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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mandelson Circus

Lord Mandelson continues to ignore public sensibilities and in so doing fails to recognise the dark side. Judgment is questionable much like the George Osbourne case. Al-Megrahi was released from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds amid strong protestations of denial of deals favouring a business/oil marriage. A (conditional?) deal was subsequently successful. Allegedly, al-Megrahi had terminal prostate cancer and 3-months to live. Reports were being published that al-Megrahi was battling from "advanced-stage" cancer back in October 2008. It would seem that battling with "advanced-stage" cancer since October 2008 suddenly becomes urgent. What if he had died in a Scottish prison? A (verified) post-mortem would then provide closure. But when the required outcome appears to be release then it becomes likely that a Kelly-style death would happen: mysterious and highly suspicious, although a body would be predictably unidentifiable or totally absent.

But prove it? - DA

The original conviction was for involvement in the bombing that caused the deaths of 270 people on board Pan Am Flight 103.


Predictable propaganda involved jubilant festivities celebrating the successful outcome of release and repatriation to Libya of this legally convicted murderer (20th August 2009). Appeals against conviction have proper protocols, unless government decrees otherwise. For a year (and more) before this, such 'suffering' produced the desired effect. Al-Megahri still lives - 3 months on. And in Libya, not the Brown country. On the basis of assessment by particular Scottish doctors, this can be no surprise.

Miraculous recovery from disease is not entirely unknown. Famously, Ernest Saunders managed it and was so convincing a 5-year prison sentence in Ford Open Prison was reduced to 10 months. This prison was an ideal first placement for this unknowable early release. What a coincidence! Almost preempting the future.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small Bites 400 -> 473

The following list is a growing compilation of some issues that time does not allow for an in-depth commentary and is not necessarily chronological

Last updated: 13th February 2010

400. Population growth affects the poorer and less developed countries. The number of surviving offspring is effectively improved by having more children. Birth-rate exceeds the death-rate and famine crises place a burden on the richer countries to help provide for the poorer ones. Paradoxically, the selfish attitude in the west to provide a better quality of lifestyle limits the number of offspring. But then a benefit system wrecks this by encouraging the yield of those on benefits. The requirement for water is estimated to increase by
30 percent (2030). Water is not sustainable, yet remains an absolute requirement for all life. It it the one resource that is being systematically destroyed. Substitutes can be 'created' for food substances. Water is not synthesised, but ironically can be produced by destroying fossil fuels. If rotting vegetation is the starting material for oil (conventional and non-abiogenic) water was incorporated initially to later be released. The overall result is no change in the amount of water: water out = water in.

401. The concept of the illusion of increasing wealth is hopelessly disguised by debt. The earlier poorly off appear to be getting richer. Pure illusion. The rich are simply getting richer and the separation between the two actually widens. The purchasing power of any currency is much worse today than just several years ago. Inflation sees to that based on debt. Without debt money is not 'made'. A debt-based monetary system relies on interest for its growth. Another illusion that growth means success. Growth is reflected in share price and apparent worth. Meaningless other than for suggesting that success is a reality. The illusion is that without growth the wealth of everybody cannot increase, but inflation increases the price of everything. The sliding door effect. Take your eye off the trailing edge and the leading edge increasingly moves across the wealth divide.

402. Advertising is underway for purchase of privately owned gold jewellery. As gold prices rise, the parasites are out buying up cheap to capitalise on rising gold 'value'.

403. UQ (aka UK) Ltd democracy in action: unelected PM and unelected deputy PM and replacement unelected PM (Alan Johnson). It's the Labour way.

In the same way that Brown will be unavailable for interview in the Chilcott (Iraq) inquiry because of election commitments. The prime minister, regarded as unelected (since he just 'took over' the control of the UQ (aka UK) Ltd government) MUST present himself for scrutiny if he is placing himself in a position to be properly elected through voting. Brown's way is to avoid voting (if possible) like in the Treaty of Lisbon affair.

404. EU: Irish to vote again after the promised British referendum on Lisbon Treaty denied. Go and return the 'correct' positive vote in order to secure victory in the effectively bloodless coup of a war in Europe. Between 1939-1945, millions were killed and murdered in the attempt to wrest power into a central Europe. In the first decade of the new millennium, they are now betrayed. Had the centre of attention been Germany the plan would have been obvious so the choice of Belgium was considered neutral and safer to cover the whole operation.

