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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Financial Illusion

Both money and finance control, but they don't exist. It's like religion: the concept of god controls, but nobody has seen this fantasy. And never will. Or Bin Laden as one of the FBI 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, yet is not on the 9/11 list. And has never even been charged.

A non-existent 'fantasy'
cannot be indicted

Government borrowing is totally virtual and illustrates that real money is only implied. Just suggested, and is a euphemism for raising debt. Real money does not exist. It is only a method of barter (trade) and the written statement "I promise to pay the bearer" only constitutes a contract between the issuing 'bank' and the owner of that 'piece of paper'. But if the loan is by electronic credit then even that 'piece of paper' doesn't exist either. Only the notification of the debt and the penalties for not paying. To honour a continuously changing value of the paper 'money'. And then only downwards. Winners And Losers defines that and since currency devalues then somewhere a great deal of wealth is 'created', but only by redistribution and an implied debt.

When a personal loan (any kind of credit/loan facility) is 'arranged', there is no actual money involved simply an electronic credit and very real debt that replaces illusory 'money'. The 'money' people use as cash is just of intrinsic value, but still illusory. $£bns can be printed that have little real actual value (only intrinsic) yet who ever sees these $£bns?

Quantitative Easing

Virtual Money by definition does not exist except in belief. The picture the illusion appears to create is that there is a source of endless finance to enable borrowing to continue forever. The source that never runs out.

  • From where do governments 'borrow' money?
  • From where does the IMF get its funds?
From countries borrowing money? It's complete nonsense 'logic'. Fiction and fantasy. Smoke and mirrors.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Southern Electric - Update


Southern Electric has done it again. Cynically reducing gas bills by just 4%, but not until 29th March 2010. This is a reduction

just before the warmer spring period 

begins. The average reduction at the beginning of March 2009 was 8%. The cost to SSE is minimal as the usage decreases (slightly). A detailed analysis was written and sent to SSE.

If true to form, an increase of around 20 -25% will be introduced towards the end of August...

just before the colder autumn period

Small Bites: 400 - 499

400. Population growth affects the poorer and less developed countries. The number of surviving offspring is effectively improved by having more children. Birth-rate exceeds the death-rate and famine crises place a burden on the richer countries to help provide for the poorer ones. Paradoxically, the selfish attitude in the west to provide a better quality of lifestyle limits the number of offspring. But then a benefit system wrecks this by encouraging the yield of those on benefits. The requirement for water is estimated to increase by 30 percent (2030). Water is not sustainable, yet remains an absolute requirement for all life. It is the one resource that is being systematically destroyed. Substitutes can be 'created' for food substances. Water is not synthesised, but ironically can be produced by destroying fossil fuels. If rotting vegetation is the starting material for oil (conventional and non-abiogenic) water was incorporated initially to later be released. The overall result is no change in the amount of water: water out = water in.

401. The concept of the illusion of increasing wealth is hopelessly disguised by debt. The earlier poorly off appear to be getting richer. Pure illusion. The rich are simply getting richer and the separation between the two actually widens. The purchasing power of any currency is much worse today than just several years ago. Inflation sees to that based on debt. Without debt money is not 'made'. A debt-based monetary system relies on interest for its growth. Another illusion that growth means success. Growth is reflected in share price and apparent worth. Meaningless other than for suggesting that success is a reality. The illusion is that without growth the wealth of everybody cannot increase, but inflation increases the price of everything. The sliding door effect. Take your eye off the trailing edge and the leading edge increasingly moves across the wealth divide.

402. Advertising is underway for purchase of privately owned gold jewellery. As gold prices rise, the parasites are out buying up cheap to capitalise on rising gold 'value'.

403. UQ (aka UK) Ltd democracy in action: unelected PM and unelected deputy PM and replacement unelected PM (Alan Johnson). It's the Labour way.

In the same way that Brown will be unavailable for interview in the Chilcott (Iraq) inquiry because of election commitments. The prime minister, regarded as unelected (since he just 'took over' the control of the UQ (aka UK) Ltd government) MUST present himself for scrutiny if he is placing himself in a position to be properly elected through voting. Brown's way is to avoid voting (if possible) like in the Treaty of Lisbon affair.

404. EU: Irish to vote again after the promised British referendum on Lisbon Treaty denied. Go and return the 'correct' positive vote in order to secure victory in the effectively bloodless coup of a war in Europe. Between 1939-1945, millions were killed and murdered in the attempt to wrest power into a central Europe. In the first decade of the new millennium, they are now betrayed. Had the centre of attention been Germany the plan would have been obvious so the choice of Belgium was considered neutral and safer to cover the whole operation.

Blair would certainly 'like' to be in place as EU president before the next UK election. This may, however, slow the flow of cash. The trade would be power for cash. Tough decision. This would result in game, set and match. In any case, the next UK government will be a total irrelevance as it always has been. Nothing really changes. Only the illusion of change.

405. Gazumping isn't rocket science. No contract between prospective buyer and seller enables it. Simply have a ghost buyer that has 'upped the ante' and the price goes up. Slight risk, but probably the original genuine purchaser will cough up more. No proof of the offer is needed or is available. The UQ (aka UK) Ltd way is a foolproof scam.

406. Rising house prices appears to provide proof that the recession is over. This is press reportage. The connection doesn't exist and is purely myth.

  • There is no real connection between house prices (up or down) and recession. Only the illusion of such a connection
But there is a more likely connection between banks lending again and prices rising. Taxpayers' money being lent back to the taxpayer in order to create more interest through debt.

407. The alleged link between cost and usage of alcohol is quite specious. Dependence on alcohol is simlar in principle to a drug addict. Making a drug more expensive will not prevent dependence on cost grounds. The parasitic drug 'dealer' has a truly captive market and the price will predictably go up to maximise profit. Drug taking will never decrease based on cost. Neither will excessive alcohol consumption. Though it will improve profits all round: seller, dealer and government. Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) as a chemical is very inexpensive though beer and lager production involves higher cost. These drinks are a complete and complex single product. Alcohol is a single chemical entity. The watered-down chemical is quite sustainable. The water is totally recycled. Ultimately. Vodka is effectively pure ethanol diluted with water. Around 60-70% by volume. A 'good earner'.

408. That there is no synthetic drug available to correct a disease does not imply there is no natural one. Many man-made drugs are based upon naturally occurring substances. That can be the lead before successfully creating such an entity. This does not necessarily lead to a more potent synthetic drug that is safer in all areas than the less potent natural one. Co-factors often exist that modify and in other ways actually strengthen the active. An example is vitamin E. The active may be absolutely identical in every way, yet the natural vitamin is found with other trace components. The mixture can provide a better 'vitamin' than the pure synthetic equivalent.

409. Sustainable debt. This confirms the ethos of the capitalist society. It's all about 'creating wealth' by imposing interest. And interest on top of interest (amortisation). Without debt there can be no interest and therefore growth. This defines the true meaning of growth: the growth of debt. The more debt, the greater the interest burden and the tighter the stranglehold over the people. A global society held hostage to money by money and those controlling it. It's really a simple formula, but still works by pandering on the sense of greed. Also, it works by making people poorer through inflation that is itself fed by the growth in interest. Very cyclical and this circus will be around forever. All countries have bought into the financial system and this can be the definition of perpetual debt. Those in a 'powerful' position to massage the debt in (coincidentally) their own favour generally have very great personal wealth and are therefore immune to the ups and downs that fuel such wealth. The perfect Plan.

410. Who wants to spend 6-months or more (each way) to travel to the Mars? The destination may be a goal, but 6-months? Like a very, very, very long haul plane journey. Without a break. For 6-months and only one way.

411. The best time to sell gold assets? At its lowest value to ensure the minimal return. The chancellor/prime minister of the UQ (aka UK) Ltd chose the best time to further wreck the economy. Entrusted with the nation's wealth. The buyer has bought the gold and made a financial killing.

