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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Royal Engagement

I have nothing against Kate Middleton or Prince William. Like any other couple who wish to get married, then good luck to them. That's as far as it goes. Or at least should stop here. But it can't. Today, the concept of 'betters' and the kowtow or even doffing one's cap to the self-proclaimed upper crust who appropriate influence as though they are some special kind of human classification sub-set is... very old fashioned and absolutely inappropriate.

Once upon a time (a very long time ago) the rôle of the King or Queen (allegedly) would have involved some kind of leadership. To inspire the people. A very long time ago.

Charles I of England
Oliver Cromwell

  • While many of the citizens ('subjects') in the United Kingdom face a potential lifetime of misery, is it not time that 'kept royalty' stood up and showed real leadership instead of looking ahead to a lifetime of pampering and luxury paid for by those very same citizens experiencing dreadful hardship? The taxpayers.

  • Royalty is never particularly inspiring. Less so now that the future arrives.
The government and its agreement to the introduction of WMD known as Weddings of Mass Distraction (not original) is rather obvious. In times of alleged financial crisis, possibly a 'create the problem, provide the solution' scenario, any event that takes the public mind off its ills must be deemed a good idea. It doesn't take my mind or my eye off the target. The idea must be to celebrate the misery of a large part of the over inflated population. Perhaps we'll ignore the Irish (reluctantly) accepting some £bns from the United Kingdom (English only) people and forgetting the bloody years in Northern Ireland.

When it comes to the (global) financial system, anything, absolutely anything, goes without question.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Minimum Wage And Social Exclusion

Social Exclusion is happening.

The minimum wage will inevitably be reduced or left almost unchanged (and by law), but not directly justified as combating the rising costs caused by inflation that in turn are caused by debt and the associated applied interest: hugely inflated and outweighing any interest added to savings - a paradoxical paradox (a nonsense - DA), but this is the art of politics and 'spin'. Since borrowing is so expensive and saving goes nowhere, the rising cost of both essentials and non-essentials encourages consumers to spend money now rather than save it for later.

The large pile of problems today
becomes the mountain of tomorrow

Pensions - possible reasons that fewer people are saving for a pension:

  • many have been made redundant and this is no longer possible
  • people need the money they earn now
  • disillusion by so many 'failing' pension schemes
  • lack of trust
When inflation is greater than interest from savings, it pays to spend... Better value. Perverse. The solution to the problem created will be for all consumers to work more hours for less pay. And all endorsed by government. The businesses will prosper at the expense of the worker. To 'spin' this around: make it illegal to pay more than the national minimum wage.

Not any signs of social engineering by exclusion here, then.

Animal Farm: A Fairy Story

truly essential reading

  • Once upon a time there used to be another politically-based fairy story: uneducated people were regarded as a third class and the educated as middle class. There has always apparently been (allegedly) an upper class. So the story goes. The middle class was always an invention to create the belief of self worth within the majority. The division has never actually changed between the minority of wealthy (and therefore influential) 'rich' and everyone else: the poor majority.
  • It's always been conditioned into people that wealth begets intelligence. Another lie created through 'spin'. Wealth can buy many things, including allegiance, but not genuine intelligence.

Smoke and mirrors...

illusion and delusion

Stupid rich man or poor genius? The coalition of Lib Dems and Conservative looks very unbalanced. The extra weight of the Tory blues, outclasses the lighter part. New Labour was crude in its approach, yet the coalition would imagine itself more subtle. Actually, the transparency of the strategy design is so very obvious.

As subtle as a ten tonne weight.

  • Always keep in mind that the Minimum Wage works with business and shareholder profit: every day NOT open for business is a missed opportunity to make a profit. By keeping wages down, overheads are reduced for more days open for business.

Political (Engineering) Containment

    Watch the skies, everywhere!

