such a crude attempt been made to shut down any argument that opposes the 'accepted - the science is settled' attitude about vaccines and COVID-19 specifically? Why is it so critically important to convince people that only vaccines can save the human race from annihilation?

   The arrogance (that always accompanies a massive ego - DA) enables YouTube to assume that media like YouTube actually have the power to 'persuade' people to adopt the correct way of thinking simply by acting as a self-appointed judge and jury and censoring anything it doesn't agree with?


Thought police

   It is the pathetic stance that YouTube considers itself so importantBarbara Loe Fisher is highly regarded and a very sincere individual. It is the monumental arrogance of the likes of YouTube to imagine that accurate information (truth, Louis - DA) can be silenced - by YouTube.

Barbara Loe Fisher (NVIC)

Well, news for YouTube:

Watch the video here

and here and here

Listen here

   The same approach has been used against the celebrated and also very highly regarded David Icke (website). YouTube has pulled selected postings (videos). Absolutely no chance of silencing...

The Establishment's

Thorn in the Side

   Paradoxically, acting in this totalitarian way actually has the opposite effect to that intended. It screams at people...

There's something to cover-up

People begin to search out to discover

for themselves what they are being

It is still a multi $┬útrillion campaign (scam, Louis - DA) to perpetuate the climate change hoax - that is failing. Fast.

An annual vaccine

(SARS-CoV-3, SAS-CoV-4, SARS-CoV-5...)

will be worth even more


Science of Social Engineering



6. Bill Gates


Now the most dangerous man on the planet?

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health + 5G

[yet two more YouTube deletionsbut

the written word cannot be silenced]

Bill Gates and WHO

(World Health Organization)

Dr. Joseph Mercola on Bill Gates

7. Dana Ashlie


COVID-19, 5G...


8. Devra Davis

Truth about mobile phones

and wireless radiation

The Corbett Report (videos)

Contents 1 - 46

The following argument examines the known from the reported unknowable. Most of what has been reported in the media (newspapers and TV) is of 'we say so' statements and is essentially nothing more than unsubstantiated hearsay. Important 'facts' must be verified but they are not. They are ignored.

The evidence points to the introduction of 'any' vaccine. It is impossible to fast-track vaccines or new drugs without cutting (off - DA) safety corners (thalidomide). The use of animals in early experimentation has been mandated by law for decades but in a virtual instant animals are now invalidated as giving reliable information. This is an official admission that billions of animals have been needlessly slaughtered. Any information obtained through such methods has been known for a very long time to be useless and should not be trusted. It can be ignored.

The implication of this is that all medications that have received approval on the basis of experiments with animals are now all suspect. Many medications are potentially unsafe. Any potential vaccine that is alleged to be effective can be tested by direct introduction into humans and does not need initially to be tested on animals. That is the justification to avoid any corners at all. In a stroke, safety evaluation has been removed. It is simply how effective an agent is claimed to be. If a potential vaccine is 'tested' (tried out, Louis - DA) directly on humans and the result is a few deaths of healthy patients, but most survive (not necessarily immunised - DA) then the vaccine should not be used (that doesn't mean that the product will be abandoned, Louis but that many healthy 'volunteers' will possibly be infected with COVID-19 - DA).

Safety is no longer a requirement

This is not a conspiracy theory but deals with facts. That is a problem for those who are in denial and scream 'conspiracy theory' The 'science' is settled. There is no science. Only orchestrated propaganda to convince that there is a problem in the first place.

Those who argue against climate change being caused by human activity are denounced as conspiracy theorists and MUST be ignored. They are all stupid and only deal with FACTS and not the 'accepted' FICTION that the rest of us believe.

This is what is being done with 5G. It is highly damaging and sometimes lethal microwave radiation. Those opposed to logic and common sense would have it that 5G gives you COVID-19. That's an absurd claim and it has never been made. Almost identical to calling those opposed to the propaganda about climate change as being in denial. Skeptical, but not in denial - the claim that the human race is the cause of climate change (not opposed) is wrong - there is no evidence. An accurate report would examine what is actually known about 5G. Irradiation does give symptoms that are almost identical to COVID-19 (radiation sickness) which manifests as upper respiratory tract and breathing difficulty. And a raft of issues as a result of brain damage.