412. The concept of anarchy with an absense of the rule of law. With it being present and laws 'manipulated', there is a very real liklihood of complete failure within society.

413. All the conditioning of 'by 2050' misdirects from the very near future. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an apparently global emergency, but talking about 40 years into the future appears to be doing something yet allows the problem to get worse. Finance and growth would be affected if something were actually be done to attack the 'apparent' situation. The evidence suggests there isn't really a problem.

414. Risk assessment is designed to identify potential dangers of which to be aware. This is not prohibitive and reactive. It is proactive.

415. 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan is a Trojan Horse... for entry into Iran. If necessary. A perfect justification for huge numbers of military personnel in the country adjacent to a threat. Actually, this has Iran snared between Afghanistan and Iraq by the US. This is a dreadful game of chess.

416. As a truly heinous crime, premeditated genocide defies description. It's twisted and terribly distorted and the type of 'lifeform' that perpetrates such action lives beneath the lowest forms in existence.

417. Bankers should be paid huge bonuses to retain the calibre. So goes the "spin", but this defines incompetence and these people helped to create the mess in the first place. To then receive a massive bonus for wrecking the system is "Labour's way". Create the problem and provide the solution.

418. The crude economics of control and subjugation. Create absolute dependence on a resource and then artificially increase its perceived value and consequential cost. Oil.

419. The story of oil running out was started by, and is, promoted by oil companies and it's unverifiable. Undiscovered oil fields cannot be estimated. The obvious elephant in the room: on the one hand promote the concept of climate change and on the other don't discourage the use of 'fossil fuels'.

420. Divisiveness creates loathing and remains the aim to widen the gap between the rich(er) and poor(er). Crude social engineering.

421. To have an excess teaches people how to become selfish. The desire for greed is then instilled.

422. Hydroelectric power: the Moon cycle is endless and tides are the consequence. It's free and forever: if it stopped, life would end. The way forward must involve both lunar and tidal power.

423. Why is there (terrorist) conflict?

424. Ten tonnes CO2 per human/year?

425. The destruction of oil that may be 100s millions of years old is like burning all the 'valuable' paintings to stay warm.

426. Human activity today creates the legacy of tomorrow. The destruction of oil to speed up the corruption of the atmosphere. Consumption and consequential destruction of pure (drinking) water to produce cement and concrete. A similar volume of CO2 is produced in the manufacture of lime from limestone as in human respiration. Around 5% by volume. Human (exhaled) breath: between 5-8 litres per minute of gases containing some 5% CO2. This is the average 'tidal volume'.

427. "Finders, keepers" and placing a flag to lay claim to virgin land. The former has no legal force, but the latter does. Or so it would appear. Positioning a flag applies on the Moon or under the polar ice.

428. Oil is the most powerful bargaining chip on the global poker table, seconded only by nuclear power. Control.

429. Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize after Gore has ensured it's totally disgraced. This should have been declined. It's not even warranted. The Nobel Prize system is finished.

430. CO2 did not cause global warming, but it does support it.

431. In 'peace time', the political answers to problems are fudged and massaged as the electorate become increasingly resentful and hostile towards its government. More so than usual. These are the times that are the most dangerous. The solution of a war against a perceived common 'enemy' is designed to re-establish internal cohesion, diverting attention away from the internal conflict towards an external foe. The perception can be easily manipulated and information massaged by collusion (possibly not fully or even partially appreciated). Simple psychology, but it works.

432. Crime dramas that require police intervention to restore order and justice constitutes the pre-condition of the reliance on a police state for protection. Lawlessness can be encouraged to ensure public compliance to state control.

433. Party drugs: no such entity. No drug  is for fun. All drugs can and do kill. What constitutes a drug?

433. To attack the Pope ('leader' of the Catholic church and all its millions of followers around the World) or Berlusconi (a billionaire and 'leader' of Italy's political movement) or anyone else so 'important' through perceived influence requires the perpetrator to be mentally unstable. There can obviously be absolutely no reason for a sane person to dislike these wonderful people, can there? These attackers are always mentally unstable (they have to be as communicated by the media that is fed the information in the first place), but when anyone else gets attacked and it's something of a criminal nature, but by the sane. Isn't that odd?

434. In battle a sniper will attempt to seriously wound an enemy. This will result in possibly several other enemy diverted to assisting the wounded colleague. The 'bomber' who failed to detonate a device smuggled onto an aircraft had probably intended to 'fail'. It is difficult to believe that the alleged bomber had the skill or wit to detonate let alone build such a device. The sacrifice would have been a single aircraft. The prize? A willingly accepted increase in airport security imposed through fear as the ensuing investigation would ensure (by default) an intensely increased level of security. The fear and control levels are greatly increased. This results is a much more effective form of 'terrorism' by effecting the control (and only minimising the casualties of war) because of the inconvenience and fear forever rather than the one-off destruction of one aircraft and some loss of life. Only an occasional reminder (the scheduled explosion or security alert) is then necessary to perpetuate the fear and insecurity of travellers. Security and surveillance are most likely to be accepted under such circumstances. Big Brother by stealth.

435. Good Riddance Day in America encourages denial. Moving on with current and past information is necessary to for learning otherwise old mistakes are remade.

436. The 'hidden' subliminal stimuli in New Year celebrations is:

Out with the old and in with the new

This encourages forgetting the gloom associated with failed projects and looking forward to better times and promotes acceptance of undesirable actions, which are just replaced by the 'hope' for an upturn. Mistakes get forgotten to end up being repeated. Good Riddance Day works using the same crude psychology. It's effective and may provide a temporary boost to spirits, though it can be short-lived 'until-the-next-time' projects begin to fail.

The entire ethos behind the New Year Resolutions is to forget anything connected with bad news especially where government or personal finances are concerned so that old (expensive) mistakes are repeated probably at an elevated cost.

437. Crime dramas that require police intervention to restore order and justice can condition reliance to a police state for protection. Lawlessness can be encouraged to ensure public compliance to state control.

438. Party drugs: there is no such entity. No drug is intended for fun, though side effects can create the illusion. All drugs can and do kill.

439. To attack the Pope or Berlusconi or anyone so 'important', the perpetrator has to be mentally unstable. It's a prerequisite and there can be absolutely no reason for a sane person to dislike these wonderful people, can there? These individuals are always mentally unstable, but anyone else gets attacked and it's a criminal act and by a sane attacker. Odd that, isn't it?

440. In battle a sniper will attempt to seriously wound an enemy. This will result in possibly several others diverted to assisting the wounded colleague. The 'bomber' who failed to detonate a device smuggled onto an aircraft resulted in increased security. The authorities had known about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab for some while, yet allowed boarding a flight knowing of the serious potential. The massive inconvenience caused to ALL aircraft travel has been justified. The fear levels have been raised to great heights. The (sacrificial) risk to an on-board explosion and the one-off destruction of one aircraft and loss of life is paradoxically very low compared to the result. An accepted and welcomed increase in security. Fortunately, the plane was not destroyed with a high number of passenger deaths. The question needs to be debated:

"why was this individual allowed
to board an aircraft and not be
thoroughly body-searched?"

441. Cressida Dick has been publicly rewarded for services to the British people.

442. Two Tory MEPs (Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer) voted with their own beliefs, defying the (Cameron) party line. Climate Change scepticism is good, but the precedent of individual conscience (free vote) giving technical power to the unelected is potentially more worrying.

443. The 2000 millennium bug (Y2K) was very costly. The specious justifiction is by definition very plausible, but as a potential hoax, extremely powerful. The global 'inconvenience' caused was hugely destructive and was an empty threat. All such 'threats' have to taken seriously and is the reason they are so effective.

444. Using a standard car in snow and ice is like trying to ride a bike up a canal. Not fit for purpose.

445. Credibility is destroyed when before an election there is obvious gross dissent. A government falling apart. The drama has attempted to cover the fact  that Brown was unelected. Another unelected candidate to replace the unelected. The real danger is that should labour be successful at the next election, at worst Brown would for the first time actually be elected or worse another unelected and untested individual brought to power. Democracy in action: the cynical action of creating the illusion of democratic election. Nothing of the like.

