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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wrecking Crew, UQ (aka UK) Ltd

Everything the (Scottish) labour government devises or introduces appears to be designed to cause maximum damage to the UQ (aka UK) Ltd. Isolation of specifically England, but inclusive of Ireland and Wales. The countries are bankrupted and this continues to ensure absolutely no recovery is possible. Ever. The 'donation' of even more £billions of taxpayers' virtual money is poured into the pathetic excuse for a financial system.

Another meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors for the next phase of the current plan.

Alan Johnson - Marxist background. Voted in favour of Iraq war and opposed an investigation.
David Miliband - possible Marxist influence
Hilary Benn - "a Benn, but not a Bennite"
Douglas Alexander - Scottish and mentored by Gordon Brown
Bob Ainsworth - attended a "couple" of International Marxist Group meetings
Ed Miliband - possible Marxist influence
Yvette Cooper - Scottish. Married to Ed Balls
Des Browne - Scottish
Jim Murphy - Scottish
Nick Brown - legal advisor (Northern Region) GMBATU (trade union)

Undoubtedly, a concerted effort is never necessary where all are involved and acting as one. Only the inner circle: Dirty Secrets of the Temple

Imperialism was the brainchild of Lenin and is still very much alive.

The next logical step is to ensure the complete separation of Scotland from the rest of the British Isles. With the success of the Treaty of Lisbon 'betrayal', the plan is running to schedule.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

House Of Lords

This upper (class) house needs to be abolished. What purpose does it serve except those in the gang? An example of self-serving bias. Those seeking 'power' and 'respect' (!!). This happens at all levels of society and it's a bestial throwback:

Gorbels Mick

All the rhetoric did nothing to stop the 'elevation' of Michael Martin (dubbed 'Gorbels Mick' by Quentin Letts) to such a place. It was always a certainty. It's part of the corrupting system. A place of doffing hats and dressing up in ridiculous outfits possibly trying to emulate Henry VIII. Taking a well earned nap, probably after a few bottles of (expensive) wine (bought cheaply) etc, etc, etc.

A possible reason why Martin was elevated?

Gorbels Mick to the Lords?
What a great idea. Let's do it.

Sponge (noun 8)

  • What's the difference between an MP and an MEP? The MEP is just a bigger sponge.
MP Expenses
Benefit Provider

MP Expenses - Windup And Misdirection

A previous entry in this series about MP expenses, indicated that the stench of the cesspool had become too much to tolerate. The next phase, however, has come many months later and cannot be left without a mention although it remains nauseating. The trick to watch out for now is the redirection of focus.

The current emphasis is on the minor gardening and cleaning expenses and are all relatively trivial, but it appears that Jacqui Smith was shown to have claimed over £116,000 yet has been ordered to repay only £400. That 'investigation' and 'fine' was conducted by MPs concerning an MP.


  • Apologised "unreservedly" for wrongly claiming for the cost of films watched at her family home, including two pornographic films seen by her husband.
  • The main home obviously does not need to be owned by the claimant. A caravan parked in a field would presumably suffice as long as it is not a real address that could be so regarded.

  • "This claim should never have been made and, as the committee notes, I paid back the claim in full as soon as it was brought to my attention," Smith told the Commons.
Compared to the BIG expenses, this is absolute trivia though not entirely irrelevant.

Sir George Young is the chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee (2011 : amended) and is regarded as being the "right man to repair the commons". Ring closure and morally indefensible, but it happened.

Breaking rules
seems to be regarded as nothing particularly wrong and very much unlike breaking the law. Smith WAS home secretary, but jumped before being pushed: in charge of the police and the rule of law in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd.

The current independent investigation has been carried out by Sir Thomas Legg (another establishment 'Sir' and is almost relegated to the term millionaire. Commonplace.)

  • Why do MPs apparently have so much angst unless they know what has been done and are worried about being 'found out'? Maybe they'll NOT get away with something?
  • The BIG issues involve the Additional Cost Allowance (ACA), widely regarded as an indirect salary increase (Margaret Thatcher: 1985) and therefore to be had "as of right", although this public money is used to finance private property dealing. This would explain the apparent complicity of the fees office.
Capital Gains Tax
BBC Newsnight interview

The interest on mortgages is claimed and paid and gets cited a few times, but doesn't clarify if this involves large interest-only mortgages. It is blatantly using public (taxpayers') money to gain private profit. The capital gains tax and avoidance/evasion issues are central to any argument, yet are very crudely dodged. Allegedly repaying 'wrongful' claims does not define actually paying anything back. Hazel Blears famously waved a cheque in front of the cameras. This cheque could easily have been torn up directly afterwards (off camera) simply creating the illusion of paying this amount back. Any payments cannot be verified and ironically an MP's word has to be accepted as being absolutely truthful. This could be regarded as being somewhat naïve. Even Gordon Brown's promise to pay cannot be verified as an actual payment.

  • Repayments - 1st April 2009
  • Still under review, it seems - 14th October 2009

Eleanor Laing back in May 2009 was ordered to repay (by David Cameron) a 'large amount' of money acquired at public expense.

