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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Minimum Wage And Social Exclusion

Social Exclusion is happening.

The minimum wage (the maximum wage to remain within the law) will inevitably be reduced or left almost unchanged (and by law), but not directly justified as combating the rising costs caused by inflation that in turn are caused by debt and the associated applied interest: hugely inflated and outweighing any interest added to savings - a paradoxical paradox (a nonsense - DA), but this is the art of politics and 'spin'. Since borrowing is so expensive and saving goes nowhere, the rising cost of both essentials and non-essentials encourages consumers to spend money now rather than save it for later.

The large pile of problems today
becomes the mountain of tomorrow

Pensions - possible reasons that fewer people are saving for a pension:

  • many have been made redundant and this is no longer possible
  • people need the money they earn now
  • disillusion by so many 'failing' pension schemes
  • lack of trust
When inflation is greater than interest from savings, it pays to spend... Better value. Perverse. The solution to the problem created will be for all consumers to work more hours for less pay. And all endorsed by government. The businesses will prosper at the expense of the worker. To 'spin' this around: make it illegal to pay more than the national minimum wage.

Not any signs of social engineering by exclusion here, then.

Animal Farm: A Fairy Story

truly essential reading

  • Once upon a time there used to be another politically-based fairy story: uneducated people were regarded as a third class and the educated as middle class. There has always apparently been (allegedly) an upper class. So the story goes. The middle class was always an invention to create the belief of self worth within the majority. The division has never actually changed between the minority of wealthy (and therefore influential) 'rich' and everyone else: the poor majority.
  • It's always been conditioned into people that wealth begets intelligence. Another lie created through 'spin'. Wealth can buy many things, including allegiance, but not genuine intelligence.

Smoke and mirrors...

illusion and delusion

Stupid rich man or poor genius? The coalition of Lib Dems and Conservative looks very unbalanced. The extra weight of the Tory blues, outclasses the lighter part. New Labour was crude in its approach, yet the coalition would imagine itself more subtle. Actually, the transparency of the strategy design is so very obvious.

As subtle as a ten tonne weight.

  • Always keep in mind that the Minimum Wage works with business and shareholder profit: every day NOT open for business is a missed opportunity to make a profit. By keeping wages down, overheads are reduced for more days open for business.