446. Iceland: push 'blame' for a failure to honour a repayment to the UQ (aka UK) Ltd government onto the people by calling for a referendum on the issue. Let the people decide since Icelandic government cannot be heard to voice a refusal.

447. US president Obama takes responsibility for the 'failed' destruction of an aircraft over American territory. If there is an inner club that excludes Obama, he becomes the patsy by taking the blame for the actions of (unknown) others.

448. The UQ (aka UK) Ltd 'leader' Dr. James Gordon Brown has started (again) to precondition thinking towards the middle rich. They don't exist, but the vapour fills the void, or attempts to plug the gap, in that insidiously widening gulf between the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The 'poor' are grotesquely ignored while the 'rich' are served by this government and illustrates who is really in control. The better off element within the poor group are deluded into imagining being one of the growing rich. The rich (technically) 'own' their wealth, but the better off poor pay for their imagined wealth through interest payments on loans. This ends up in the coffers of the (parasitic) rich. It's cynical. It's cyclical. The worse off poor are provided with benefits to provide succour and allegiance to a failed and inept state authority.

449. Crime dramas that require police intervention to restore order and justice pre-condition reliance on a police state for protection and people expect reality to mimic drama. Lawlessness can be encouraged to ensure public compliance to state control.

450. Party drugs: no such entity. No drug  is for fun. All drugs can and do kill. Consider: what actually constitutes a drug?

451. To attack the Pope or Berlusconi (or anyone so 'important'), the perpetrator has a requirement to be mentally unstable. There can be absolutely no reason for a sane person to dislike these wonderful people, can there? These individuals are always mentally unstable, but when anyone else gets attacked it's a criminal action by the sane. Odd that, isn't it?

452. In battle a sniper will attempt to seriously wound an enemy. This will result in possibly several other enemy diverted to assisting the wounded colleague. The 'bomber' who failed to detonate a device smuggled onto an aircraft was probably expected to 'fail'. The ensuing investigation would ensure that the outcome was intensely increased security. This result is much more effective because of the inconvenience to every air traveller. And for a very long time rather than the one-off destruction of one aircraft and some loss of life.

453. The Chinese execute a Briton and Burnham is 'deeply saddened'. That's it? Where is all the Human Rights screams. The family alleges mental illness. So what? Does this mean that the mentally ill have no Human Rights? Not assessed by the Chinese. It's more likely that the UQ (aka UK) Ltd government does not want to upset the Chinese. And this ruthless attitude is to be welcomed. The Chinese don't want the bother of having a prisoner so terminate them. No aftercare necessary. Allegedly the Chinese were a major sticking point in the Climate Change farce. But this is politics and anything goes.

454. A bomb is let ('allowed') onto a plane to facilitate the introduction of enhanced security measures. If plane destroyed, sacrifice of a planeload of people is acceptable. If this is prevented then that is a bonus. The security measures are still welcomed by the to-be-inconvenienced air traveller.

455. Simply citing biblical references appears to be enough to justify personal desires. Especially for government bodies.

456. Two Tory MEPs (Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer) voting with their own beliefs. Defying the institutionalised (Cameron) party line. Climate Change scepticism is good, but the precedent of individual conscience (free vote) giving technical power to the unelected is potentially more worrying.

457. The 2000 millennium bug was a costly hoax and (possibly) by design.

458. Using a standard car in snow and ice is like trying to ride a bike up a canal. Not fit for purpose. But still people complain.

459. Credibility is destroyed when before an election there is obvious gross dissent. A party falling apart before forming a government. The Labour drama covered over the fact that Brown was unelected. Another unelected candidate to replace the unelected.

460. Iceland: push 'blame' onto the people through referendum.

461. Obama assumes responsibility (personally) for America's woes. If there is an inner club that excludes Obama, he becomes the patsy.

462.  Argument to explain defending home/family.

463. Organ donor is vulnerable as knowing that consent has been given less attempts (or none) could be made to save the donor's life, which would compromise getting the organ.

464. The irony of a recession in a debt-based financial system is that potential debtors are not allowed to become so. The banks actually save people from themselves.

465. Fashion 'models' are the freaks and don't represent reality.

466. Road repairs paid through road tax? Highly unlikely and an additional tax will (almost certainly) be applied to pay for it.

467. The Labour left allegedly hate the class system, yet race after all the favours and deny them to anyone else. Hypocrisy defined.

468. Kent police (Kingsnorth) suggests that perceived intent is enough before the act.

469. Coincidences don't happen, but circumstances conspire.

470. Water vapour as a greenhouse gas results in a self sustaining problem of heat retention. More vapour, greater warming. Still requires an explanation for greater evaporation in the first place.

471. JT: private matter so what's the big deal. Only public behaviour matters and it's not that unusual. Allegedly, the French do this. It's 'acceptable' behaviour. And the Italians. Understandably, a potential abortion in a devoutly Catholic society (or in any culture that finds legalised murder of the unborn abhorrent) would cause a real problem.

472. Change covers altering things in the process of duping into not seeing greater disadvantage. Governments do it all the time. It's playing the game of mind control. And you don't notice it. It's crude, but you're stupid.

473. A service is provided by someone and the government cut is an additional 17.5% (VAT) for doing nothing and is payable by the customer to the government that just exists. Government also gets a further cut from the service provider through income tax and does nothing to earn it. Like a true parasite, just expects it. Profit is taxed (corporation tax). Employee National Insurance payment is just a tax with another name.

474. Why can't GM be used to feed biofuels. No concerns regarding genetic manipulation and if cost effective and more efficient production can only be beneficial.

475. Philanthropy is the opposite of parasitism.

476. Why are we trying to win a war in Afghanistan?

477. Even if a red light was ignored why is a train allowed to move at high speed when another train uses that track? Disaster is likely. Disaster happened.

478. Mammoth discovered in tact and estimated to be about 37,000 years old. Reasons proposed for demise? Climate change. A different theory to the cynical current one. Before cars. More reasons to regard modern theories of climate change as cynically ridiculous.

479. In a similar way that nobody knows who introduced a new word that has become accepted, nobody questions or needs to know where new 'thinking' originated. The concept of climate change/global warming or any other conditioned dogma is similar. Ideas become accepted, but the original source isn't necessarily known. As long as everyone thinks 'correctly' the process appears to work. Dogma just produces more dogma. Many may be sincere in their beliefs. It's how religion works. Beliefs and faith and many just thinking alike. Dogma is the 'faith'. 'Faith' is dogma.

480. If the UK taxpayer owns 84% of RBS, why hasn't any taxpayers' approval been sought for the payment of the 'bonus'? £3.6 bn 2009. That those approving the bonus themselves benefit is a highly significant issue. Publicly refusing a personal financial bonus does not indicate what the real 'bonus' maybe. Usual suspects: knighthood or elevation to House of (let's lord it up) Lords.

481. Bentley of British Gas claims that the cold Winter is responsible for the 58% (£595m) profit jump over 2009. That's obvious and is typical of the patronising arrogance spewed out by the likes of Bentley. This fails to address the serious issue about reducing consumer charges in line with cheaper 'wholesale' gas prices. The concept of 'paying up front' to buy such a commodity wears extraordinarily thin. To claim saving for the future is senseless as shareholders have already been paid dividends out of this accumulated profit. Shareholders are mostly not consumers.

482. Banking fiasco: the ineffectiveness of government in managing the alleged energy supply cartel demonstrates possible collusion. Governments can attempt to justify using public money in all sorts of ways.

483.    Where there's money, there's corruption. An example is oil, itself of no intrinsic value, but only the uses to which it is put. So, it simply defines corruption as the means to acquire wealth or favour by the use of 'gross dishonesty'.