Blair would certainly 'like' to be in place as EU president before the next UK election. This may, however, slow the flow of cash. The trade would be power for cash. Tough decision. This would result in game, set and match. In any case, the next UK government will be a total irrelevance as it always has been. Nothing really changes. Only the illusion of change.

405. Gazumping isn't rocket science. No contract between prospective buyer and seller enables it. Simply have a ghost buyer that has 'upped the ante' and the price goes up. Slight risk, but probably the original genuine purchaser will cough up more. No proof of the offer is needed or is available. The UQ (aka UK) Ltd way is a foolproof scam.

406. Rising house prices appears to provide proof that the recession is over. This is press reportage. The connection doesn't exist and is purely myth.

  • There is no real connection between house prices (up or down) and recession. Only the illusion of such a connection
But there is a more likely connection between banks lending again and prices rising. Taxpayers' money being lent back to the taxpayer in order to create more interest through debt.

407. The alleged link between cost and usage of alcohol is quite specious. Dependence on alcohol is simlar in principle to a drug addict. Making a drug more expensive will not prevent dependence on cost grounds. The parasitic drug 'dealer' has a truly captive market and the price will predictably go up to maximise profit. Drug taking will never decrease based on cost. Neither will excessive alcohol consumption. Though it will improve profits all round: seller, dealer and government. Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) as a chemical is very inexpensive though beer and lager production involves higher cost. These drinks are a complete and complex single product. Alcohol is a single chemical entity. The watered-down chemical is quite sustainable. The water is totally recycled. Ultimately. Vodka is effectively pure ethanol diluted with water. Around 60-70% by volume. A 'good earner'.

408. That there is no synthetic drug available to correct a disease does not imply there is no natural one. Many man-made drugs are based upon naturally occurring substances. That can be the lead before successfully creating such an entity. This does not necessarily lead to a more potent synthetic drug that is safer in all areas than the less potent natural one. Co-factors often exist that modify and in other ways actually strengthen the active. An example is vitamin E. The active may be absolutely identical in every way, yet the natural vitamin is found with other trace components. The mixture can provide a better 'vitamin' than the pure synthetic equivalent.

409. Sustainable debt. This confirms the ethos of the capitalist society. It's all about 'creating wealth' by imposing interest. And interest on top of interest (amortisation). Without debt there can be no interest and therefore growth. This defines the true meaning of growth: the growth of debt. The more debt, the greater the interest burden and the tighter the stranglehold over the people. A global society held hostage to money by money and those controlling it. It's really a simple formula, but still works by pandering on the sense of greed. Also, it works by making people poorer through inflation that is itself fed by the growth in interest. Very cyclical and this circus will be around forever. All countries have bought into the financial system and this can be the definition of perpetual debt. Those in a 'powerful' position to massage the debt in (coincidentally) their own favour generally have very great personal wealth and are therefore immune to the ups and downs that fuel such wealth. The perfect Plan.

410. Who wants to spend 6-months or more (each way) to travel to the Mars? The destination may be a goal, but 6-months? Like a very, very, very long haul plane journey. Without a break. For 6-months and only one way.

411. The best time to sell gold assets? At its lowest value to ensure the minimal return. The chancellor/prime minister of the UQ (aka UK) Ltd chose the best time to further wreck the economy. Entrusted with the nation's wealth. The buyer has bought the gold and made a financial killing.

412. The concept of anarchy with an absense of the rule of law. With it being present and laws 'manipulated', there is a very real liklihood of complete failure within society.

413. All the conditioning of 'by 2050' misdirects from the very near future. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an apparently global emergency, but talking about 40 years into the future appears to be doing something yet allows the problem to get worse. Finance and growth would be affected if something were actually be done to attack the 'apparent' situation. The evidence suggests there isn't really a problem.

414. Risk assessment is designed to identify potential dangers of which to be aware. This is not prohibitive and reactive. It is proactive.

415. 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan is a Trojan Horse... for entry into Iran. If necessary. A perfect justification for huge numbers of military personnel in the country adjacent to a threat. Actually, this has Iran snared between Afghanistan and Iraq by the US. This is a dreadful game of chess.

416. As a truly heinous crime, premeditated genocide defies description. It's twisted and terribly distorted and the type of 'lifeform' that perpetrates such action lives beneath the lowest forms in existence.

417. Bankers should be paid huge bonuses to retain the calibre. So goes the "spin", but this defines incompetence and these people helped to create the mess in the first place. To then receive a massive bonus for wrecking the system is "Labour's way". Create the problem and provide the solution.

