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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Debunking The Reasons For Global Warming

The video documentary linked below gives a very different view of reality and is clearly more sincere since there are no axes to grind. Honesty shines through and very easily shows up all the political agenda for what they really are.

Exploitation to 'make' a shedload
of money and spread fear = control

Listen (very) carefully to what is actually being said by people who want to know the truth and the real science behind it all. Real scientists.

Just honesty and integrity

None of the quasi or pseudo scientist crowd. Or the paradoxical scientist. Certainly, there are no 'honest' politicians. Blair did pontificate that "It is not in doubt if the science is right...". That is the highly contentious point:


Makes is sound like an absolute. It is not. All the huffing and puffing about global citizens being responsible for all our own ills and that we are 100% guilty ignores that giant fireball called the Sun. Atmospheric CO2 has increased by 27%. Sounds a lot, but it is only about 0.04% to start with. So, 27% of 0.04% = 0.01%. Doesn't sound so large as 27% Not so scary.

Or the 'political scientist' breed.
Or any of those creeping and crawling for funding. Sycophants. Any grant application citing 'climate change' will probably attract the requested funding. Like:

'The Climate Change Implications of
Watching Soap Operas on TV'

A real winner of a title. Should get £$millions funding.

Massive theft is clearly implied by dishonestly browbeating people into submission and so spending £$trillions to get nowhere. A total waste. Taxpayers money to fund grants is never asked for, but simply taken. Remember, spending or wasting money means it ends up in somebody's bank account.

Just ask yourself who that could be?

Where's the end of the rainbow? Even after the £$trillions have been spent, the question still cannot be answered since it is inside your mind and creates all the illusions.