The 60GHz microwave frequency disrupts the oxygen molecule so that blood haemoglobin cannot transport molecular (diatomic) oxygen to the brain or any cell that requires oxygen to function. Eventual death will happen. Testing has never been done (don't look so you won't find - DA) and it has been sold as necessary and safe. The effectiveness of 5G has been promulgated. It is absolutely essential for the future so safety can be ignored (just like a vaccine - DA). In the case of a vaccine, it is only a requirement to 'demonstrate' that there is an urgent need and there is nothing else that will 'save the human race from extinction'. The diabolical irony is that the vaccine could actually be the catalyst to cause genocide on a global scale. Imagine a planet with no elderly or sick people. The very same sick people who would not recover by medication.

A world populated by only young and healthy people. (New blood for a dystopian future? - DA). A 'good' drug (economically viable. A blockbuster drug - DA) will only ever treat symptoms - it will never provide a cure.

The market to sell a product would disappear

if people actually got better

The coronavirus 'pandemic' (global) has the hallmarks of a hoax (?(pandemic). The lethal nature of SARS-CoV-2, the specific coronavirus strain, is possibly exaggerated (it might not actually exist outside ChinaDA). Deaths in China (every day) amount to 25,000 and are from many, many causes. The alleged spread as a pandemic is in great doubt. One thing has cleared: the muddy water. If you accept the whole concept of hoax, then everything falls neatly into place and reasoned analysis of all the verifiable information leads to the conclusion presented hereThe 'official' message is full of inconsistency and confusion. Not necessarily blatant lies. The specious lies are conspicuous when objectivity (logic) rises over the subjective (emotion).

Honour and Integrity

Dr. John Cambell

David Icke

No Problem-Reaction-Solution

Create an alleged problem (coronavirus pandemic)

as there isn't one and provide the solution

(a vaccine of unknown composition)

enabling the transformation of the

structure of global economies

by their destruction. And

then rebuilding

Result: complete control

Destruction of economies and a...

new system

World Economic Forum (Davos)

Klaus Schwab - books

Book description (Amazon - DA)


COVID-19 has created a great disruptive reset of our global social, economic, and political systems. But the power of human beings lies in being foresighted and having the ingenuity, at least to a certain extent, to take their destiny into their hands (and who is that? - DAand to plan for a better future. This is the purpose of this book: to shake up and to show the deficiencies which were manifest in our global system, even before COVID broke out.


a (very large) smoking barrel - DA

 Neoliberalism: oversold?

Although speculative discussion appears here it is mostly factual data. No medical advice is offered and any concerns should be addressed by a qualified medical practitioner. This entry was researched and composed over many weeks (02.06.2020 - 01.11.2020) and it is wise to use extreme caution and acceptance of the potentially dangerous consequences of irresponsible behaviour. Only future events may uncover more detail.

Many questions are asked and issues raised.

How vaccines (don't -  DA) work

The tried and tested dynamic of vaccination is by infection with a small amount of an inactive form of the strain (SARS-CoV-2) that causes the disease (COVID-19).

What is an inactive form of

SARS-CoV-2? - DA

The 'flu vaccine 2020 'could' run out (surprise, surprise -  DA).

Healthy people will potentially be made sick (fatally DA)

by inoculation with any SARS-CoV-2 specific vaccine.

Any other method of action is new and therefore

the consequences are unknownHence the

Coronavirus Act 2020 (UK)

to indemnify manufacturers against

any legal action. And those providing 'treatment'


Even more disturbing

Chris Whitty

UK Government Chief Medical Adviser and

Chief Medical Officer for England

Gates - vaccine

Ignore the demonising

'conspiracy theory' overtones

Pay attention to the message - DA


To have an informed choice, read this book...


 Vaccines Are Dangerous -

 And Don't Work


Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc 


   Ask your GP: where is the evidence showing the vaccine is safe? Long-term. Ask: has the vaccine been proven to be effective against COVID-19 (an explicit question requires an explicit answer. Truth - DA)Ask if he/she has been vaccinated (with the 'flu vacccine for that year specifically or any other - DA). Ask: what are you being paid to provide a vaccine? And why are so many vaccines given to healthy children? Ask about autism. Ask about ADHD (ADHD and COVID-19). Ask: why do so many children acquire these conditions?

