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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smoking In Cars

A search for smoking in cars reveals a fair amount of controversy.

Clearly, imposing a ban it is not likely to be any more productive than making the use of a hand-held mobile phone in a car illegal. This fails as policing the use is very limited in its effectiveness. In the event of an accident then an enquiry of phone records may provide enough information for a prosecution. However, the education route to make people aware of the harm to children in cars (who have no say - DA) is as unlikely since smokers in many cases don't give a damn. The good health of their own children is painfully a non-event rather like feeding them cheap fatty, low nutritional value junk food.

  • Fatty food commonly contains a high salt content that hides the unpalatable taste of ... fat
Fast driving is completely a non-thinking event for many (thankfully not all - DA). The consequences of damage to self and others is possibly just not appreciated. Head injury can be devastatingly acquired in a moment and remain for the rest of life and driving economics alone should make many more aware. A similar attitude exists concerning the use of alcohol. The grip of alcohol is strong and though the threat of death should be stronger, that grip overwhelms the very real threat of death.

The pathetic 'I won't be told what to do' attitude results in a middle finger salute to authority. It's pathetic because it seems that some people would rather suffer ill-health or death than the perceived 'bow to authority'. Exercising common sense and concern is not 'bowing to authority'. It's simply using common sense. And just being pragmatic.

So, smoking, eating fatty junk food and all washed down with alcohol. This 'holy' trinity of activities (like Gullibility, Stupidity and Vanity) is not a good idea. And some people still wonder why they get ill. Do all three... and probably have little or no exercise. To encourage these bad habits is to encourage spending on crap. It's commercialism. That's the reality.