418. The crude economics of control and subjugation. Create absolute dependence on a resource and then artificially increase its perceived value and consequential cost. Oil.

419. The story of oil running out was started by, and is, promoted by oil companies and it's unverifiable. Undiscovered oil fields cannot be estimated. The obvious elephant in the room: on the one hand promote the concept of climate change and on the other don't discourage the use of 'fossil fuels'.

420. Divisiveness creates loathing and remains the aim to widen the gap between the rich(er) and poor(er). Crude social engineering.

421. To have an excess teaches people how to become selfish. The desire for greed is then instilled.

422. Hydroelectric power: the Moon cycle is endless and tides are the consequence. It's free and forever: if it stopped, life would end. The way forward must involve both lunar and tidal power.

423. Why is there (terrorist) conflict?

424. Ten tonnes CO2 per human/year?

425. The destruction of oil that may be 100s millions of years old is like burning all the 'valuable' paintings to stay warm.

426. Human activity today creates the legacy of tomorrow. The destruction of oil to speed up the corruption of the atmosphere. Consumption and consequential destruction of pure (drinking) water to produce cement and concrete. A similar volume of CO2 is produced in the manufacture of lime from limestone as in human respiration. Around 5% by volume. Human (exhaled) breath: between 5-8 litres per minute of gases containing some 5% CO2. This is the average 'tidal volume'.

427. "Finders, keepers" and placing a flag to lay claim to virgin land. The former has no legal force, but the latter does. Or so it would appear. Positioning a flag applies on the Moon or under the polar ice.

428. Oil is the most powerful bargaining chip on the global poker table, seconded only by nuclear power. Control.

429. Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize after Gore has ensured it's totally disgraced. This should have been declined. It's not even warranted. The Nobel Prize system is finished.

430. CO2 did not cause global warming, but it does support it.

431. In 'peace time', the political answers to problems are fudged and massaged as the electorate become increasingly resentful and hostile towards its government. More so than usual. These are the times that are the most dangerous. The solution of a war against a perceived common 'enemy' is designed to re-establish internal cohesion, diverting attention away from the internal conflict towards an external foe. The perception can be easily manipulated and information massaged by collusion (possibly not fully or even partially appreciated). Simple psychology, but it works.

432. Crime dramas that require police intervention to restore order and justice constitutes the pre-condition of the reliance on a police state for protection. Lawlessness can be encouraged to ensure public compliance to state control.

433. Party drugs: no such entity. No drug  is for fun. All drugs can and do kill. What constitutes a drug?

433. To attack the Pope ('leader' of the Catholic church and all its millions of followers around the World) or Berlusconi (a billionaire and 'leader' of Italy's political movement) or anyone else so 'important' through perceived influence requires the perpetrator to be mentally unstable. There can obviously be absolutely no reason for a sane person to dislike these wonderful people, can there? These attackers are always mentally unstable (they have to be as communicated by the media that is fed the information in the first place), but when anyone else gets attacked and it's something of a criminal nature, but by the sane. Isn't that odd?

434. In battle a sniper will attempt to seriously wound an enemy. This will result in possibly several other enemy diverted to assisting the wounded colleague. The 'bomber' who failed to detonate a device smuggled onto an aircraft had probably intended to 'fail'. It is difficult to believe that the alleged bomber had the skill or wit to detonate let alone build such a device. The sacrifice would have been a single aircraft. The prize? A willingly accepted increase in airport security imposed through fear as the ensuing investigation would ensure (by default) an intensely increased level of security. The fear and control levels are greatly increased. This results is a much more effective form of 'terrorism' by effecting the control (and only minimising the casualties of war) because of the inconvenience and fear forever rather than the one-off destruction of one aircraft and some loss of life. Only an occasional reminder (the scheduled explosion or security alert) is then necessary to perpetuate the fear and insecurity of travellers. Security and surveillance are most likely to be accepted under such circumstances. Big Brother by stealth.

435. Good Riddance Day in America encourages denial. Moving on with current and past information is necessary to for learning otherwise old mistakes are remade.

436. The 'hidden' subliminal stimuli in New Year celebrations is:

Out with the old and in with the new

This encourages forgetting the gloom associated with failed projects and looking forward to better times and promotes acceptance of undesirable actions, which are just replaced by the 'hope' for an upturn. Mistakes get forgotten to end up being repeated. Good Riddance Day works using the same crude psychology. It's effective and may provide a temporary boost to spirits, though it can be short-lived 'until-the-next-time' projects begin to fail.