484. Leads to many pharmaceutical entities are 'discovered' from naturally ocurring products. These are modified to become more aggressive, but arguably not as efficient as the natural product. The human (and other animal) population has been thought to have existed for thousands of millennia without 'modern' treatments. The success rate of treatment without pills or surgery can never be accurately assessed (even if any attempt has ever been made) as the ever-growing population would skew any possible result. Symptoms are focused upon, yet underlying disease remains healthy. The paradox here is that the supposed advancement in more sophisticated chemical treatments is waging a losing battle by more victims of disease not surviving. Are natural remedies safer and more efficient than modern unnatural products? The animal evolutionary process (assuming that 'accepted' premise) has managed for all those millennia and non-domesticated creatures still manage without human interference. Any financial target is notably absent in the wild and survival is apparent. The drug-dependent human population is failing to survive as disease is rampant and continues to increase its stranglehold.

485.    Where does government lending come from and who is the country beholdent to?

486.    The issue of protecting one's property against intruders is full of inconsistency. Defence of self is debatable. Use of 'enough' force, whatever that is. What is reasonable force? Nobody knows and neither is there a definition. There cannot be a definition. It's a 'how long is a piece of string?' question. A country's legal right to invade a foreign land is highly contestable simply by virtue of something being disliked or a perceived as a threat. USA, Russia and China are perceived threats as is the nuclear states of Pakistan and Iran. The highly questioned motive of oil being a reason to invade Iraq, yet not Zimbabwe exists. Defence of own property and the safety of any occupants is made illegal so logically any invaded country should not resist invasion and welcome the invaders. Complete nonsense.

487. As the population grows and many abuse themselves through poor nutrition, the clinical trial within that enormous group will inevitably produce more adverse reactions amongst that growing population. It's simple statistical fact. This illustrates one of the potential hazards of clinical trials. The smaller ones are less likely to reveal problems and the bigger ones statistically more likely to produce a negative result. The intermediate size 'trial' may demonstrate safety and may be a valid result though could be a serendipitous 'lucky accident'. This could be deliberate by choosing an appropriately-sized group. A particular result could just be coincidence. The upshot is... great doubt in the validity of the result.

488. The failure to diclose the reason for Jon Venables return to prison after 9 years of freedom with enhanced rights over the 'ordinary' crime-free citizen demonstrates the absolute unfairness and complete failure of a system that allows a child-killer to circulate anonymously within an unsuspecting public. A system that is promoted as the epitome of fairness and justice. The heinous crime cannot be excused as an action of the very young. This child-violence does happen, but is so very rare that the argument is a complete nonsense.

489. Misinterpretation of reason for life. Procreation is the aim. To produce and rear the next generation. Once this has been done the older generation can perish. This is no different to any other animal species. It's the social engineering that has confused and complicated events and systems. Sex is critical, but has become interpreted as a bonus to life rather the reason for life. The introduction of money has produced greed and so enhanced the straightforward bestial possession trait. It's take and then take more to acquire more for no other reason than greed itself. It also illustrates that by taking more, there must be less for everyone else. This is the fundamental problem of a fixed amount of global wealth and a growing global population. As the rich acquire more then this must produce greater numbers of poorer people by default. The rich get richer at the expense of the poor getting poorer. Simple fact.

490. A weaker pound (allegedly) makes exports cheaper. This pradoxically suggests that to boost some businesses it is a good thing to encourage the weakening of the pound. Everybody else suffers except businesses.

491. March 1948 was almost 24C/75F. More rubbishing of global warming when in 2010 temperature was 6C. An example of global cooling.

492. Brown announces pay freeze within civil service (24.03.10), but only after MPs have received their pay rise (£1000). Cynical.

493. Is an MP at 23 a good idea? Of course NOT. Few mature constituents would seek advice from a life-inexperienced MP or open up private information to an effective 'child'. Of course, a younger voting population may be encouraged to engage with a young individual and identify with them. Highly cynical and may also a cynical method of reducing such constituent interaction from the more knowledgeable, and potentially more difficult, mature individual.

494. Is it healthy to produce a new and specifically tailored enrolment of employee specifically educated to work in an existing industry or educate in more general terms for industry and its practices to change accordingly.

495. Every day electricity cost increases by around 1p. This seems to be a constant daily increment. Every day. This has been the case for over two weeks, but use has not increased over this period. The atmospheric conditions are not getting colder, yet cost is still going up. What is the reason?

496. The three (main) party slogans all suggest similar conditioning: Labour - 'Future Fair for All', Tory - 'Vote for Change' and the most recent hybrid from the LibDem party - 'Change that Works for You. Building a Fairer Britain'. This demonstrates democracy in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd: whatever party out of the three that is returned at the next general election, it makes no difference. Similar to buying a (Henry) Ford motor car: "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black". The consequence of Labels.

497. Money and finance controls, but it doesn't exist. It's like religion: the concept of god controls, but nobody has seen this fantasy. Like Bin Laden, who is one of the FBI 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, yet is not on the 9/11 list and has never even been charged.

A non-existent fantasy
cannot be indicted

Government borrowing is totally virtual and illustrates that real money is only implied. Just suggested, and is a euphemism for raised debt. Real money does not exist. It is only a method of barter (trade) and the written statement "I promise to pay the bearer" only constitutes a contract between the issuing 'bank' and the owner of that piece of paper. To honour a continuously changing value of the paper 'money'. And then only downwards. Winners And Losers defines that and since currency devalues then somewhere a great deal of wealth is 'created', but only by redistribution and an implied debt.When a personal loan is 'arranged', there is no actual money involved simply an electronic credit and very real debt that replaces illusory 'money'. The 'money' people use as cash is just of intrinsic, but still illusory, value and $£bns can be printed that has little real value yet who ever sees these $£bns? Virtual Money by definition does not exist except in belief. The picture the illusion appears to create is that there is a source of endless finance to enable borrowing to continue forever. The source that never runs out. It's fiction and fantasy. Smoke and mirrors.

498. The promotion of support for rape victims gives succour to rapists. It confirms the effect if the psychological damage intended. Rapists have a hatred for women. A similar attitude as thugs who enjoy hurting people or murderers and psychopathic control freaks. They all constitute derangement.

499. The connection between mental and physical fitness is strong. The immune system is bolstered. Diet controls that focus on weight loss will fail as a diet and any immunity against cancers. Any regime that ignores substantial physical exertion is a betrayal. Rarely do fit people succumb to major disease. The mental input required to conduct a physically demanding action is key. The symbiosis between the cerebral control centre and body. Each supports the other absolutely. Extensive mental and physical stimulation combine to create health and long life. Good diet is part of healthy living that incorporates overall health.

Small Bites: 300 - 399

300. Defer a proportion of mortgage. Interest is still payable and continues to mount with interest.

301. The massaging of
CO2 allowances by trade of permits completely and cynically misses the point. Industries and methods that create vast quantities of this gas (notwithstanding methane or nitrous oxide) should die. Deferring the issue is not a solution unless used as a time buffer to create alternatives. Carbon capture in rock has a definite limit, but reduction of these quantities can be the only potential solution. If none is produced there is no increase in an ongoing problem.

302. Climate change approach: classic case of tinkering with the symptoms an avoiding the cause. Never will a solution be found that ignores the problem. Assuming it is a real problem.

303. Natural selection theory demands that survival requires adaptation to conditions. Failure to adapt leads to extinction. The human body must adapt to diabetes issues without the support of insulin derivatives produced elsewhere. Otherwise the problem is attacked not by cure, but deferment. The human population grows and is artificially kept alive. It will not adapt and will always be a subject of control. If insulin were to become scarce, many would quickly succumb. Any population group that has a reliance on any drug or chemical entity for survival creates a
totally dependent group.

Diabetes Type 2 is essentially an acquired condition as the product of lifestyle. It is correctable by a change in that lifestyle. Type 1 is genetically inherited and there is no correction that can be made other than insulin by injection.

