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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Wonder Of Politics In Britain

Original posting: September 2005 The prospect of New Labour (when will they drop the New? God, it’s so tiresome) being around into the future is depressing enough, but to talk of stepping it up... This bunch of incompetents for a few more years? When will they start talking about stepping out? They are so confused it is almost (almost) laughable. Blair speaks of being around for a full term and so refuses to step down and out: give up the crown (does a president have a crown? Federal UK.) This strongly implies that he truly believes Britain cannot manage without him. He is critical to the survival of Britain. The arrogance of this man: he sent troops into an illegal war (allegedly) in Iraq and they‘re still getting killed even though the “war” is over. It’s not, but it is not what it started out being. Predictable, though. Any half-wit would have spoken to the British Army and how they managed Northern Ireland before creating another battle ground in Iraq. It’s a NI on a massive scale and was always going to be. So, Blair, how does it feel to be responsible for so much rotten success? So much death and misery. Now to save face. No chance of that. None. It was all about oil and 'supporting' Bush. Sickening. And then consider swapping leadership now that the election has been secured (I won’t use the description won, since it never was) as though it doesn’t matter. The Brown/Blair fiasco: who is going to be top dog? Promises and yet more promises. I think of the Trojan Horse analogy. You see, on the one hand it’s New Labour being in power (that’s what it’s about - the rush of power) that matters. It’s not Blair as a personality (!!). On the other hand, Blair needs to enjoy his position while New Labour still governs. Is in charge. Difficult choice, isn’t it? Go or stay? Go or stay? It’s obvious: go! And keep going to the land of cheap petrol/oil and where everybody (!) luvs yer. It has little oil of it’s own, but is good at extracting and plundering it, nonetheless. It’s cheap, but what a cost. Blair is bad enough, but the prospect of Brown is a nightmare thought. If the press can be trusted (!), Brown is an incompetent and “can’t do his sums”. What a pathetic phrase even though it might be true. That's the illusion. He's pretty smart and knows exactly what he's doing. Not much in my interests though. Or yours. I hate politics and detest politicians even more. Two-faced most of them. Some are decent (I think), but most can never be trusted. Ask yourself: would you buy a second hand car from any of them? I doubt it would be theirs anyway!