The entire ethos behind the New Year Resolutions is to forget anything connected with bad news especially where government or personal finances are concerned so that old (expensive) mistakes are repeated probably at an elevated cost.

437. Crime dramas that require police intervention to restore order and justice can condition reliance to a police state for protection. Lawlessness can be encouraged to ensure public compliance to state control.

438. Party drugs: there is no such entity. No drug is intended for fun, though side effects can create the illusion. All drugs can and do kill.

439. To attack the Pope or Berlusconi or anyone so 'important', the perpetrator has to be mentally unstable. It's a prerequisite and there can be absolutely no reason for a sane person to dislike these wonderful people, can there? These individuals are always mentally unstable, but anyone else gets attacked and it's a criminal act and by a sane attacker. Odd that, isn't it?

440. In battle a sniper will attempt to seriously wound an enemy. This will result in possibly several others diverted to assisting the wounded colleague. The 'bomber' who failed to detonate a device smuggled onto an aircraft resulted in increased security. The authorities had known about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab for some while, yet allowed boarding a flight knowing of the serious potential. The massive inconvenience caused to ALL aircraft travel has been justified. The fear levels have been raised to great heights. The (sacrificial) risk to an on-board explosion and the one-off destruction of one aircraft and loss of life is paradoxically very low compared to the result. An accepted and welcomed increase in security. Fortunately, the plane was not destroyed with a high number of passenger deaths. The question needs to be debated:

"why was this individual allowed
to board an aircraft and not be
thoroughly body-searched?"

441. Cressida Dick has been publicly rewarded for services to the British people.

442. Two Tory MEPs (Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer) voted with their own beliefs, defying the (Cameron) party line. Climate Change scepticism is good, but the precedent of individual conscience (free vote) giving technical power to the unelected is potentially more worrying.

443. The 2000 millennium bug (Y2K) was very costly. The specious justifiction is by definition very plausible, but as a potential hoax, extremely powerful. The global 'inconvenience' caused was hugely destructive and was an empty threat. All such 'threats' have to taken seriously and is the reason they are so effective.

444. Using a standard car in snow and ice is like trying to ride a bike up a canal. Not fit for purpose.

445. Credibility is destroyed when before an election there is obvious gross dissent. A government falling apart. The drama has attempted to cover the fact  that Brown was unelected. Another unelected candidate to replace the unelected. The real danger is that should labour be successful at the next election, at worst Brown would for the first time actually be elected or worse another unelected and untested individual brought to power. Democracy in action: the cynical action of creating the illusion of democratic election. Nothing of the like.

446. Iceland: push 'blame' for a failure to honour a repayment to the UQ (aka UK) Ltd government onto the people by calling for a referendum on the issue. Let the people decide since Icelandic government cannot be heard to voice a refusal.

447. US president Obama takes responsibility for the 'failed' destruction of an aircraft over American territory. If there is an inner club that excludes Obama, he becomes the patsy by taking the blame for the actions of (unknown) others.

448. The UQ (aka UK) Ltd 'leader' Dr. James Gordon Brown has started (again) to precondition thinking towards the middle rich. They don't exist, but the vapour fills the void, or attempts to plug the gap, in that insidiously widening gulf between the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The 'poor' are grotesquely ignored while the 'rich' are served by this government and illustrates who is really in control. The better off element within the poor group are deluded into imagining being one of the growing rich. The rich (technically) 'own' their wealth, but the better off poor pay for their imagined wealth through interest payments on loans. This ends up in the coffers of the (parasitic) rich. It's cynical. It's cyclical. The worse off poor are provided with benefits to provide succour and allegiance to a failed and inept state authority.

449. Crime dramas that require police intervention to restore order and justice pre-condition reliance on a police state for protection and people expect reality to mimic drama. Lawlessness can be encouraged to ensure public compliance to state control.

450. Party drugs: no such entity. No drug  is for fun. All drugs can and do kill. Consider: what actually constitutes a drug?

451. To attack the Pope or Berlusconi (or anyone so 'important'), the perpetrator has a requirement to be mentally unstable. There can be absolutely no reason for a sane person to dislike these wonderful people, can there? These individuals are always mentally unstable, but when anyone else gets attacked it's a criminal action by the sane. Odd that, isn't it?

452. In battle a sniper will attempt to seriously wound an enemy. This will result in possibly several other enemy diverted to assisting the wounded colleague. The 'bomber' who failed to detonate a device smuggled onto an aircraft was probably expected to 'fail'. The ensuing investigation would ensure that the outcome was intensely increased security. This result is much more effective because of the inconvenience to every air traveller. And for a very long time rather than the one-off destruction of one aircraft and some loss of life.