    The drive to test children at an ever younger age continues. A decision has been made that defines a level of achievement for a particular age. Currently, for the reading ability of infants, this has been arbitrarily set at 6 years old. What determines the ability at such a young age is not defined. But if the child does not meet the testing requirements, then extra tuition will be given and could constitute sufficient 'proof' to label a child a failure. At 6 years old. It's ridiculous, unless there is another reason to demonstrate failure at such a young age. The 11+ examination has always been regarded as elitist, but the concept of arbitrarily lowering the achievement age is designed to be precisely that. Make achievement goals virtually impossible to attain. Rather like employer-employee goals: an 'impossible' or unrealistic goal renders the employee a failure, regardless of any actual (real) achievement. The psychological creation of 'failures' of those too young to even be formerly educated. Sweden does not begin education until age = 7 years old. The Gove approach (sounds promising, but that's all: DA)  is completely in conflict with itself. Political 'spin'. This is no more than a crude attempt to restrict the growth of the lower classes in order to allow the elite to flourish: typical and nauseous parasite behaviour.

    • A ludicrous scenario would be teaching phonics to an embryonic child in the womb. But the notion of ludicrous can never be regarded as describing simply an impossible situation. An unimaginable situation does not preclude such an occurrence.
    The massaging of the student tuition fees is designed to create an elitist society. The 'poor', but allegedly bright student who has the entry requirement ticket (probably a minimum of 5 A** GCSE A levels), will require a loan (debt) to move on up into the system for the elite. This is a double-edged sword that serves to benefit only government. It delays looking for employment and creates a new debt. One victim will be some or all of the established new universities and tertiary education (UK = further education) system as a whole. Many of the 'universities' created for the general (lower = non-elite) classes will collapse as the numbers of students entering tertiary education will inevitably decline.


    Governmental currently removes all those students in full-time education from the employment statistics and will simply write-off the upkeep of unnecessary institutions as a 'saving'. A 'saving' is euphemistic (and current communications parlance) for a reduced cost requirement. Less out, the same in and overall a profit goes up to help 'reduce the deficit created by...'. The global recession has logically been 'created' (engineered) to siphon off wealth and in the process create a majority of poor people. The elite flourishes. Winners And Losers defines redistribution. It's being done.


    Manipulating share values and a company's 'worth' in many cases does not involve actually making a business more valuable. It simply appears to do this by an increased share value. Each share becomes more valuable (apparent company value) that appears to describe a business worth. It may be the same business as the day before, but today's share price describes a better business if the price goes up. Or a failing enterprise if the share value goes down. Today's value may even be the same as yesterday, but this can be interpreted as a failure to grow. The business is 'failing' even though nothing changed in one day. Except the trading value (perceived business 'worth') of a share.

    The betrayal? Sacrificing the 'poor' pawns in need of obtaining a debt (affordable loan), so the upper-class chessmen can create the elitist board based on that debt of others. True parasite behaviour. The wealthy (by definition a self-proclaimed) elite class are not likely to be in need of financing. Clearly, it is currently relatively easy to achieve a high grade in exams and that suggests massaging the system in order to allow more young people through the doors of a university. The rug is about to be pulled. Viciously. It is not that the government would desire a better educated citizen. That would be looking completely in the wrong direction. Government is most likely to not care less whatever it may pontificate about. A lower unemployment figure that does not include full-time students is the game being played while at the same time raising revenue through debt.

    Government propaganda maintains the stance (still no actual lies) that in the alleged 'recession' where cuts continue to maximise profit and misery for the growing population. There is still a belief that before the general election the would-be (now coalition) government had not already made its plans. The planning would have possibly been refined and updated. But the plan is till the same.

    Create an elite class and condemn everyone else to crushing misery.

    It's so simplistic in principle. But effective? To locate the intellectual super carrot:

    Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Slush Fund

    The IMF could be described as a 'slush fund'.

    It's possibly where the money goes to 'make' more. Bail-out loans are now being openly described in terms of the £bns interest added and the UK government lends ‘finance’ to Northern Ireland (apparently while protesting), but it's forever about increasing debt and interest. It’s the only way to make money, but it’s all illusion and plunges the nation deeper into it’s own debt, but plunged into crisis? When already in a crisis, it is a continuing and unchanging crisis that just deepens. Once in a hole that is where everything remains until it all (never) gets out of the hole. The more people in the hole, the more the control. It’s almost biblical where something has dominion over something else. The people over the animals, though in reality it is the power of people (minority) over the people (majority). It always has been that way.

