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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long Life

The chase after longer life does not make any logical sense. It seems (conditioned - DA) that longer life should be regarded as some sort of competition. Any winner just dies anyway. Whether someone dies at 80, 90, 95, 100... cannot matter. The quality of life can be dire and the very gradual journey towards a natural death can foretell an extremely depressing existence. It does seem that the only purpose to continued existence (of any kind) is to wrest finance from these people. This could sound particularly macabre, but the living young can need as much care as the very old. Most in old age cannot contribute anything to the human condition. A growing elderly and less capable generation. And looked after by a growing generation of less capable young. Unemployment and benefits means less finance is entering the equation as the wealthy help the old and infirm to remove it. An entire generation that in a large part fails society, yet expects society to NOT fail them. The amount of finance being systematically removed far exceeds the amount added. Inevitably, society must collapse.

Once it has been bled dry

  • Younger people are in another (smaller - DA) part those who can recover from illness and still lead a purposeful and productive existence.
If an old person remains alert until death supervenes and doesn't just fade away then perhaps there is an argument for existence. This is very personal argument only answerable by the individual. Even so, being alive just to be alive serves no individual any purpose, especially if unaware of being alive. The paradoxical life-sentence while awaiting death. Sitting around waiting to die is a very depressing option.

  • It's interesting to speculate how attitudes would change if the concept of money and wealth didn't exist.
To be alive is to enjoy life. Too many end their own (otherwise healthy lives) since they see no purpose in continued existence.

Without exception, everybody WILL die. It's the prime certainty of life and there can be no doubt. The dead can have no concern about age and how long they existed. This can only be appreciated by the living. The dead individual remains dead.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banking: Stitch-Up And Debt Shackle

Ringfencing retail banking.

Banking has conditioned people to associate the grotesque bonus culture with modern-day society. The average bank employee is unlikely to 'earn' anything like these figures communicated by the media. This itself suggests a deliberate action to mislead and confuse. The assumption is that these influential 'bankers' actually know what they are doing.

Retail banking and 'casino' banking (where the chancers speculate with others' money in their attempts to 'win' personal unearned wealth). Speculation places consumer finance at high risk. There have been many, many losers created by the risk takers (potential profitable 'wins') placing poor bets. Any amateur can play poker with someone else's money, but to gamble with your own? Different story completely. The institution itself feels safe since it cannot lose: when things shift downwards the taxpayer always comes to the rescue as an uninvited and otherwise unwelcome player. Just bring your money.

As soon as possible condition the young to debt and paying interest for nearly everything. Reduce pay (the minimum wage description is simply a con) and so with rising inflation ensure debt is the only way forward in order to survive.

Debt is a fiction since the original 'loan' is fictional (virtual wealth) and the interest on this fiction is used again to 'create' more debt. Technically, on paper the finance exists since existing loans have a return in principle: the theoretical payback. When the expected finance that has been used (virtually since it doesn't exist) fails to 'materialise' (defaulting on repayment), the reality is the state of financial affairs in Greece.

The shackle that controls those with debt only encourages theft and fraud. It's the 'cheap' option to avoid any costs at all. So, by introducing interest and debt this has fostered fraud. Modern day techniques (digital) have actually made it easier to defraud the less aware.

Where does this go?

The total crash of global society

When it all goes 'belly up' the system can be seen for what it has become today. Complete failure and like an old car, there comes a time when paying good money after bad is not viable (at some future time after things have started going wrong). The financial system is propped up on a daily basis in the doomed attempts to 'fix' the system. This, of course, simply moves the problem and in the process generates a bigger and worse one. Unlike a car a new one cannot be 'purchased'. The system is failed and that's it. End of story?


The system has to remain in all its failure. Or the rich become losers. The system has not only failed, but backfired terribly.

This is finance and it creates more losers than winners and eventually EVERYBODY loses.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Bin Laden Fantasy

Financial Illusion

The apparent demise of Osama Bin Laden has been completely accepted. The evidence is highly suspect so out come the predictable Conspiracy Theory murmurings. It's classic and expected. The attempt to smear reasonable skepticism suggests that there is something to hide. To bury any questioning.

Bin Laden was allegedly buried at sea.