453. The Chinese execute a Briton and Burnham is 'deeply saddened'. That's it? Where is all the Human Rights screams. The family alleges mental illness. So what? Does this mean that the mentally ill have no Human Rights? Not assessed by the Chinese. It's more likely that the UQ (aka UK) Ltd government does not want to upset the Chinese. And this ruthless attitude is to be welcomed. The Chinese don't want the bother of having a prisoner so terminate them. No aftercare necessary. Allegedly the Chinese were a major sticking point in the Climate Change farce. But this is politics and anything goes.

454. A bomb is let ('allowed') onto a plane to facilitate the introduction of enhanced security measures. If plane destroyed, sacrifice of a planeload of people is acceptable. If this is prevented then that is a bonus. The security measures are still welcomed by the to-be-inconvenienced air traveller.

455. Simply citing biblical references appears to be enough to justify personal desires. Especially for government bodies.

456. Two Tory MEPs (Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer) voting with their own beliefs. Defying the institutionalised (Cameron) party line. Climate Change scepticism is good, but the precedent of individual conscience (free vote) giving technical power to the unelected is potentially more worrying.

457. The 2000 millennium bug was a costly hoax and (possibly) by design.

458. Using a standard car in snow and ice is like trying to ride a bike up a canal. Not fit for purpose. But still people complain.

459. Credibility is destroyed when before an election there is obvious gross dissent. A party falling apart before forming a government. The Labour drama covered over the fact that Brown was unelected. Another unelected candidate to replace the unelected.

460. Iceland: push 'blame' onto the people through referendum.

461. Obama assumes responsibility (personally) for America's woes. If there is an inner club that excludes Obama, he becomes the patsy.

462.  Argument to explain defending home/family.

463. Organ donor is vulnerable as knowing that consent has been given less attempts (or none) could be made to save the donor's life, which would compromise getting the organ.

464. The irony of a recession in a debt-based financial system is that potential debtors are not allowed to become so. The banks actually save people from themselves.

465. Fashion 'models' are the freaks and don't represent reality.

466. Road repairs paid through road tax? Highly unlikely and an additional tax will (almost certainly) be applied to pay for it.

467. The Labour left allegedly hate the class system, yet race after all the favours and deny them to anyone else. Hypocrisy defined.

468. Kent police (Kingsnorth) suggests that perceived intent is enough before the act.

469. Coincidences don't happen, but circumstances conspire.

470. Water vapour as a greenhouse gas results in a self sustaining problem of heat retention. More vapour, greater warming. Still requires an explanation for greater evaporation in the first place.

471. JT: private matter so what's the big deal. Only public behaviour matters and it's not that unusual. Allegedly, the French do this. It's 'acceptable' behaviour. And the Italians. Understandably, a potential abortion in a devoutly Catholic society (or in any culture that finds legalised murder of the unborn abhorrent) would cause a real problem.

472. Change covers altering things in the process of duping into not seeing greater disadvantage. Governments do it all the time. It's playing the game of mind control. And you don't notice it. It's crude, but you're stupid.

473. A service is provided by someone and the government cut is an additional 17.5% (VAT) for doing nothing and is payable by the customer to the government that just exists. Government also gets a further cut from the service provider through income tax and does nothing to earn it. Like a true parasite, just expects it. Profit is taxed (corporation tax). Employee National Insurance payment is just a tax with another name.

      Sunday, November 15, 2009

      Economical Driving

      Economical Driving - Reasons
      Economical Driving - The Physics
      Fast Driving And Increased Fuel Cost

      There has been comment in recent weeks about the proposals for reducing speed to 20mph in some areas. The complaint (reported by the press) involves the less economical performance of an engine since a lower gear, 4th (down from 5th) or 3rd (down from 4th) would be needed as it's argued that higher revs will be necessary to maintain this 20mph speed. The return on fuel usage negates such a concept.

      Sanction speeding (fast driving):
      it sells cars

      Sadly, the misguided concept is that a faster working brain works alongside the potential (to go faster) of modern cars.

      It doesn't

      Clearly, the belief is that better driving-performance (not better driving - DA) outweighs a safer environment. The obvious idea is that in busy pedestrianised areas, slower driving equates to safer conditions. It should do, but with a total deficit of any logic, slow driving costs more.