304. A pesticide ban will promote insect damage to crops. The
GM product will survive. It's in the plan.

'Underwritten by the taxpayer': euphemistic term for the taxpayer 'promises to pay'. Nothing more, nothing less (maybe!).

306. Share value reflects
virtual money. Up/down.

307. Share value in banks fall and get bought for a song and it's all in
The Plan.

308. Get people back into work? The only reason is that tax becomes payable rather than doling out benefits. Those who work are less likely to be swayed by the payment of

309. Another major reason for
encouraging the large population (silence to curb the population infers an active encouragement) is that there is then a huge audience to buy media services. But this static audience produces nothing and only consumes.

310. The cynical attitude to lending? Lend more to 'create' more interest and screw the people. 'Lend' the banks taxpayers' money to lend back to the taxpayer (the provider) his own money, but with
added interest.

311. A common and predictable approach is saying that which is perceived as being what (some) people want to hear and then state that it'll
'not happen overnight'. It's typical.

312. If an argument has validity then there
cannot be any financial attachment. To expect payment subverts that validity.

Metropolitan police commissioner is another 'Sir'. Just a politician in uniform producing no confidence, just providing the service that the government requires. Outcomes are predictable. The investigation of 'law amendments for cash' will not happen.

Who are they?

314. A comment that complains about the disgrace of insufficient grit and sand supplies making roads dangerous. Drivers will have to... (wait for it) slower

Such pathetic and idiotic logic. It is
dangerous to drive fast in icy conditions, with or without the crutch of grit and salt. Even a brain-dead moron should be able to work out this simple fact. The cocoon effect of being inside a warm environment renders awareness redundant. A temperature gauge may display zero (or less) degrees. Water freezes at this temperature and a little salt lowers the freezing point. But only by a very small amount to prevent freezing.

315. Redefining terms:
bonus. The term bonus used to mean that providing extra service is rewarded. Failure is rewarded by sacking or minimally 0%. This in an extra provision above the salaried expectation. That a banker should receive 200% the value of his salary is grotesquely obscene (salary = £1.3m, bonus = £2.6m). Employees are losing their jobs for doing their job when the boss fails to do his own and is rewarded for failure. Words cannot adequately describe this obscenity. And paid out of taxpayer loans. Brown is doing a great job looking after his mates and screwing the country. The descent of the country into the pit is well on course.

316. Experts are needed in the financial industry (allegedly) so payment of good salaries are necessary to retain these individuals to ensure they 'do not go abroad'.
Good salaries do not imply anything about good bonus. These bankers cannot be such 'experts' if the disaster they've created is typical and they should be sacked with the termination of contract. How can a contract be written including a failsafe clause for the banker. Other than by a complete imbecile, of course. Golden welcome packages handcuffs the 'bank' (or any employer). The contract presumably avoids any clause that expects any obligation to actually be fulfilled. No one is that good.


Fail and be rerwarded. Succeed and be rewarded. All the people who are stepped on to ensure this obscenity simply lose their jobs to
help pay for it. The bonus rewards only the able and successful. The failures will then be identified unless some other sinister activity is taking place.

317. Clarkson's comment about Gordon Brown. The
mistake could possibly have been in referring to him as being visually challenged. That's all, maybe.

Clarkson, Jeremy and Brown, Gordon

Fred The Shred seemed to use HBOS very much like his own private bank. Anything that affects share value is, of course, a good thing and a long term view would be considered to reflect any ultimate pension entitlement. Getting rid of dead wood is a long-term-favourable. But trashing and asset stripping loses the good wood as well. Sitting on a branch and sawing it off from the trunk is not a good move. As the branch plummets, an opening parachute makes for a comfortable descent. One branch survives even if the tree dies.

319. Any search for life seems to get excited about fundamental things like microbes. This is looking in the wrong direction and quite bizarre since microbes are far removed from (most) human life. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the primordial soup was proposed to have consisted of microbes from which crawled early life evolving into present-day creatures. That something like this exists on Mars or some other non-terrestrial location is very interesting, but such information goes nowhere. If a more complex form of life eventually did evolve in these locations, it would be hundreds of millions of years behind any Earth-life (theoretically). But it’s academic and otherwise quite irrelevant. Somewhere in the solar system, or an on an exo-planet, life logically must exist. More primitive or more complex, perhaps, but elsewhere and not simply a microbe.

Obesity and diabetes type-2: the cull of mankind is well under way.

321. To deny information for the reason that it is not in the public interest, yet to be in possession of that information is a euphemism for just withholding that information. Clearly, this is denial by convenience. If it’s not the public interest then it’s likely to be the national security card that gets played. A catch-all get-out.

322. Why not print
£100s bns? More of the same - Obama. A $trillion dollars of virtual money buys loads of control. In reality, it doesn't exist, but generates absolute control.

'Killed in action' = murdered through conflict.

324. It's standard politico-speak that only after things go wrong that
change must happen. Not that change must happen to prevent error. Perfect pro-active hindsight. The same ethic that things will get better. Always in the future. The confident tone convinces the deluded, those working completely and solely with faith by itself. The effects of the past after they have been allowed to happen will be changed in the future?

Ridiculous fantasy

Goldfinger: the plot was to contaminate the gold with radioactivity since it cannot be destroyed and so render it useless. Not to steal it. Great idea. Ian Fleming understood how financial systems are designed.

326. Diet misinformation: poor eating and wasting away results in losing 'weight'. This produces the ideal weight corpse.

327. Massive 'discounts' on purchase price never reduces the sale price to the manufacturer. The cost 'reduction' has been laid off somewhere as the original cost remains the same and has just been disguised. Who would imagine that
£1000s could actually be taken off the cost?

328. Privatise the
Royal Mail and nationalise the banks. Lucrative traffic will go private while the other will be serviced by the taxpayer. This is the loan the taxpayer will always receive and without even being asked. It’s essentially the same mechanism that provided toxic loans, dumping the debt. The same mechanism that provided those £bns of virtual money to prop up the already collapsed and terminally toxic (to the taxpayer) financial system.

329. Banks don't want any interference from the
OFT about the level of outrageous charging for unauthorised overdrafts. But it is a way of boosting the banks' funds. Rather like it was no regulation in any banking business (Chancellor of the Exchequer Brown's idea) that led to the ultimate financial meltdown. It was inevitable and to suggest that the recession/depression was totally unexpected is clouded thinking. Talk about recovery is deluded and actually very negative and dangerous thinking. Much like 'recovering' from bypass surgery. It's never the same afterwards as the new 'norm' prevails. The old (rotten) standard is quickly forgotten as things 'get better', but always in the impossibly-untested future.

330. How does the Financial Services Authority justify an internal bonus? This is suggestive of working in collusion with the financial sector.
Financial-Services Authority describes nothing created, but does implies servicing by oiling the wheels of the system.

Jack Straw and Freedom of Information Act. Culpable parties will be long dead decades into the future. Too late to react and the timing could conveniently protect the guilty. That’s possibly how it’s been designed.

Caesarian section by choice: crazy to elect for slicing through the abdomen. If a risk-to-benefit suggests survival chances may be improved (ie the alternative is probable death) do it, but only through absolute necessity.

333. What are the ramifications of DNA and the potential for planting evidence or more seriously altering the actual code in the sample? There's more to it than just the individual sample being kept for possible future reference. Alteration by splicing, insertion, substitution and any other process can take place out of the eye of public scrutiny. The scope for massaging the human genome collectively and 'tinkering' with the human race makes
Mengele appear a true beginner by today's (poor) understanding of the possibilities. The (assumed) naïvety of some scientists and the absolute belief that all are full of probity and integrity is incredibly dangerous - for humanity. Look to the military hijack of any idea turned to death and destruction, which could have been put to use to benefit the people. Not the warmongers who want only dominance. The dominant are themselves controlled, but do not think like that. Deluded only to later be betrayed. Once Oppenheimer had developed the atomic bomb, it could not be 'uninvented'. The genie had escaped and Pandora's Box had been opened.