    Pygmalion and Galatea Effects

    Animal Farm

    There is greater control of the people (through their perceived wealth), but almost certainly there is a minority section of society that is ring-fenced. The wealth 'lost' by the people is 'taken' elsewhere. Winners And Losers. The British people are underwriting Northern Ireland: UK government lending to the UK and in so doing creating a debt for itself and as a consequence spreading the problem wider. It's self-sustaining debt creation. The system has finally found its own solution to redistribute the people's 'wealth' to itself. This is not containment, but deliberate infection. The disease is the financial system. It’s rotten, wicked and grotesquely nauseating.

    The creation of the 'middle-rich' has always been the cloak that hides the empty space between where the real wealth exists and the created general poverty. It's all smoke and mirrors. The principles outlined in Animal Farm have always been visionary. It's how the system has been designed to work and control the 'wealth creators' and steal their money. The parasite flourishes.

    RBS has loaned £43bn to Ireland after itself being 'bailed out' by the UK. Northern Ireland is a UK territory and so the UK is lending to itself. Perversely, through the EU mechanism (forever 'creating the problem and providing the solution' - making it necessary to take a loan, while kicking and screaming all the way to the bank) a further £8.5bn appears to have been lent directly to Ireland. The IMF could be described as a 'slush fund' and is also heavily implicated. So, £61.5bn has been 'loaned'. The IMF loan has been topped up to increase the debt. Lending is the practice for banks and other institutions that have others' money to 'make it grow'. The virtual money that is used to 'create' more virtual money. Taking virtual interest from virtual money and lending the vapour (electronically) to deepen debt. It's a method of 'creating' illusory money by way of a 'loan'.

    Theoretical money that never gets repaid (by cash) remains illusory, but fuels the problem that has been created and is always in need of a solution. A profit from a loan can only be made if anything gets paid back. The £bns will never be repaid. It's in the plan to divert real wealth out of the system and replace it with...


    Those in a position to lend money have been assembled to do just that. Everyone trusts everyone else. The led just being 'played'. This is like the enemy's generals leading the opposing army towards defeat. Such naïve gullibility is mindblowing. The meltdown continues, but its pace incessantly increases. The commentators demonstrate their ego-swelling pontificating trying to appear knowledgeable, but no-one really knows (!) what they are talking about. But it makes good TV and radio.

    Perceived 'wealth' is just the tool that has been created to gain more control. It’s patronising arrogance that demonstrates the contempt that the so-called (self-proclaimed) upper-middle classes have for the ‘stupid’ people and siphons off its 'money'. Nearly all of it. Unfortunately, the parasite is not stupid and leaves enough crumbs on the floor to keep the host alive, but in continually declining health. Theoretically, the cyclical method of control by diverting perceived wealth could run forever. But the population continues to grow and is now too big. The 'cost' to maintain it far exceeds the control benefit. It is time now to cull the host that has served its useful purpose. Logically, the host must now be decimated and the parasite is working towards the manufactured and conditioning date of...

    The physical world won't end, but it's the date that has been chosen for completion of the plan to exterminate the human race. Another 'mass extinction'.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Quantitative Easing

    Keynesian Monetary Theory

    The new term ('buzz-word') quantitative easing has been introduced. It's a classic 'Create the problem and provide the solution' scenario. Quantitative Easing is just another name for Devaluation and occurred rather like the introduction of decimal currency in the UK.

    The £1 = 240 (old d penny) or 480 (old half-penny) parts (the smallest of 'modern times' currency was the farthing at 1/960th part of £1 until 31st December 1960) was changed to 100 (new p penny) and the now defunct half-new penny (December 1984) for that same £1. Instantly, (February 1971) inflation was introduced (without official devaluation) at the 'invisible' rate of 140% or worth 0.714 of the immediately prior value before decimalisation. It was a highly cynical move by Sir Edward Heath (UK PM at the time) and continued the rot that continues to this day, but has just got more rancid as it decays. Profiteering escalates at an accelerated rate.

