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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Devil's Advocate

Why are services like a web log free?

The input from bloggers (Journal reporters: Comment, Philosophical, Science) is freely given thought, but could be used to keep a watchful eye on potential threats. George Orwell's (fictional concept through the eyes of Winston Smith) Thought Police provides an historical literary example.

Question: was George Orwell (aka Eric Blair) a conspiracy theorist?

A current example could be controlling web logs.

But does it provide a freely given "confession" to how I think?

Maybe. Maybe not. Am I playing Devil's Advocate?

Sometimes, yes

Sometimes, no

Keeps you guessing, but stimulates thinking.

It is noteworthy to observe that when favourable things are said, they tend to be believed. Distasteful things to one individual, but not to another, perhaps, are not believed. Certainly, a sceptical outlook can prevail (by itself not necessarily a bad thing). However, politicians panderthis fact and can change their tune in a h
eartbeat if it's carries an advantage and this is probably the main reason for their inconsistency. They seem to forget that the earlier audience still hears the tune that used to be played just a heartbeat before.

But, of course, such 'politicians' probably couldn't care less. What is it to sacrifice a few thousand voters when there are millions of fresh and uncorrupted newer and younger gullible and credulous fools? The new crop for the future. A new audience (generation) hears the tune of the day, but the earlier audience now hears the first one AND the second one. Probably, the third and fourth as well...

So what?

Telling a lie only creates an awareness of telling one if you possess a conscience. If you don't there is no such thing as a lie. There cannot be. It's self-defining. Allegiance of the corrupted is to the one who corrupts, but this is a greasy pole: the one who corrupts may change it's tune. However, the change will be fairly minor, so it's probably a safe bet. And the previous generation may imagine that they misunderstood and that the new version of events corrects their misunderstanding.

There is another good reason for web logs (journals: Comment, Philosophical, Science) and the internet in general: 'original' files can be altered in a minor (almost unnoticed) way to provide a major shift in meaning. Personal files do not suffer from this lack of integrity and would only be changed deliberately if there is an intent to deceive (or strengthen that original intention - DA).

These pages don't have any single political persuasion or allegiance and are not confined to any one philosophy or confined into any box. Like styles of music: some are appreciated more than others, but all can be listened to (with the absolute exception of rap as this is definitely not music - DA).