The 'verbal' agreement to voluntarily repay (£25,000) does not constitute proof of repayment, but appears to have convinced her constituency party (at least) of her moral standing within society.

  • If ever a system was required that facilitated abuse then a model must surely be the MP expense system. Devised and managed by MPs for MPs. The lunatics running the asylum.


  • The hypocrisy is that the BNP as a 'political' party is shunned yet the other three (main parties) are acceptable. Very odd as they are all irrelevant.

If the slumbering beast is disturbed the result can be deadly. The beast is best left alone. Notably, Hazel Blears has been silent over this time and that in itself is remarkable. However, once a position has been achieved it is 'difficult' to relinquish advantage. The screams of unfairness echo in the Palace of Westminster. It seems that massaging the system ("it's in the rules" - NO, it's NOT!!) is acceptable, but the unfairness of disallowing potential fraud is not. Gordon Brown allegedly will repay expenses (£12,500) for his 'home' in Scotland. Cleaning expenses were allegedly claimed at a rate reported to be £10.50 an hour, which was then paid to his brother (who shared costs and services of said cleaner) and who allegedly settled the costs to the cleaner directly (the 'full' £10.50/hr?). Brown may have some 'claim' to expenses on this, but a brother? It's quite standard practice to keep this "in the family" since the highly lucrative severance of services then keeps the reward "in the family".

Brown continues to urge MPs to pay up (when/if asked/requested), but cannot instruct as inorder or 'be the boss'. After all, he is only the prime minister and has always seemed devoid of any leadership skills.

  • As leader (prime minister) of the government, he demonstrates absolutely no leadership by failing to instruct anyone else to repay suspect expenses

The reneging on the Treaty of Lisbon is an example that demonstrates the arrogance and goal of this pathetic government. The destruction of the UK. Everything this outfit does is designed to wreck the country and leave it isolated in any theoretical 'global status' that it may have once had. Selling England by the Pound continues. Thatcher did it. Now it's Brown's turn. As Blair's lackey, it demonstrates the ultimate danger of a European State with Blair as it's potential president. Any notion of a federal europe with local control of affairs can be rejected. Up till now, and even before total ratification, the UQ (aka UK) Ltd has essentially no control or say in its own affairs. This can only get worse.

The MPs are so short sighted and blinded by their own very short term greed that none has realised that they will all become irrelevant. A totally unnecessary expense. At the best, a trimmed down MP base is most likely. Who knows, there may even be an updated attack on the Houses of Parliament to finish off Guy Fawkes' failed attempt?

He who waits will eventually triumph

Even if it takes a few hundred (400) years. The blame will be anonymously aimed at 'terrorism', the catch-all and generic label. This would predictably happen when the place is in recess. If this were to happen, then it would also be highly suggestive that it was planned and executed locally.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize

It's happening again. Recognition of unverifiable intentions. This is another angle on hope for the future. Ignore the present and focus on the unknowable:

The Future

  • And again.: this time for preventing conflict (not actively bringing peace, just 'preventing' conflict - DA) within Europe!!!

Forms, which amount to a personal and exclusive invitation, are sent to about three thousand selected individuals to invite them to submit nominations. For the peace prize, inquiries are sent to such people as governments of states, members of international courts, professors and rectors at university level, former Peace Prize laureates, current or former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, among others. The Norwegian Nobel Committee then bases its assessment on nominations sent in before 3 February.[11] The submission deadline for nominations for Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Economics is 31 January.[12] Self-nominations and nominations of deceased people are disqualified.

  • This illustrates the premature nature of this nomination and also shows the highly political nature of the selection. This is similar to Gore and the earlier Peace Award. This had massive overtones of a political hijack.

  • This also illustrates the potential massaging by selecting those who are eligible to endorse nominations. Cherry picking the 'yes' men?

Eight months into a possible eight year term, the Nobel Peace prize has been awarded to President Barrack Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples".

The committee "attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons".

Nuclear weapons

The president has spoken of his wish to see a world without nuclear weapons. He wants the US Senate to ratify the test ban treaty. The US hopes to get a new agreement with Russia in December to reduce deployed warheads to below the 2,200 already agreed. This does not define a nuclear weapons-free world. If Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan and Israel have them, then so will the US.

Climate change

Much depends on the US Senate and Obama's intentions are conditional on congressional acceptance. The will and intention may be there, but the problem is making it happen.

Human rights

Guantanamo Bay is supposed to be closed by early next year. The end to torture by all US agencies is awaited.


The president has said that US combat operations in Iraq will stop by the end of August next year though US troops will remain there to train Iraqis and fight al-Qaeda. Intentions are not yet achieved.


The threat of conflict between Iran and Israel remains and there are still no meaningful talks between Israel and the Palestinians.


An increase in US forces (21.09.2009 - defines premature) would mean a continuation of war, so this hardly encourages winning peace. The conflict in Afghanistan completes the circle. The Twin Towers in 2001 ignited the path to the Middle East in the first place. The allegation is still unproven that this was instigated by the US to provide the justification for the invasion that led to oil-rich Iraq, via Afghanistan.