    When a 2-for-1 share split is introduced, the holding value is unchanged. Half the share value, but double the number of shares. With shares there is a balanced swap, but with money it's all one way. Away from the consumer. The quantitative easing measure dilutes the currency by dumping more into circulation. The holding of any individual is instantly devalued without ever declaring official devaluation. The shortfall is not made up as in a share split. The holding is just worth less. If a country does not subscribe to the system, then through the variation between currencies that hides the 'unofficial' devaluation, that nation suffers through trade. Exports appear more expensive and this results in less trading. There is an invisible siphon removing worth from the people. The quantitative easing mechanism through raised inflation repays finance and is all paid by the consumer who also pays other heavy taxes. Government cannot lose and the consumer  (taxpayer) cannot win. No country can remain unaffected.

    Politics only ever informs the 'convenient' part of truth. It's not telling lies, but 'spinning' truth into (perceived) advantage. The transparency that government would have everyone believe is the spun term for its factual opposite.

    Transparency =

    Obscure + Obfuscate

    But most importantly it is to confuse without telling lies* (if possible). Consider a contest using firearms between two apparently equal, in ability, duellists. The outcome is not obvious until the information is revealed that one of the weapons is not loaded. Instantly, the likely outcome is massively changed.

    * Betrayal is justified by circumstances changing and not being within the 'ability' to control. Lies are never told, only the truth is 'spun' around.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    G20 - Summit (2010)

    G20 (2010)

    • An historically very trustworthy gang (2009). But possibly not quite as much as when compared to a bunch of third-hand car financiers (dealers).

    The outcome so far appears to be game, set and match. As though there is an instant consensus. And hasn't been prearranged. But then the host is stupid and the feeding parasite imagines itself to be both clever and smart.

    Herman Van Rompuy (who?)
    Baroness Ashton (who?)
    Virtual Politics

    Energy Price Increases (2010)

    Dr. Vince Cable made indirect comment (March 2010) about massive energy price rises, without using a better description other than simply 'large' profits and spreading the effect between the supermarkets and energy companies as though they belong together in the same context. But this was pre-election rhetoric and he was at the time the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman.

    • "With large profits posted by supermarkets and energy companies it would appear that some of them are taking advantage of their strong market position over their suppliers and customers"
    Both British Gas and Southern Electric have both announced inflation-busting increases. British Gas (10.12.10) will be 7% and Southern Electric (actually 9.4%) (01.12.10), but failing to qualify the amount of the rise to consumers, simply describing as 'rates shown' (Southern Electric literature). This outstrips inflation hugely (2 to 3 times the UK rate), and is a prime contributor to inflation. However, it is not clear why there is a difference of 2.4%. As always it is predictable that price rises will come just ahead of the heaviest charging period. Southern Electric has also declared a reduced profit for the the last 6 months. It blamed a lack of wind for a 16% fall in output from hydro-electric schemes and wind farms and presumably has

    little to do with the warmer summer
    months requiring less energy 

    But the group still raised its dividend 6.7% to 22.4p. Similar to the banking sector allegedly paying out huge bonuses when profits are generally poor. Banks (to some extent only) rely on the consumer. And the consumer is being crushed. And profits are down. Odd that one, but this is business and once again the parasite can be seen feeding off the host. It shouldn't be forgotten that the parasite regards the host as stupid. It imagines itself as greatly superior, it being just a group of (very ordinary) greed-motivated business people.

    • When rail companies face a dwindling user-base, the initial reaction is always raise the prices. This leads to a smaller user-base as people find alternatives. But the cost of fuel (petrol) will affect outcomes. Cost of fuel and cost of travel both increase and somewhat cancel each other out. Just coincidental, of course.
    Reduced profit only compares to an earlier value and by definition must be less. That fails to define what is a healthy or business damaging profit. Only that it is less. In any case if the amount is down then just charge the consumer to make up the (business plan and shareholder dividend) shortfall.

    • To pay a dividend to keep the shareholders happy, is the amount paid and later recovered through raised prices? Which comes first, the cart or the horse? DA
    That's precisely what employees do when they are struggling. Ask for more. Comparisons only dodge the actual values. Comparatives never define absolutes, only indicating more or less and never quantifying (actually 9.4%. Allegedly). The real numbers are not hidden, but just made difficult to uncover.