      This argument is based on a very poor understanding of driving modern cars. It is quite normal for an engine to allow a reduction in speed to 10-15mph in top gear (5th gear) while maintaining adequate forward motion. Instant acceleration will be compromised, but dropping a gear will facilitate this. If necessary. It shouldn't be since the environment demands slower driving.

      The justification for maintaining a faster speed is absolutely pathetic. And wrong.

      Many will die from here-on in as have been dying for years in totally avoidable incidents.

      Sunday, November 08, 2009

      Tax Doctor Goes Jogging

      Dr. Tax goes jogging. And he's had another idea.

      Tax financial transactions

      It's the best he can do. Really. If tax isn't involved then Doctor Tax is devoid of ideas. Or so it seems. It may appear fitting to place a tax on jogging, but wouldn't make much difference in Brown's case. Only does a mile. Occasionally. Apparently.

      After perpetuating an 'illegal war' back into Afghanistan where it all started and then taxing the very soldiers sent there is so nauseatingly obnoxious. But taxed income is still income via tax. Tax the living, tax the dead. If it moves then tax it. If it doesn't then tax it. Tax a tax? It's happened before as VAT on car tax.

      Taxing breathable air will happen
      It's inevitable

      After all, animals including humans respire carbon dioxide. Animals produce methane. Car engines produce nitric oxide. Humans produce methane, nitric oxide, carbon dioxide and MONEY. Tax them.

       All three

      • Why stop there? Taxation of fat is inevitable. A tax levied on being fat should happen, but it won't. It must be a human right to be fat. However, becoming obese could be construed as attempted suicide. Similar to being anorexic. In fact, unless the individual is a 'health freak' (wants to live), then tax whatever it is you do or eat or drink. Water will be taxed. Dirty water will attract a levy as the impurities make it more wholesome. And on it goes getting more ludicrous.
      More crazy

      • The modern form of realism.
      Why isn't the government taxed on its tax income? Collected by technical extortion.

      Thursday, November 05, 2009

      European Parliament - Planned Outcome

      5th November: Guy Fawkes

      The long-term outcome has been a total success. At the expense of the still deluded. And the belief that there has been only betrayal by New Labour. The concept of labels still stands. The leader of the Conservatives 'call me Dave' continued to vocalise the myth that there would be a referendum that has been denied to the British people in the alleged 'democracy', but as soon as ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon was completed, the tables were completely and immediately turned around. There has been a wide acceptance seemingly led by the media that everything is therefore OK. It wasn't and now it cannot be just...


      This has all the hallmarks of a monumental stitch-up that steamrollers through all the wars and deaths that attempted to preserve security and sovereignty. It demonstrates once and for all the depths to which these politicians scavenge to attain their peculiar ideas of success. They have no concept at all of democracy and this is a classic example of hypocrisy and so to do what is entirely in their social engineering interests. The pawns in the chess game are irrelevant except for providing the finance and sustenance to continue the game.

      It really makes Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Cheney...

      ...look like the good guys

      This does seem to contradict everything. It should be the UQ (aka UK) Ltd that is left stranded. But, likely to send (in principle) so many troops does not actually send them. With so many, if the US were to fail it would be a disaster. Sounds more like a threat than an actual intention as the solution would possibly require a nuclear solution. Could even get Iran with a 'poorly' aimed shot. Chess game-plan manoeuvres under way.

      • ID Scheme in UQ (aka UK) Ltd - opposition to this doesn't stand a chance. The immigration policy in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd must have been 'secretly' ratified years ago in preparation of today. It's impossible to understand (with any reason) comments like:

      Migrant impact on UK jobs and
      wages not harmful, says study

      What study..?

      Presumably, the one from planet X

      The rhetoric of the "promised referendum" being offered before ratification in true expectation was then changed in the heartbeat afterwards. Logically, the inevitable outcome would be anticipated, but the lie was perpetuated right up until the very last moment. Then changed to the truth. The essentially "bloodless" conflict in Europe has led to the ultimate success after two centuries of ongoing bloody conflict.

      Monday, November 02, 2009

      Copyright Notice

      All the entries in the three journals published here (Comment, Philosophical and Science) are protected by copyright and this is assigned to the respective website holder. As the owner of these sites ( and I am entirely responsible for all the text and implications of what is written. However, the proviso is described in the journal introduction that disavows all unauthorised comments or additions.

      The maintenance of complete control does have its limits.

      All fictional content is authored under the pseudonym of Louis Brothnias

      Accreditation is clearly noted if originality cannot be claimed