334. Success is still seen as one who
'makes' the most money. This equates to who creates the greatest misery. Those total failures as members of the human race. That special club with old (and very dead) members like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot. The absolute terror of not being wealthy (probably) drives people like Goodwin. Not born to money, but a taste for it was, presumably, acquired. The survival of the one is well worth the sacrifice of 20m or 30m. Such is the size of an ego. So afraid of suffering poverty, but happy to condemn millions to it.

335. America as peacemaker ironically invades and attacks other countries where European countries defend?

336. Ensure the financial
'crash' spreads around the globe, dragging down other economies. Infection.

337. The
International Space Station serves no purpose other than to perpetuate and justify the hugely expensive and very military Space Shuttle.

'Nature' is nothing but an attempt at a statistical description solution to a problem and 'natural selection' describes just a series of events relating to that solution.

£75bn of new money created to encourage lending that creates virtual money. Madness (by design?). Low interest means that banks use savers' money 'on the cheap' by not paying much for using it. Why are the banks not lending? There is no actual money. It's all virtual money. How does buying corporate debt work? The system is debt-based and relies on the virtual money through interest to grow, but paradoxically yields nothing except subjugation by stranglehold and total compliance. Falling foul of the obnoxious ethos creates criminals out of otherwise genuinely decent and law-abiding 'citizens'.


340. Cricket is itself irrelevant. It is the symbol and selecting it to strike at the heart of a culture. Not playing to the symptoms.

341. Alcohol (ethanol) is
incredibly cheap to produce. It is regarded as a loss leader in supermarkets, but is not particularly expensive. It is probably a profit winner as it costs so little. It's very cynical, but this is business, after all. Most of the cost is the duty revenue simply passed on to the government and costs the retailer nothing.

342. '
Climate change' is not being taken seriously. Still. There's too much money at stake built into the hijacked concept. Potentially £$100s trillions. And no end. There never will be since it's too lucrative as a concept. Sucker punched.

343. What is the difference between being
morally and legally right? A case against an individual for slander could be successful, even if the moral argument were to be easily won. Being economical with the truth is not necessarily the same as being a liar by simply withholding something pertinent. Consider the example of cholesterol levels and possible inappropriate medication: Low Density Lipoproteins (LDLs) and High Density Lipoproteins (HDLs). Overall cholesterol may be fairly high, but if the LDLs ('good cholesterol') is in a higher proportion to the HDLs ('bad cholesterol') then such a raised level may not be as potentially dangerous as a higher ratio of HDLs:LDLs, but an overall low value. The cholesterol profile will determine a more accurate picture.

344. A study reveals that those who make friends easier eventually have jobs with better pay, apparently. Around
2% more financial reward per friend by age 35. Anything to do with sucking up to the boss?

'Suddenly' taking everybody by surprise, the financial 'crisis' has been described as unpredictable in the economic downturn (recession) as $£bns or $£trns are pushed into the global populations' conscious mind. It's been coming for decades and not for the first time. Now has been selected as the time to unleash the consequences onto the public paymaster to re-balance the books, but in the process blame everybody else except the banks for creating the problem. The responsibility for the disaster lies with those who shoulder the blame.

There is no money, but the concept is control and there's loads of potential for that. So many desperate and wrecked lives though also a lot less in number gaining huge benefit.
Parasite/host syndrome. It's all in The Plan for an essentially bloodless coup. The result is a massive global population that is more easily controlled. Increased population requires more crushing measures. Interestingly, societies with surveillance are those with the worst economies.

Good standards of living?
Depression and recession?
Never had it so good?

truth is staring you in the face if you open your eyes:

It's all a lie!

It's total denial to ignore what is happening. There's not any money, only the underpinning resource of gold that must always have worth as it cannot be destroyed, but possibly contaminated by radioactivity
(Goldfinger). Remove a part of the resource and the value of what remains increases. Simple.

346. On the one hand a respected study strongly suggests the
UQ (aka UK) Ltd is heading towards bankruptcy. On the other, Obama and Brown join forces (collude) to attempt selling the idea that if they stay on course together and other governments do likewise, everything will be OK. The global economies exists on vapour and committing more with more mirrors makes the illusion and trick easier to conceal.

347. It has become so pitifully and pathetically rolled out as a repeated message when the covers are unfurled:
"In the future changes will be made." This fails to acknowledge the existence of any problem up to that point. The previous set of failings being in the past had it's future which is the present.

Nothing changes and all is ignored

Welcome to
UQ (aka UK) Ltd. New Labour government is 'power' in denial. We've never had it so good: recession and depression, plummeting values, crime, violence and the 'politically correct' brigade.

348. It can seem bizarre, but often the worst examples of human behaviour are recorded and stay in the public consciousness. This forced and persistent reminder of individuals and deeds that should be simply ignored and forgotten remain. Lest we forget. It is either a peculiar desire to replay 'bad news' or it is deliberately kept alive for some reason. The control-element card is a prime suspect. The constant reminder of how bad things can (and possibly will) be is a wonderful method of focusing the mind to concentrate onto those otherwise easily forgettable events. Those that conveniently are desirable to force to remember.

349. The Earth will correct the balance between growth and survival. Already, the results of gross over-population are felt. They have been for a long time. Forcibly. Not enough sustainable food. The fixed amount of usable global water is in decline and making concrete produces
CO2 and consumes water by locking it up inside the concrete as it forms.

350. The shareholder vs co-operative ethos. Money ploughed back to benefit the consumer, not the shareholders. The
parasite feeds off the host or the one is fed to the other? The capitalist (greed) philosophy dies, but takes society as a whole with it. Or greed dies a lonely death?

Trees and fuel - but which way around? Are the tree bark, twigs and leaves the waste from the tree that is then destroyed by using as fuel or is the substance of the tree the lesser priority justification to harvest the 'waste'. The justification in harvesting the 'lungs of the Earth' for a fuel source that does not compete with food sources: cereals and other crops (sugar cane, rice).

352. The police claim the improved intention to listen, act and inform of complaint or investigation progress. Unless you are a criminal. This sounds very much like assurance to the public and unnerving the criminal without needing to do anything. Criminals are probably shaking in their boots and the public can sleep easily in bed, dreaming that they are better protected.

353. It is (almost) amusing to ogle the trough of
Westminster. Almost daily an MP or Minister is identified of 'doing nothing wrong', but allegedly milking the system. The latest individual is Tony McNulty . The standard response seems to involve that when such things are revealed, changes need to be made. But only after revelations and individuals are subsequently investigated.

354 The
climate change cash cow continues to thrive, but still no attempts are being made to reduce the levels of CO2. The cash cow is a protected species. As the altitude increases, a constant volume of pollutant (CO2) would fill a reducing volume of space. The greater the altitude the less the actual volume. The concept of a no-return position in climate change theory is reasonable since cooling could be accelerated as more atmospheric CO2 is dissolved in sea water. This removal of the gas from the atmosphere would work in parallel with less retention ofr eflected heat and heat could escape upwards into the higher atmosphere. The zone of excess heat would be effectively expanded and the trapping of heat would be tend to be avoided or certainly reduced. The other view is that warmer conditions ensure less CO2 is removed by dissolution in the sea. The extra gas would then be mixed in the atmosphere with the other gases. The temperature of the atmosphere would rise thereby warming the sea and releasing more CO2. This in turn would cause more CO2 to be expelled into the atmosphere making the problem worse.

This all presupposes that
CO2 is the (highly taxable) culprit.

355. The road to
Hope leads to Hell. Or Hope lies beyond Hell and to get to Hope, Hell must be experienced. Perhaps lemmings go there.

356. The peaceful protest in London regarding
G20 and attempt to resolve the issue of starvation in some parts of the globe is a gesture doomed to failure before it starts. The Summit has no interest in such things and will focus on how to strengthen the stranglehold through the financial system. The remit is not to solve problems, but make existing ones worse and even devise new ones. The 'leaders' (most influential) of the 20 wealthiest ‘developed’ nations actually helping? How did they become the wealthiest in the first place?

