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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Phone Hacking

The possible smokescreen gets more dense. All the governmental rhetoric and 'pulling together' does not settle well. The party in power and the official opposition agreeing? There's something intrinsically sinister about that scenario. And that is what is happening.

News International 

The appearance before a Select Committee by Rupert Murdoch is claimed to be a day for feeling humble. The alleged apology to the family of Millie Dowler would have been a more believable act of contrition had he gone to see the family rather than they visiting him. After all, he can travel from Australia to London so 'that last mile' should not have been too much of an extra burden. Attempting to save the BSkyB deal seems to have been the priority.

It's all a sordid story about alleged corruption in high places and the alleged liaison between the press and police. The benefit of all this is the wake up call to those asleep and remaining totally unaware or not bothered by what has possibly been happening for a very long time. As the recent couple of weeks have revealed: there is a great deal of back-room dealing being done. So, what else has been happening?

Consult these pages and decide what may be
a reality and not 'conspiracy theory'

The term 'conspiracy theory' is not accurate. It should be, perhaps, 'ridicule theory' - DA

The dirty little (and very BIG - DA) backroom deals that could be taking place secretly behind closed doors. Out of the public eye. So much is 'coming out' that it appears almost overkill. Overwhelm the public and perhaps they'll start to ignore it all. The deals will continue and the people will lose interest. But...

Hopefully, not everybody
will go back to sleep

Phone hacking is not a new concept, although the terminology may be quite new to public awareness. But it has all been made out to appear as such. This is possibly the damage control reaction to cover the technique of interception.

The 'powers that be' could be unnerved by the fact that these techniques have been publicly uncovered and that not everything is 'ridiculous'. The so-called truth papers have been the comics to entertain the people, pandering titillation to the masses. This has all become very much alive in the collective public mind. The real questions that should be asked are who else and for how long? 'Big Brother is watching you' has become very real to many. How could such a thing be happening.

Surely governments wouldn't do this? 
Or the police?

Or... who else?

  • Public revulsion has suddenly become the 'wake up' effect. Such is the background that this could be the desirable outcome. The people are being deliberately unnerved by government.