Usually, if someone has somehow had a connection in life with the sea, this is understandable. Bin Laden only has connections with the land. The obvious advantage to 'burying at sea' is that no body will ever be recovered. This presumes that there was a 'body' to 'bury'. And even if there was who can demonstrate that this was Osama Bin Laden? Now? It's not possible. Even destruction by fire may leave some evidence in DNA traces. So...

Lose it. Absolutely.

'Bury' (somewhere) at the

(deep) bottom of the sea

It can never be verified that there ever was a body to 'bury'. The global commentary seems to accept that the story is basically truthful. The legality of killing can only be established with the assumption that the killing is genuine.

But there is no body! No post mortem. Absolutely nothing for verification. Very crude. But it might be true. Such theatrics rely totally on doubt. So the myth's dead, but the problem lives on. Real or manufactured. Believe it all or not (not! - DA).

  • It's convenient: no body, no investigation. Attempted 'closure' to the myth by the military. Who else? - DA

Even the apparent execution is highly suspect. If the entire episode is dispassionately examined, the result can so easily be a total fiction.

But the 'legend' lives on. Just like Robin Hood.

Interest Rate Raise To Control Inflation

To control inflation it is argued that raising interest rates should help to reduce it. How can this work?

Raising interest rates?

This can only fuel inflation

Growth Requirement

The cost of almost everything inexorably increases. Pay for gainful work nowadays fails to keep pace with rising costs (inflation). Yet raising interest rates can only make the situation worse. Fuelling inflation by making the cost of (private individual's) borrowing more expensive. Businesses can raise their prices to offset the consequences of inflation and this creates self-sustainability. Business can flourish by justifying price rises on costs. But add (just) a little extra and nobody will notice. It's like amortisation, add a little on top of the interest on a debt and the

small extra grows and grows and grows and...

Take in a lot (12 bites of the cherry every year in most cases) and paying out a little (once a year) avoids amortisation happening in reverse. Lenders cannot lose. It's why amortisation is such an insidious monster.

Heat Or Eat
Credit Card Debt

The sliding door effect is quite clear: less ('in real terms' - dreadful cliché - DA) in and more (in brutal reality) out.

Is this another definition of less is more?

  • When comments 'suggest' (attempt to persuade) that the increase in VAT can help reduce 'the deficit inherited from the last government' (another annoying cliché still wheeled out more than a year after it first saw the light of day - DA), the fact is that this leaves less personal money (disposable income) available to fund any massive 'shortfall'. Raising VAT is totally inflationary: money cannot be created. Paying out more in tax just means there is less personal disposable income available to the
consumer/taxpayer/benefit recipient...

  • The people pay for the alleged deficit through raised (indirect) taxation. If VAT were a tax on 'luxury' consumer goods only, then any item purchased would attract the tax and this is the penalty of personal choice. When the scope extends to virtually everything and all services, it becomes an unavoidable (to most) tax. Consequently, the alleged 'deficit' and the ensuant 'justification' for raised taxes being an absolute necessity. Exercise the opportunity to increase control (of the majority) of people through their finances
    • Remember that this 'deficit' is only assumed to exist. Verification of the claim cannot be established so faith and trust in government are both absolute requirements.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Libel And Slander

    The written word defaming an individual or making allegedly false claims (libel) can be tested in court. A slanderous (verbal) attack can similarly be examined in court and this procedure has been played out many times. Slander or libel is not always proven and counter lawsuits can then be taken out against the original accuser. It can get messy and expensive, but redress is possible when unsubstantiated claims are possibly made. Slander or libel has a contest arena. Court. Private slander if recorded or witnessed is probably sufficient for legal action to ensue.

    It is totally illogical to expect protection when published on a public domain. The internet. The assumption that 'anything goes' is clearly wrong. The social networking provider can possibly argue no responsibility, since the content of posts (except possibly those blatantly accusing named individuals) cannot be reasonably and continually monitored and censured. The author of any post is completely responsible for all comments made in the posting.

    The forum of the social networking site is not protected against slanderous or libelous claims. No such act can be legally made or excused. Slander or libel are slanderous and libelous if proven to be so. No protection should be available for anyone.