    Energy companies just demand more.
    The parasite behaves predictably

    British Gas - The Attitude
    British Gas - The Disaster
    British Gas - The Hiding
    British Gas - The Owner (Centrica)
    British Gas - The Round Up

    Crude Oil - Price History and Analysis
    EDF And British Energy

    Southern Electric
    Southern Electric - Calendar Date
    Southern Electric - North Sea Gas And Hess Energy
    Southern Electric - The Deceit
    Southern Electric - The Letter
    Southern Electric - Update

    • Southern Electric is part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group. Southern Electric is based in Maidenhead, Southern Electric supplies gas and electricity across Great Britain.
    • And in a gloriously patronising comment, chairman of the group Lord Smith of Kelvin said: "2008/09 was a tough year, dominated in the first half by very high wholesale prices for electricity and gas.
    It was a tough year for everyone, especially the consumer and the usual justification is traditionally very high wholesale prices for electricity and gas. This is the same type of rhetoric used by the coalition government when any cut is announced by starting with something like "...the inherited deficit from the last government...". Typical non-speak. Incidentally, inflation busting increases are still promoted as the cause of inflation (they are a cause), but as always this ignores the increased interest on loans and the consequential debt as the real reason behind inflation. And growth. It's how money really works: debt and interest, but always involves only Winners And Losers.

        Thursday, November 11, 2010

        Student Ensnarement: An Entire Generation

        • Create the problem: deficit
        • Provide the solution: cuts, cuts, cuts
        • Less, less, less out and more, more, more in

        Crude, hopelessly inelegant,
        but completely effective

        Waking up, yet? George Orwell (Eric Blair) did. These visionary 'stories' are more popular today than ever. The ensnarement of the next generation [and the one before (yesterday) and after (today) and the next (tomorrow)] is still being played out.

        Wake up!

        Wake up!

        Wake up!

        Cuts: Reduction And Savings
        Future Spending In The UK
        Banking Panic - The Plan
        Benefit Conundrum
        Student Loans
        Child Testing

        The Baptism of Fire is an introduction to the 'real-life' experience of being able to afford debt and is the learning process of acceptance. It's conditioning the concept of expectation. People will exist with the concept of debt because everybody... just does. To be a debtor is living such a way of life. Being alive. An existence with no questions being asked, there being no requirement for any answers. The path is cleared to allow the flow of money from the consumer to the central 'banking vault' from which there can be no consumer withdrawal. Only deposit. By the method of interest from... debt.

        Something nauseating... ???
        Responsible Lending

        • Check out the careless mistake. In the APRs and OFT Guidelines, the word "...quiet..." has been used instead of "...quite...". An easy error? Probably no more serious that placing a decimal point the wrong way by just one place: £100.00 -> £1000.00. An easy mistake to make, but doesn't inspire confidence.
        • Processing over 40,000 loans a month with an APR of 1286%? And an additional charge of £25 for every £100 borrowed. So the £750 'loan' itself will cost 7.5 x £25 = £187.50 simply to get started. Then after 30 days, add in (1286/12)% = 107.17% in interest on £937.50 and (any other 'administration' charges) to arrive at the total repayable of £750 + £187.50 + £1004.72 = £1942.22. Or nearly £1192.22 for a month. And 'only' borrowing £750 in the first place. Perhaps this has simply been misunderstood. In any case, just how desperate (or gullible) do you need to be?

        daily basis!!!

          An Interesting Conspiracy

          Shackled before even exiting the starting blocks. Chained up right from the outset. The only obvious way to remain free is to remain ignorant. At least that way you wouldn't be able to 'feel' the subjugation. The right to go to university for an education is regarded as a right and perceived to yield benefits. The right to grasp hold of a debt. The ethic of a 'rich future' is now (very) transparently in great doubt. The non-rich won't ever get rich and the rich will continue to just get richer. At the expense (literally) of the non-rich. Original wealth was taken and ruthlessly protected and grown.

