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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

G20 - Summit (2009)

Banking Panic - The Plan (Exit)
IMF and the Group of 20
G20 Stitchup

The premise:

Create the problem and
provide the solution


In 1910 it was the original 7 wealthy men, but in 2009 it has grown to capture 19 entire governments. They meet to thrash out some sort of stitched Plan. The G20 summit in London of ministers and central bankers of these 19 of the 'most important' (most influential in controlling global finances) nations in the world. See: Jekyll Island (and book review).

Whenever has any concern focused so many governments in a common theme? Usually anything more than 2 or 3 could lead to a war. There has been absolutely no indication of argument and clearly all the governments will get something out of it all. The governments of 20 nations in basic agreement? That alone is very disturbing. The major benefit is the absolute control of its people and this is suggestive of evidence towards the real aim. Global subjugation. Collectively strangling the world.

The people who pay for it are not privy to the proceedings. It's not any of our business and we wouldn't understand it anyway! Just a tad patronising especially when these smart people admit that they don't really know if any solution that is tried will work. They have no idea and are clueless. Throw a few £bns (and then some more) at the problem that has been created.

It's classic:

Create the problem and
provide the solution

Be very wary and challenge the rhetoric: Sarkozy and consider the views concerning the G20 unrest

  • Remember the demonstrations before the invasion of oil-rich Iraq by the oil-starved US aided and abetted by the UQ (aka UK) Ltd? Millions of people protested worldwide voicing their opposition to the war, yet it happened anyway as though all these people were silent. When governments have a plan, that plan will be 'justified'. Whether lies are spewed out or not doesn't matter.

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Occam's Razor (or Ockham's Razor) as a fundamental principle should not be overlooked.

Restructuring Nearing Completion

All the rhetoric and analysis pontificated is really quite amusing and to review the creativity of the arguments should always be borne in mind: the complexity can be increased simply to act as a smokescreen. The simplicity of a problem/solution can in reality be quite surprising. Ingenuity and creativity seems to involve very little repetition within the argument and the arguments keep getting deeper and deeper as the smokescreen thickens. The aim is to confuse.

  • Don't forget the huge bonuses for doing at best something (or at worst: nothing) about something of which they, the bankers, seem to have absolutely no understanding or concern. Playing with large amounts of money and then losing it demonstrates a huge responsibility and should be exceptionally well rewarded whatever the outcome. Do a decent job and get rewarded for doing what it being paid for in the first case, ie. a good job in return for good rates of pay. Do a rotten job and fail criminally and get paid even more. The incentive is to mess up and get rewarded.
Quite mad. Total lunacy. But, someone who has a mental deficiency isn't to blame for that deficiency. Deliberately and knowingly failing in a task is tantamount to criminal activity. It is being paid indirectly as a consequence of technical malfeasance or maladministration. In all other areas except being employed by the government or failure is rewarded with dismissal. Government and financial circles seems to be absolutely the reverse.

However, to balance the argument: in private industry, the bigger the disaster and the more senior (rightly or wrongly) the individual often the higher the leap UPWARDS. It can pay to mess up, especially for the career sycophant.

An irrelevant and totally inconsequential police comment:

Fears that activists would use the recession
to stir up unrest among the middle class

Amazing and absolutely pathetic.

How about just trying to wake everybody up?

Still talking the confused ideology about class. The divisive Them And Us mentality. Everybody gets born and eventually dies. It has only ever been Us. There are no Them. Attempted control through illusion. Even when some of Us are murdered by Us (genocide). All the rhetorical rubbish spewed out by those of Us who like to be considered some special Them class delude themselves. The ego is not as


as some imagine it to be. It is not even an it.

The ego is by definition a product of itself: narcissistic personality disorder and cannot be counted or quantified in any way, except, of course, by using its own definition of itself. It's the very short road to madness. On the journey to Hell. There's no return possible.