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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Speed Cameras

Speed cameras are a good idea. Unless you wish to break the law by exceeding the speed limit while remaining undetected. I fail to see the problem that seems to pervade a British mentality. I want to know who started the idea of it simply being a money raising exercise.

It just began circulating in the popular tabloid press (especially The Daily E*****s) and the original source remains unknown. I suspect TDE is responsible, but I don't know, of course. It could be the motoring industry as they see speed cameras and catching ‘speeders’ as affecting sales of evermore powerful cars. If you can’t go fast then cars won’t sell. Simple. To have motoring organisations like the AA coming out against these cameras is very telling. It provides the illusion of credibility to the campaign against speed cameras. There is an influential lobby somewhere.

Speed does kill. The impact force can be lethal. Reactions are not any faster. It simply enables the inevitable accident (collision of two parties: vehicle + vehicle or vehicle + human/animal) to have less chance of being avoided. The appointment with potential death is arranged through the medium of speed.

  • An attitude of following an argument that is nonsensical is quite pathetic. The latest was a councillor who seriously considers it dangerous to look down at the speedometer as this means taking your eyes off the road. I cannot recall ever hearing anything so stupid as that. Brain injured or brain dead? You may as well never check mirrors as this means doing the same thing. Incredible.
  • Ever noticed how some drivers are aware if you are motoring too slowly (maybe the legal speed limit and the legal limit of speed never defines a safe speed), but claim to be unaware of going too fast...?