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Monday, March 16, 2009

Restructuring Nearing Completion

25.11.2010 - No. Not yet. On it goes...

Getting (much) worse for most (a vast majority), but never better for some (very tiny minority)

Quantitative Easing

The overhaul and restructuring of the financial system is probably nearly complete, certainly well underway. And few have noticed the bloodless coup. That is what it has been. The casualties are many, but absolutely not the financial system itself. That is protected under all circumstances except maybe by the collision with a massive asteroid the size of the Eccles Building (Federal Reserve). The financial system is idolised and worshiped as a god, yet will cause the destruction of life on Earth. Not the planet as that will always find a way to survive when human interference has disappeared.

The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building houses the main offices of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C. The building was designed by Paul Phillippe Cret and finished in 1937. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated the building on October 20, 1937. The building was named after Marriner S. Eccles, a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve by an act of the United States Congress on October 15, 1982

The global system is so intermeshed in its own complexity, it would be impossible to untangle the inter-relationships. The entire single global financial system has in recent months seen a complete overhaul. Attempts have been made to disguise the restructuring, but it has failed miserably. The economies around the planet are now better streamlined and the virtual vaults are swelled with a lot of vapour:


The groups responsible are possibly identifiable, but otherwise buried and hidden in obscurity. Around the planet millions have been thrown out of work and millions more handcuffed more tightly to the system. The greed-mongers imagine themselves to be immune since they have so much wealth. Ironically, this provides the strongest handcuff. Fear of losing everything and then having nothing like everyone else strikes home fear of unbearable force.

Population Growth

The billionaire in the desert without basic water is an interesting image to picture. Juxtaposed against the poor man and his lowly bottle of simple water who stands proud as King amongst all the Knaves that are to be destroyed. One-by-one until they're all gone. Opulence in a sand-hole is a depressing scenario, especially if you are the one that finds itself in the hole with the sand tumbling in.

The system crumbles and collapses inwards and downwards through the vortex and on towards Hell and real meltdown. Hot enough to melt and vaporise bone.