Create the problem and provide the solution

It does appear premature to be awarding such a prize based purely on intentions. This requires a crystal ball.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Denial Of Politicians

The clear belief of a politician appears to be (certainly in most cases) that arrogance elevates the individual to some kind of superiority and their version of the Truth is the only one. Arrogance always denies any alternative. The rest of lower-life humanity cannot possibly exist without them. Almost as a deity supplying the life-force of oxygenated air. If the rule of law were removed, anarchy would ensue. That is the usual response and in a stroke raises the standing of the politician to that of the major provider without whom life would cease to exist. This would demonstrate arrogance and conceit.

The politician thus attempts to condition the 'lower status' non-politician into accepting that the politician is a highly deserving and better quality human being and as such knows what is good for everyone else. Such 'sad' conditioning is completely off course. Of course.

Reality: Total Denial

Tories Show True Colours (Inheritance Tax and Inheritance)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Off-Label Marketing

Off-label marketing has landed Pfizer with a $2.3bn (£1.4bn) criminal fine for the illegal and fraudulent promotion of four of its drugs for uses that had not been approved by the medical regulators. The biggest in the history of the US Department of Justice. This was an out-of-court settlement.

Pfizer to pay $2.3 billion fine for fraudulent marketing

  Sebelius Announces Pfizer's record fine in Washington, DC

   While the practice of off-label marketing is not unusual, the enormity of the fine is. The authorities branded Pfizer as a repeat offender, noting that this was the fourth settlement the drug maker had made in the last decade for off-label marketing.
The settlement comprises a $1.3 billion fine to settle criminal charges for misbranding the anti-inflammatory drug Bextra with intent to defraud and mislead; and a $1 billion civil fine to settle allegations that Pfizer illegally promoted Bextra, as well as the antipsychotic Geodon, the antibiotic Zyvox and the anti-epileptic Lyrica.
   Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, said the agency...

'will continue to seek opportunities to work with its government partners to prosecute fraud wherever we can find it.'

Off-label does not demonstrate that a drug is dangerous, but just that it has not been approved for additional therapeutic applications. The original approval would have been granted for the whole gamut of clinical trials and full safety testing. The enormous cost of bringing a drug to the marketplace makes financial recovery of (some of) these costs very important.
   Pre-empting further potential approvals without such approval runs a huge financial on-cost risk. The damage to reputation is much greater. The harm done to the name of an otherwise reputable and ethical company must compromise this public appreciation of what defines being 'ethical'. Trust must outshine corporate goals as in the longer term finances must suffer.

1.pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.
2.being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, esp. the standards of a profession: It was not considered ethical for physicians to advertise.
3.(of drugs) sold only upon medical prescription.

Notably, a subsidiary of the firm pleaded guilty to misbranding drugs...

"with the intent to defraud or mislead"

Friday, October 02, 2009

Dark Days

The Irish got the vote wrong at their initial referendum in 2008. The one the British in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd were denied. The one that had been promised. This is government and such a promise is meaningless anyway. Everybody knows that, but an absolute broken promise to the people concerning the future? Europe already consumes £billions of British taxpayer finance to fund...


Would membership result in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd receiving finance from Europe? Dr. James Gordon Brown in his very personal wisdom hijacked the British vote and in the stroke of a pen signed away the individual right of the citizen to decide if membership was viewed negatively or otherwise. The Treaty of Lisbon.

Devil's Advocate: a photograph of an alleged signing is not proof of such an act.

It is most probable that the vote would go against Brown's desire for the country and so don't involve the people. This single act demonstrates the arrogant disregard of the people. The only country left was then Ireland. They got it wrong so they must go back and vote again (and again) until they return the correct decision.

In the last 18 months since that last vote, the global and especially Europe's position has changed. That's inevitable, but according to the

create the situation and provide the solution

principle, some Irish voters have changed their view and to be able to vote again is very good fortune.

Irish in favour. This (the 2nd) time (3rd October 2009) they got it right. The circus can stop going around now.

The UQ (aka UK) Ltd did not get to vote and the Irish got to vote twice. This single fact shows the most important feature to consider. The importance of gaining membership cannot be threatened by letting the people interfere. The European Parliament must happen. The British could not be trusted to vote correctly. Ever. Vote denied as a consequence. The Irish: 2nd time around OK.

The icing on the cake would be Tony Blair as president of the EU and Peter Mandelson as his vice-president. The scenario gets even worse.

Saudi Arabia and BAE (oil)
Saudi Arabian Oil
South Africa and BAE (diamonds)
Global Control

The investigation into corruption, bribery and obtaining contracts was vetoed by Blair. An investigation was to be launched by the Serious Fraud Office when it was ordered from Blair's office to drop any plans. This was BAE and Saudi Arabia. Now this has moved to South Africa. It seems to be a case of Déjà vu. Or here we go again.

The terms BAE and Blair go together.