357. Attempts must be made to discourage the trend in the growing use of electricity, not the opposite. Installing lines of pylons to deal with projected increases. Manufacturers of large electricity-consuming devices will die as will (hopefully) the other dinosaurs
(car builders). They make articles that are not necessary and a malignant growth on the planet causing the all-important growth. Advertising expenses will cease and people won't be informed about things they can do without. That’s theoretical and, sadly, a wholly naïve viewpoint.

358. It's bizarre though very logical to the
monetarist: encourage the use of something potentially dangerous then increase taxation associated with its use. Perversely logical.

359. Pumice is an aerated material and will float. Consequently, an island raft of pumice will float. The pumice island near
Tongatapu is located about two miles from the eruption site. The volcanic arc in the Western Pacific is called the Ring of Fire and several chambers are thought to be feeding the Tongan volcano. This island of pumice is likely to last anything from months to years before it is eroded by wave action. A similar eruption two years ago resulted in the pumice drifting over 1200 miles to reach Australia.

360. The
Apollo hoax principle can be used to speculate a financially-based rout of mankind. It only takes a relatively small sub-group to fool all the others who work believing in what they do. The astronaut crews can be fooled by entering the space rocket... like walking into a lift. The exit can be any floor and without visual clues assumptions are easily manipulated. Even the image of the outside from a window can be illusory. Signs alleging a particular floor can be false. So the belief of the astronauts understandably seeing what they want or expect to see. 'Video' seen through a window can create the illusion to fit the belief. Exiting into a 'studio' and experiencing weightlessness would complete the illusion. Unbreakable. The explanation requires considerable open-mindedness to make absolute sense, but it would work.

The idea that governments have no control over banks is ludicrous. The scenario suggests manipulation to destroy global society. The majority of those mixed up in banking would be totally unaware of the
'game' being played.

The greed factor is just too powerful
to expect the blind to see

No accounting can be verified over any government
'spending' and the majority of the people seem to believe governments. But the governments wouldn't lie, would they? The MPs being an honest lot representing the government are a pillar of strength when it comes to faith in a system.

361. Whatever the future power source (there is always one at the head of any queue) it will predictably be
very expensive. By design. Tie people to energy needs and the game's won before it’s started. Even before the idea of a ‘game’ is realised. If ever.

362. Nuclear-powered energy production masks the creation of the requirements for atom bombs. The
direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is a system in which methanol is electro-oxidised directly, without any pre-processing, to generate electrical power. This is attractive to the army since the transport of methanol cartridges is better than a complete battery. The fuel cartridge can be 'hot-swapped' facilitating operation of a device while it's being refuelled. This very neatly engages public support through items like mobile phones, laptop computers and video cameras. Hydrogen fuel cells are, in the short term, of great military interest (portable power).

Coincidental, of course, that this is
promoted as the favourite contender

The inevitable redundancy of the car mechanic would be replaced by an alterative specialist/technologist and is a massive issue with respect to the jobs game. Create more unemployed into a population of over growth and the mess is a potential disaster. Wind, sun and tidal (lunar) power are still the forces that should be used. But little if any military opportunity is obvious. But a terrorist's dream come true: vehicles legitimately in all sorts of public places with a tank of full of ammonia-borane (borazane). A bomb delivered by the military. The cover is perfect and blame can be easily passed onto any group who is not flavour of the month.

363. Banks specify the rate of interest being charged for a loan, but what is the payback rate of government (taxpayer) loans? It's never quantified and doesn't exist with the same meaning. Buying up debt by introducing
virtual money into the financial system is simply throwing good money after bad (toxic), but that's what happens. Buying up worthless collateral to justify 'giving' the banks 'new' money so they can screw the people with obscene rates of interest. The banking and financial system continues to play its obnoxious and dirty money-grubbing games. Quantitative easing? Flooding the 'market' with money or basically dumping money with the intent of restarting the debt-based financial system by 'creating' money. The addition of...


This is how the
'system' works. Create inflation and sustain the system. Print more money, so providing the banks with more money, with which to buy up toxic debt? Cyclical. Cynical.

364. Last days of government: commits any future, but
different, government to massive debt by spending billions in a recession causing 'depression' with MPs removing finance from the till (expenses) before it closes. Until the next time. As the (global) population continues to grow, competition becomes more fierce. The capitalist ethos invokes profit, so some companies will exploit the situation by threatening redundancy. The effect is to enable shedding jobs and enforcing pay reductions so lowering the salary bill. And forcing those with jobs to undertake increased work loads with the threat of losing their job if they don't comply.

In the longer term this is doomed to fail since people can only do so much. During the course of this inevitable failure, any annual pay rise (if they ever happen) will never catch up what has been taken away and the stick will come out with which to beat up employees. It's so predictable. The numbers of suitably qualified unemployed will rise with the consequence that lower salaries will be offered. Inflation and the costs of living will continue to rise, but with reduced salaries and graduates will continue to feed the over supply of the newly never-employed. The disaster can be clearly seen coming as it's all so predictable. If ever a sequel to the engineered 'economic crisis' were needed, this must surely be it.

Of course, if employees don't agree to a salary reduction to save others' jobs, then this is basically the coward's way out by pushing the blame onto work colleagues for failing to agree a
'sacrificial' pay reduction.

365. The fact that no ill-effects of
GM produce have been seen is true deceit and dastardly misrepresentation. The ill-effects won't be seen until at least the next generation comes of age, say in about the next 30-40 years. It also confirms that the feeding of GM 'food' has already been happening for years.

366. It's facinating to examine the confusion in some behaviours. The very young yearn to be older. Ideally, just a few years older and then
stay that age. As natural age 'creeps' up, the new ideal is to avoid the 'dis-ease' of age. The enormous amount of good money that chases after the uncatchable is staggering. Cosmetics to disguise age, as if nobody notices (always look to the hands, feet and neck), surgery to alter natural shape or the perceived deficit in desirable shape. Both are so highly lucrative. Everyone dies and most still as a result of 'old-age'. Whether an individual looks old or not by massaging appearance, the individual is still old. But death will supervene. Imagine: dying of old age and actually looking old.

  • This suggests that some will chose suicide rather than look old. This would be incredibly sad, but still nevertheless very plausible.
When do most of the aged population stop wasting their money? They usually do. Sometime. Some would possibly harvest and cannibalise a new born if they imagined it would defer lines forming. Maybe by just a few days.

367. Even governments know the game they play. Even when they like to portray ineptness. The control of climate and
CO2 emission control. The idea that 'paying to pollute' will solve the problem. There is no problem as it's described and believed. Even if humankind does not help itself by contributing extra gas emission. That's the power of a specious argument: it's plausible. Human respiration involves breathing out CO2. Eventually, there will logically be a tax levied on breathing. Ridiculous? Maybe, but it's logical and shows the speciousness in the argument. It is really all about the removal of the peoples' wealth through an argument that enables a tax on climate control to be 'justified'. The argument that involves blaming the people for causing the problem of global warming. It's a lie.

368. An
economic stimulus is essentially 'borrowing' public (taxayer) finance to kick start all kinds of schemes. Mostly those types of scheme that would prompt a bank (manager) to show a client the door. Schemes that have little hope of success are funded by the 'loser' taxpayer. There's nothing to lose. Only public money and there's nothing new in that philosophy.

369. Photographing London buses has been made illegal.

370. Iran vs a conspiring world? Classic spin?

371. Creation of human egg cells in sterile women using stem cells.
Extends the other end of 'menopause'.

372. Space Race. If there is no competition then funding won't happen. The taxpayer will be denied the opportunity of paying for it all. Underwriting the entire
'investigation'. The examination and exploration of the Moon is a common concern to all humankind, yet an exclusive right to this extra-terrestrial object by one country (government) is 'arrogantly' claimed. The space race was nothing but a charade to raise finance by public 'donation'. Man cannot survive in deep space. Orbiting in zero gravity for lengthy periods (months) is predictably deleterious. Stressing bone causing shearing forces (lifting weights) strengthens bone. A failure to cause shearing stress will encouage weakening. The manufactured illusion to astronauts into believing orbital space flight would be relatively easy to engineer especially if re-inforced by a deep-seated belief in 'reality'. Under water an anti-gravity illusion can be created by slow rotation (to confuse) and a movement to counter-act centrifugal forces.

