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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Windscale: 50th Anniversary

50 years ago the fire at Windscale (nuclear processing and former electricity generating site) nearly became the most serious 'accident' to ever happen, certainly in Europe. Chernobyl has this dubious honour. Windscale (Sellafield). Cows' milk was thrown away as unfit for human consumption. This just implies that the problem has gone away. The milk would simply be diluted in the drains and sewers to eventually work its way around the globe in the oceans.

What happened to the animals? Destroyed or quietly sold into the human food chain?

Radioactivity cannot be 'destroyed'. Predictably the area around Windscale is still contaminated these 50 years on and this contamination will be around for hundreds or, very likely, thousands of years yet. Radioactivity once created, and that's what Windscale did (the military meddling in warmongering activities, of course, for the UK's independent nuclear deterrent) can never be destroyed.

The Madness Of Nuclear Power

This illustrates the stupidity and madness of nuclear power (energy). Rather than pursue the search for alternative future sources, nuclear power is regarded as the convenient (and highly expensive) way forward. But weapons of mass destruction: life, but mainly human rather than long-term money making objects. Destroyed buildings need to be rebuilt. The cynical mask was (and probably still is - DA) to experiment and produce fissionable material for weapons. It's the reason why the World condemns Iran. The 'nuclear powers' know very well that Iran can do the same things that the 'nuclear powers' already do. The hypocrisy is quite staggering, but very, very predictable.

The estimate for the complete decommissioning of Windscale is 2060. That's over 100 years since the near miss (global) disaster. Radioactive nuclear waste can exist in a very lethal form for 1000s of years.

Radioactivity cannot be destroyed or neutralised.

It must decay naturally

And takes a very, very long time. Essentially forever in human terms.

The Madness Of Nuclear Power

Energy production is proposed to be nuclear power. Absolute madness. The pursuance of financial gain will destroy life.

All life 

The real question that should be asked is not IF, but WHEN will the first nuclear reactor explode? And this is, of course, in the so described 'peace-time'.   The genie has been out of the bottle for quite a while now.

The stupidity of those who would risk the annihilation of all life is beyond any descriptive words of any language. Not small-minded genocide.

All life

Total. Complete. Absolute lunacy doesn't come close to describing the contempt applicable to such imbeciles.

The Madness Of Nuclear Power

Another question: when did the prevalence of cancers (globally) start? Around 50 years ago, perhaps? The WWII atom bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and Windscale are within about a decade or less of each other and regardless of the actual timing:

A highly suggestive connection