    Even the device of parliamentary privilege is debatable. Accusations can be legally made 'in the house' (of Commons) and integrity and honesty are only implied. They are not necessarily examined.

    • Great care is taken over the composition of all the articles on these pages to check any claims made. If verification is not possible, wording must be so constructed to not accuse (hey, even Louis ain't that stuipid! - DA).
    • No accusatory (and unnecessary) attack is knowingly made and conclusions can only be made by the reader. This is not regarded as cynical, but fair and reasonable. Where possible a balanced argument is the aim and articles are so constructed from all angles - DA.

    Wednesday, June 08, 2011

    Heat Or Eat

    Again, the cost of energy is to escalate. Up to around 19% for gas and 10% for electricity from the beginning of August. Just in time for the lucrative much higher-use cold-period. As usual, high use attracts the maximum financial yield. Minimal use (Spring and summer): no change. Government does nothing to investigate the justification of market costs being out of its control.

    The answer is to provide a one-off winter payment for pensioners that is...

    Pay for fuel? Not required

    The very stale explanation from the 'industry' is the 'market costs'. It seems a very, very weak 'justification'. Consider the timing of global changes (except the UK, of course - DA) and local price rises. But since the increases are made by all the BIG SIX (in the UK) it must be the truth (of course it is! DA). The REST may just be The LITTLE REST, but it's all part of the same beast.

    Energy Price Reductions
    Energy Price Increases (2010)
    Energy Price Rises (2010)
    Energy Source?

    Sustainable Energy

    • Is the current consumer/energy user already paying for the technologies (subsidising) by hugely inflated charges?

    Pensioners have this (indirect) help, but that's it. The small amount of expenditure to finance this assistance is easily made up from the VAT (5% for energy) take from everybody who has to pay for it themselves. With an estimated 2.4m users (households) at around £750 or more for the winter period, this represents £90m in VAT  alone. There  is a much smaller number of pensioners (at £250 each). Any government would not interfere with its own feeding. The next expected move is to raise the VAT: 5% -> ? Very cynical. It's even more cynical when the VAT rate is recognised as only being a relatively small amount in lost taxation revenue: the lower rate of 5% compared to the current 20%.

    When people start dying (not just older people - DA) the government will expectedly 'wring it hands together' and re-iterate that reducing the cost of gas and electricity is not possible for it to affect.

    Government should always be ignored since it's always such a SICK joke. And a pathetic money-driven government.

    The people? Who are they?

    Sunday, June 05, 2011

    Escherichia Coli

    Escherichia Coli 

    In times of an 'out-of-control' growth in global population (the consumer population) the timing of the destruction of natural foods has possibly been engineered (man-made). Europe appears to be at the forefront of a catastrophe. A 'natural disaster'. The financial consequences are dire across Europe, especially Spain. The original claim was that this country was responsible for the original outbreak, but it now appears that northern Germany is heavily implicated: all the casualties have been to northern Germany.

    • Germany has suspended any plans to promote the generation of nuclear power (essentially used to simply heat water to drive turbines) even though it will buy electricity from France that does generate electricity from nuclear power sources - DA.
    The suspect produce concerns salads (tomatoes and cucumbers) and these are systematically being destroyed. Much salad produce is washed under water and then sealed in bags ready for use: human consumption. Only occasionally is the content rewashed. In fact, the bags of 'prepared' salad constituents state that the contents are ready for immediate use and explicitly fail to advise washing before consumption. It is logical to conclude that lettuce could be a suspected food-stuff.

    The bacterium could be water-borne and the food itself might not be the cause, but it gives a justification for the destruction of naturally grown food.

    This is possibly the method to force the introduction of GM foodstuffs. A growing consumer population and the destruction of natural food will promote engineered (doctored) produce. The effect of unknown genetic manipulation is so far ... unknown. It's all speculation.

    The blood-brain barrier protects the brain from many chemicals circulating the body in the blood. The BBB is not fully developed in the infant until around 6 months after birth. The brain can have no protection against agents introduced before this time. Vaccination is by injection and can be as early as two months. Diseases appearing to arrive decades later may have been introduced within the first few months of life.

    Albert Einstein:

    "A happy man is too satisfied with the present
    to dwell too much on the future"