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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

G20 -The Report

A Metropolitan Police report alleges certain 'facts'. The 'officers' were expected to display identity numbers. Some did not. Probably 'accidentally' obscured by other paraphernalia. Rather like a vehicle registration plate being caked in mud and so obscured. Illegal. Even 'accidentally' illegal. The shameful, but expected response? Minister is proud of G20 police. The spin is enough to make you sick with giddiness. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has failed in its attempt to block the release of video footage leading up to the death of Ian Tomlinson being broadcast. The description of independence is strained as a result of such action. Government constantly promotes the 'message' that if there is nothing to hide then openness is the best way forward. The rule of the day. Obviously for everyone else and not an 'independent' body. So, what is there to hide that the IPCC seeks to keep hidden? It would be interesting to view the reaction to CCTV being banned. The theory behind the use of this technology is to reveal activity. Not hide it. Speed cameras are installed to capture activity. Not hide it. The confidence in such alleged independence is instantly lost and such 'independence' is reasonably not accepted. This is suggestive of government interference and pressure being exerted on 'independent' authorities. Video footage (Channel 4) should be allowed into in the public domain. It is important that the public are entitled to view the actual behaviour of the state-controlled police that have been told to remain "calm and restrained". There is an obvious assumption that any individual dressed up as a 'Met police officer' is actually what it purports to be. This is similar to alleged protesters attacking the RBS building. There is no evidence that the violent attackers were any part of the peaceful protest of the demonstrators. Create the problem (violence) and provide the solution (police force). This would 'justify' the police attacking those who had no part in the violence.