          It's even possible that many of the already
          wealthy do not realise what is
          happening 'in their name'

          The generation now in power enjoyed a free passage through tertiary education, some gaining a PhD degree. Two of recent note could include Dr. James Gordon Brown and Dr. Vince Cable. Is Vince Cable, as a Lib Dem, just being duped by 'ordinary man, call me Dave' David Cameron and George Gideon Osborne?

          The fall guy. Brown, it seems, took 10 years (in Scotland) to submit his thesis (1982) and any other requirement since the MA degree (1972). What was he doing in those 10 years? Different political persuasion it would seem, but both benefited directly. The cost to Dr. Brown is not known, but Dr. Cable admits to a free education.

          An entire generation has been trapped in financial knots (yoke) when they are least likely to appreciate that they are drowning. And held under by government that traditionally blames the previous government for all the current ills (Labels).


          Cuts: Reductions And Savings

          Cut. Cuts. Cuts.
          Savings. Savings. Savings.

          Cuts and savings are just euphemisms for 'avoid paying out' and 'keep the money' for something else (always undeclared, but allegedly costing '£bns').

          Create the problem and
          provide the solution

          In the USA

          It's become tiresomely repetitive. The real aims of (government) cuts have been revealed as nothing more than an accelerated redistribution (= The Solution). Examination and analysis are needed to demonstrate that a debt crisis (= The Problem) is the reality and (allegedly as it still needs to be proved) has not been engineered to create the problem. The 'solution' (that is not a solution - DA) to this 'problem' is... cuts. And more cuts.

          • The (alleged) 'crisis' still needs proving since assumption only enables belief. Not necessarily the reality. If everyone agrees (reads from the same script - DA) there appears to be no conflict in opinion. Total belief. Everywhere. Potentially, a massive con.

          This goes some way to explain the grotesque bonuses still (allegedly) paid to bankers when profits are falling like metal balls to a magnet. Bonuses? Not penalties for failure after failure? Government (taxpayer) finance has been 'lent' to the banks to prop up the financial system. The taxpayer supplying the parasitical banking sector with finance to create a bigger net to catch the 'free' money given (without consent) by the taxpayer who is then charged (heavily penalised) for their 'charity'. All economies that fail to do this enjoy an accelerated collapse.


          The Virtual Money 'supplied' can never provide a solution, but it can tighten the screws of the hatch that contains the people. The apparently good advice that any surplus personal finance should be used to pay off a debt to minimise interest charges seems (speciously) sensible, but either way it results in finance being moved to pay for a debt. Pay off debt by reducing high interest (much, much less on savings) and encourages paying money out by simply attempting to reduce the amount... paid out. Yet banks are feeding the problem to make the problem grow. Starving a problem of support could possibly cause its demise. Feeding it is clearly designed to make it worse.

          • Reductions in the cost of providing street lighting are justified by limiting the cost of such a provision. Obviously, any saving is at the expense of withdrawing services, yet still charging premium prices. This could be made more a saleable idea if this also expressed the explicit reduction of Council Tax. This hasn't yet happened and probably never will since it is unlikely to result in lower Council Tax for dwellers. But less (paid) out means more (kept) in. The justification is always to "reduce the deficit" (real or imagined, rather like alleged global warming). The classical greedy nature of the parasite.
          A similar principle exists with wind farm technology. The (government) subsidy to operators is generous (tax payers' money, of course) and any 'free' wind-produced energy won't benefit the consumer by a price reduction. The cost of electricity still increases and all justified by other factors. The suppliers receive government (taxpayer) subsidy to generate electricity from free wind and then sell at profit to the taxpayer who has already paid for the technology that produces it. Cyclical, profitable, self-sustaining...


          Similar precepts are promoted with global warming/climate change. The rhetoric can get...


          Speciously based on plausible concepts until a deeper review is considered.

          The need to consult
          is becoming more urgent by the day

          This clearly explains how propaganda and politics really work. The control of the workers to provide the self-proclaimed 'masters' with luxury while everyone else enjoys misery. Politicians are always promoting themselves as some advanced type of human, but most appear as just more parasites.