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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Engineering Accelerated Debt

Make debt more acceptable by providing diminishing interest levels on savings, but the interest rate on loans is persistently raised. Rising inflation encourages spending and makes saving a less affordable option and storing up the eventual growing debt is not the responsible method of staying afloat (the non-starter option - DA). This panders to the ethic of attempting to surface in order to breathe the foul air. Unknowingly 'surfacing' below the s**t. The people are being encouraged to finance the spend to get out of the mess (aka s**t) 'inherited from the last government'. The Labour (Label) is re-attached (but by definition making no difference - DA) as the Label has (conveniently) been detached producing the connection between ALL governments that is less obvious.

With respect to the consumer + provider equation, nothing ever happens by chance. Financial engineering is rampant. Property markets will eventually (once again) provide the cyclical 'good investment' option and the generation that will be expected to buy the (engineered) inflated prices of houses will be the generation that has millions of students facing a working life-time (if fortunate enough to be in work - DA) of crippling debt. Buying into debt. The alternative? There isn't one.

North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) has seen the people (the majority in a dictatorship) rising against (minority) dictatorship rule and the 'powder keg' societies have begun to implode. Anarchy is a possibility (in the UK) as control is lost. There will always be a power struggle within what remains and to restore stability foreign countries will impose their will on (conditional) financing. The global financial market is dependent on stability to wrest the maximum control and profit and the engineering will continue, but at an accelerated pace.

The uprising in the UK is on its way. If the 'money makers' (bankers) and the entire culture and attitude that goes with it is not changed the British host will turn on the parasite. That's inevitable. The end is coming closer by the day.

Enough is already too much