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Friday, November 10, 2006

Genetic Modification (or Mutation or...)

(Original Article: 29.04.2005)

Genetic Modification

The whole principle of genetically modified (GM) crops is to improve crop yield. Allegedly. No mention of the effect of increasing profits. Being generous, I could concur with the claims that GM is to feed an ever increasing world population (IVF In Africa), but that does not stand up to critical argument. The amount of food that is destroyed/stockpiled to maintain global prices does not suggest a consideration to the world's growing number of starving people.

GM products are being foisted upon a large number of resisting people. Governments are forcing the issue through and it's all driven by vested interest. Money shouts loudest. Governments are simply made up of individuals who are in a controlling position to force issues through. In a matter of a few years, genetic change can happen that should take millions of years.

How long has GM ingestion been going on; forced upon an unsuspecting public. Almost certainly for many years before it was made public. The big human experiment. A massive human trial. There is no information available (there won't be for possibly 50 years or more) to determine the effects of genetic change in the human species.

Who do you trust?

Why do you trust them?

Example: British government. A few well known faces, but most are faceless and unknown, yet have a deluded perception of power and influence to effect change upon all of us. They may be deluded, but the power (excessive influence) is real.

But for whose interest?

When governments are 'elected' the effect is like giving over a signed blank cheque. The amount to be added, altered, increased at any time in the future.