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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Increase Of Worth And Value

Original posting, August 2006

Wealth is 'created' through illusion and by massaging and manipulating the 'value' of what is already possessed. Property just appreciates in value by doing nothing - something from nothing. What actually causes 'value' (not worth), to go up? Why does the 'value' of a painting go up? The investment always appreciates at a far greater rate than any 'interest' on finance. That is for the 'prols' and slaves to engage with. The small change in high 'finance'.

  • Human appreciation doesn't go up in the value stakes. Stupidity goes upwards all by itself
The combination of worth and value attempts to balance the spiritual with a physical concept. If an item costs more, then the 'value' has been conditioned into people to be higher. An item isn't worth anymore. It doesn't make sense. Illogical. A painting produced 200 years ago is now just an 'old' painting. The intrinsic value doesn't change, but the perceived value increases.


Someone has said so

Wake up to what's going on here. Is oil scarce? Ask yourself another question: why are diamonds so valuable? Buy a diamond and don't sell it. Restrict availability and so limit and control the supply.

Result: value increases

Pathetically easy. With the conditioning that 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' there is a recipe to print money. However, diamonds may not be as rare as most believe. Diamond is simply pure carbon. The allotrope of diamond is formed under intense heat and pressure, which would not be uncommon in the early history of the Earth. Graphite is only a different allotrope of carbon and effectively valueless when compared to diamond. Both are pure carbon. So people have been conditioned to accept diamonds as valuable and accept an absurd asking price as realistic.

Oil companies and governments: two sources that are the least reliable for accurate information. Certainly not independent. The alleged scarcity creates demand and people are prepared to pay a higher premium. The entire world has been developed using a resource that can become 'scarce on demand'.

Governments are not there to serve the people
They are there to be served by the people

To 'donate' as much as possible to the upkeep of a government: a bottomless and unaccountable pit. In the last few years, the greed rate factor has become exponential. It has become the new way of 'making' money or more accurately simply redistributing the fixed amount: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Actually creating true wealth is illusory. Inflation is the balancing effect. True wealth cannot increase when everything costs more. At any point in time there are ups and there are downs, but the long term trend is down. Or up. This depends on the true personal perception of rich and poor. The rate of getting richer or poorer may slow down from time to time, but the direction doesn't change. The illusion feeds itself. The blind still cannot see. If you can see then you must open your eyes to view reality and not live within the dream inside your head. Equate dreaming with illusion and you'll get closer to the truth about control and the effects of being controlled.

Listening to the words and hearing the words do not mean the same thing.