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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Banking Panic - The Circus

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Oleg Deripaska

  • "This is a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants," said a tycoon who has had dealings with Deripaska.
Tories Show True Colours
'No interference' from Mandelson
Osborne denies Russian cash claims

Squaring the circle continues and the current mixture of wealthy internationals appears to almost mirror the activities of 95 years ago. Jekyll Island just moved to a different island: Corfu. The roundabout rotates in perpetuity and the circus will go on and on and get more and more predictable. The fuel remains greed, power and the associated perception of control, but in pathetic denial. In any case, a party involved that has access to an estimated $28bn (£16,000,000,000) is unlikely to consider £50,000 as anything but very loose change. Rather like a few grains of sand from a Saharan-sized beach. Nevertheless, that provides as good a reason as any for asking.

No impropriety is being suggested here, but a lack of imagination shown by the Chancellor-in-waiting of any future Conservative government, does demonstrate a disturbing lack of personal judgment with the consequential removal of public confidence. A Chancellor must show probity and impartiality. The history and background of George Osborne, like that of David Cameron, makes it difficult to reconcile any understanding with the 'common man'.

The Bullingdon Club

Money only forces control, but through conflict: movement in opposition. Persuasion produces agreement and cohesive movement in the same direction. Osborne, it would appear, needs to be very persuasive to recover the public confidence and support. Most people will get only the one, and possibly a second chance, but a third is almost impossible. Enoblement is the latest honour and it could be regarded as a highly convenient solution to play down any Russian + billionaire connection.

Aluminium and Deripaska

Full circle takes this back to the beginning, but a little higher upwards in the spiral:

Banking Panic - The Plan (3) (31.10.2007)

  • Between 1990 and 1993, some 247,000 home owners lost their homes (falling house prices and rising unemployment attaining record levels). Central bankers throughout the world cut interest rates to bolster confidence and ensure that any institution in trouble could borrow their way out of trouble. After the recession of 1979-1981, everything reverted to normal. But this shows how unstable and volatile normality actually is, especially when the prime-directive is to protect the system at all costs, but sacrifice the saver.
Consider the cynicism involved with lowering interest rates in a recession: the cost of borrowing becomes technically cheaper at the time and encourages loans to be taken out. Mortgages look like a good investment, especially as house prices plummet. They seem good value as the theoretical future repayment looks attractive to the borrower. However, in a few years time when interest rates predictably go up again, the borrower is caught in the banking trap. The trap is set on the day the loan is 'approved' and sprung when the borrower has no choice, but to pay any demand. And so the circus goes around and around.

The banks are not really stupid and so they are reluctant to lend money that may never be repaid. As the economy continues to nosedive and private sector individuals struggle more and more to pay for the public sector secure pensions things can only get worse for a particular section of society. The redistribution principle dictates that wealth is moved from one group to another smaller one that grows. The parasite feeds off the host, but the parasite doesn't know what it is and lives on in ignorance and relative comfort. The host suffers. There is no gain in over all wealth, just the movement to the parasite. The parasite ultimately becomes the new host and the circus is fed in perpetuity. This would be from the private sector to the government-sponsored public sector.

Nothing has changed really. A recession roundabout. It's never been about a working financial system, but control.

Absolute control is absolute power

A nation and its people is very effectively imprisoned by the control of its finances and the 'people' are much more likely to do as they are told if their finances are threatened. When a system fails (inevitable) as the 'banker slaves' feed on their own greed to wreck the system, the system is imagined to recover.

It doesn't
It cannot

The system itself is virtually irrelevant. It's simply about the method of control.

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