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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Student Ensnarement: An Entire Generation

  • Create the problem: deficit
  • Provide the solution: cuts, cuts, cuts
  • Less, less, less out and more, more, more in

Crude, hopelessly inelegant,
but completely effective

Waking up, yet? George Orwell (Eric Blair) did. These visionary 'stories' are more popular today than ever. The ensnarement of the next generation [and the one before (yesterday) and after (today) and the next (tomorrow)] is still being played out.

Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

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The Baptism of Fire is an introduction to the 'real-life' experience of being able to afford debt and is the learning process of acceptance. It's conditioning the concept of expectation. People will exist with the concept of debt because everybody... just does. To be a debtor is living such a way of life. Being alive. An existence with no questions being asked, there being no requirement for any answers. The path is cleared to allow the flow of money from the consumer to the central 'banking vault' from which there can be no consumer withdrawal. Only deposit. By the method of interest from... debt.

Something nauseating... ???
Responsible Lending

  • Check out the careless mistake. In the APRs and OFT Guidelines, the word "...quiet..." has been used instead of "...quite...". An easy error? Probably no more serious that placing a decimal point the wrong way by just one place: £100.00 -> £1000.00. An easy mistake to make, but doesn't inspire confidence.
  • Processing over 40,000 loans a month with an APR of 1286%? And an additional charge of £25 for every £100 borrowed. So the £750 'loan' itself will cost 7.5 x £25 = £187.50 simply to get started. Then after 30 days, add in (1286/12)% = 107.17% in interest on £937.50 and (any other 'administration' charges) to arrive at the total repayable of £750 + £187.50 + £1004.72 = £1942.22. Or nearly £1192.22 for a month. And 'only' borrowing £750 in the first place. Perhaps this has simply been misunderstood. In any case, just how desperate (or gullible) do you need to be?

daily basis!!!

    An Interesting Conspiracy

    Shackled before even exiting the starting blocks. Chained up right from the outset. The only obvious way to remain free is to remain ignorant. At least that way you wouldn't be able to 'feel' the subjugation. The right to go to university for an education is regarded as a right and perceived to yield benefits. The right to grasp hold of a debt. The ethic of a 'rich future' is now (very) transparently in great doubt. The non-rich won't ever get rich and the rich will continue to just get richer. At the expense (literally) of the non-rich. Original wealth was taken and ruthlessly protected and grown.

    It's even possible that many of the already
    wealthy do not realise what is
    happening 'in their name'

    The generation now in power enjoyed a free passage through tertiary education, some gaining a PhD degree. Two of recent note could include Dr. James Gordon Brown and Dr. Vince Cable. Is Vince Cable, as a Lib Dem, just being duped by 'ordinary man, call me Dave' David Cameron and George Gideon Osborne?

    The fall guy. Brown, it seems, took 10 years (in Scotland) to submit his thesis (1982) and any other requirement since the MA degree (1972). What was he doing in those 10 years? Different political persuasion it would seem, but both benefited directly. The cost to Dr. Brown is not known, but Dr. Cable admits to a free education.

    An entire generation has been trapped in financial knots (yoke) when they are least likely to appreciate that they are drowning. And held under by government that traditionally blames the previous government for all the current ills (Labels).