 Cot death (unexplained) and Shaken Baby Syndrome (assumed physical trauma - DA) can both be explained by vaccination (brain damage caused by a vaccine - DA). 

   A child has a developing immune system and the elderly can have a compromised one. Both are very susceptible to infection. The eradication of a disease (or the reduction in the numbers suffering from a disease) has always been attributed to a vaccine ('saved millions'). The truth is that improvements to sanitation, clean drinking water, and good quality food had led to the reduction already and any vaccine was unnecessary. In fact, inoculation can be quickly followed by an increase in the number who become infected with the very disease that the vaccine was supposed to deal with.

Does a vaccine weaken the immune system predisposing the individual to infection?

Does the vaccine itself infect healthy people? (The Pfizer mRNA vaccine contains no inactivated virus, but it is new and untested technology - DA). 

   A COVID-19 vaccine (highly lucrative - DA): it will almost certainly be approved toward the end 2020 though in the total absence of any data that 'proves' the safety or efficacy (does it work? - DA). It could be mandated (compulsory by law) to force the UK population to be inoculated, though according to Boris Johnson this will NOT happen in the UK (for now maybe, Louis, but don't overlook the silent entry of The Coronavirus Act 2020 - DA).

   The number of 'cases' is dropping (the inoculation program will still go ahead and the falling numbers will be used to 'prove' the efficacy of the vaccine. Healthy people who refuse to be inoculated with a product that is untested (animals have not been 'used'. 'Trials' have been straight into humans. It is widely regarded that the nauseating practice of using animals in testing produces unreliable results - DA), and could make them ill, will probably be blamed for wrecking Christmas 2020 (not the government, then - DA).

Healthy volunteers are being infected with SARS-CoV-2 (allegedly) to determine the efficacy of a vaccine (this must be unethical - DA). If the vaccine fails to work...

The Coronavirus Act 2020

There has been one death (in Brazil - AstraZeneca) in a vaccine trial. The very disturbing (and revealing - DA) result of this is that the trial will continue -


If SARS-CoV-2 was transmitted to humans from 

mammals - bats (zoonosis) is the...

vaccine not effective

in mammals?

Why was testing straight into humans


the usual safety route - animals?

Drug testing using animals

In the rush to be first out-of-the-trap to market a highly lucrative alleged 'vaccine' (it is a captured global market, Louis - DA) the use of animals has all of a sudden become non-valid and they are deemed to be completely unnecessary in the safety evaluation of a product destined for human use. This justifies avoiding the requirement for the accepted proof of safety required before approval can be given to any product - regardless of urgency.

Alarm bells should be ringing

at a deafening volume

This is the total opposite attitude to the alleged coronavirus pandemic (SARS-CoV-2). If a death occurs after a positive test result for COVID-19, then death is absolutely and definitely without any possible alternative caused by COVID-19. There is no need to investigateWhen a trial vaccine is involved then death is caused by something else...definitely and without any doubt, it cannot be the vaccine. Absolutely no chance.

Proof of safety is paramount


Vaccine... 'declared safe'

Case closed

(COVID-19 statistic recordedDA)

Alarm bells should be

sounding even...




Just suppose the 'inoculation' is with something quite innocuous (saline solution?) then the 'vaccine' would be deemed effective. There was never any infection. It's all based on trust (it's so simple to deceive isn't it, Louis. Smoke and mirrors - DA).


The Government link to the Coronavirus Act 2020 states that this page was published 07.05.2020 and suggests that the Act had its Royal Assent (coronaviruson this date. This comprehensive Act became law 25.03.2020 and was introduced just 2 days after the first lockdown (23.03.2020): clearly prepared well in advance of the 'COVID-19 pandemic'.

The process to enact an Act of Parliament

takes considerable time

COVID-19 declared a pandemic (11.03.2020)

The first lockdown was just 2-days

in advance (23.03.2020) of

The Coronavirus Act 2020 (25.03.2020)

- 2 weeks after the declaration

Dr. Joseph Mercola (qualifications)

Dr. Joseph Mercola - #1Natural Health Website