IVF assists pregnancy for people who maybe shouldn't have children. Gamete alteration would create new lifeforms.

374. Taxing the rich will force discovering creative ways of legally saving money. The government is well aware of this. So threaten to tax the rich knowing that ways will be devised to get around it. Panderering to the people as though something is being done.
Fred "The Shred" Goodwin.

Reverse psychology: encourage poor nutrition, smoking, drinking by criticising those who do for the bad habits they have. This involves the culling of humanity.

376. The capacity of Man to subvert theory into a means of destruction is limitless. The damage done by explosive presure on the human body needs to be understood only to then maximise the physical or mental trauma possible. The hypocrisy of Man is exemplified by waging war, yet being disgusted and offended by violence. This portrays two sub-species: the violent and the non-violent. The supressed violence in those who design murderous weapons to inflict horror by the military is disturbing. Almost voyeurism by examining the results of the design to improve the effectiveness of the weapon.

377. Assuming the
climate continues to warm (it will) and any gas fields currently beneath the Arctic Ocean ice become accessible as the ice melts (not for the first time), new markets will inevitably be devised that require this energy source. In the same way that the financial system is 'propped up' recovery is always followed by a continuation of bad practice and in absolute stupidity to repeat past mistakes. Again. It begs a question: is it a deliberate act and not a mistake? The blind and greedy are simply stupid and short-sighted enough to deny responsibility for murdering the planet and everything that lives upon it. Profit and greed will be the drivers that ensure this resource will be consumed so later use will be negated. Maybe gas-fired cooling devices?

378. The government proposes to sell off part of the Royal Mail to a private buyer. The Post Office (and pharmacies and other shops) could also act as
enrolment centres for the ID card scheme. Cards will cost £30, but shops could charge another £30 to collect fingerprints and face scans. These are to be stored on a database. Security problems instantly becomes as issue. All issuing post offices and pharmacies would need to be behind some sort of national firewall to guarantee security. Any connection between government + security + guarantee is highly suspect. This is another exercise of government requiring information, but opting out of collecting it. It is shaping up to a system like the Lottery that clogs up the flow of (all) customers at many outlets that provide the 'service'.

379. Allowing private individuals to keep dangerous animals is dangerous in itself. The application of a
license is deemed sufficient to safeguard those living nearby (or anywhere else). By relaxing the law, government once again absolves itself from its responsibility to protect its citizens. Control of dangerous animals. This is similar to decriminalising any 'offence'. The police no longer have to follow up a 'crime' and it just makes the crime solving figures much better. Less work to do. Just drop it.

380. The larger the population, the greater the pool of testers and the size of the market place.

381. The parasite feeds. All the modern drugs that claim to target disease, simply create other problems that were never present to begin with. The second drug combats a side effect of the first. A third drug to counter a side effect of the second that is caused by the first. The classic cocktail of drugs used to treat a single condition. This cynically 'maintains' ill-health. The patient is not cured, but the symptoms are managed. The treatments probably do little to attack an ill-health issue, but consume most of the available money. It becomes self-perpetuating by financing a non-entity.

  • The hook of the 'nicorette'-type therapy. To wean off smoking? It maintains the desire for evermore and does nothing. Classic. The patch is required to supply nicotine, since no effort has been encouraged or made to 'kick the habit'. The only benefit could be derived from not producing the poisonously polluting smoke.
382. A perfect example of "biting off the hand that feeds": MPs and cabinet ministers. Now a suggestion that Chancellor Darling be handled carefully. Why? After robbing the people who put him on the road to where he currently is (05.06.09). Moving departments in a reshuffle would be a technical demotion. Tough. The price of betraying the ethics of honesty and probity especially when they are both expected.

383. There is a good reason for employing relatives and spouses: at the next election the £40,000 or so severence payments to payoff staff is retained within 'the family'.

384. Any future transgression may carry a year's prison. Unlike common law where a criminal act is normally in the past. So, an MP carrying out a criminal act involving fraud yesterday or earlier will be excused prosecution. Ridiculous and without logic. Presumably, being of a 'right honourable' and not 'left dishonourable' status makes them a special case. A murder carried out in the past isn't forgotten and will still be prosecuted well into the future from the time of the alleged offense. There is no statute of limitations in the UQ (aka UK Ltd).

Unjustifiable, pathetic and inexcusable. The reasoning of the imbecile that cannot be considered to show any form of self-responsibility and a sad day for justice when the establishment closes ranks to protect itself. The 'system' continues to degenerate by bathing in the cesspool.

385. All mathematics attempts to describe reality. Even quantum theory and celestial mechanics are descriptive concepts. That all the maths appear to be consistent isn't surprising and anything that doesn't fit inside the box must be wrong. The box stifles ingenuity and free thought because of peer group ridicule.

386. Government attitude to funding tennis. The more money thrown at the sport the more the expectation. Actually, sounds more like a Labour attitude towards that which is considered elitist.

387. The newest way of 'making' money and by doing nothing? Pay huge unjustified bonuses and create a failing business, especially in the banking and financial cesspools. Failure of a financial institution attracts shedlloads of taxpayer bailouts.

388. The growing public sector borrowing requirement in no small way pays for the disgusting BBC expenditure on lavishness for so-called 'celebs'.

389. Government continues to experiment with children's futures.

390. The government is confused and dangerous. It wants a war. Why? But it won't face the responsibility of paying for it. Absolute and contemptible betrayal. Public spending soars as the financial system requires by building debt, but cash up front is disallowed. Proves that 'money' is the target to effect domination and control.

391. People are being conditioned to accept death without complaint. The scare fever generated by the alleged 'swine flu' pandemic that will result in 1000s of deaths every month based on fiction should not cause alarm. It is even not necessary to call a doctor. Promoting these fear generating stories as everyone sits glued to their TV soaking in fea, but just die quietly and don't bother anyone. A load of bollocks.

392. Police obtaining a blood sample for any potential, yet unproven offense, constitutes acquiring DNA possibly without authority.

393. Tamiflu is a prescription drug to be 'prescribed' by an unqualified telephone diagnosis. The crime rate will predictably be rampant. This is unlikely to worry Roche : a sale is a sale even though black marketeering will happen.

394. The art of delegation involves handing over an entire project to somebody else, but retaining the responsibility. Blair handed over the responsibility as well to Gordon Brown.

395. Recession over! No chance, it will never be over. The ethic of interest, inflation and growth form a trinity of deceit and delusion. In the identical mechanistic fashion that promotes the 'sliding door' analogy of everyone becoming wealthier, a moment's lapse from viewing the trailing edge of that door, it would appear that growth could be a good indicator of progress. It isn't, but is purely illusion.

396. Melting ice cools the oceans, but what is an optimal temperature? What is a 'normal' temp? The waters could be warming with the consquential loss of ice to approach the 'normal' temp. Cyclical change can never be altered. Human effort at affecting the real causes of climate change are like attempting to extinguish an inferno by sprinkling with the contents of a watering can. Life will either adapt or perish, but Man's ingenuity can never compete against such a vastly superior force as natural consequence.

397. Change? For better or worse? That's never discussed. Always the future and hope are cited. Both are untestable and unverifiable. Learning from past mistakes provides new methods of repeating those 'mistakes', but in new ways.

398. Tough choices: the choices themselves aren't tough. The difficulty is taking the flack when the obvious is done.

399. High population with limited space - build upwards. The only reason to do this is to increase the profit yield by multiplying the footprint by the number of properties standing on it.