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Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Vince Cable

Free education Dr. Vince Cable is Business Secretary (BIS - Business, Innovation and Skills) and responsible for the Student Tuition Fee mess and is, possibly, naïve. This is not particularly likely. In fact, the apparent entrapment by two 'constituents' (who could actually be Twickenham residents, but working for The Daily Telegraph newspaper) is possibly a disturbing event. They would, presumably, be unidentified (seriously? - DA) and, therefore, unknown.

To imagine a government minister being so careless is possible, however unlikely. But, the last government (from where the alleged 'deficit' has been inherited - still THE favourite mantra of the coalition government as at 29.11.2011 - DA) saw three such individuals looking ahead to their own future at the end of power (for now).

Arrogance is such a wonderful 'quality'

Dr. Cable is a new incumbent to office

Fighting from within is better than being an outsider who is completely ineffective (even if potentially being set up as a patsy is realised) and this could be a lesson in the mechanics of political manoeuvering. Time will possibly reveal all.

It still appears to be a Tory controlled 'coalition government' taking the LibDems along for the ride. Dr. Cable appears to be not enjoying the 'ethical' party unity ethos, whereas Mr. Clegg seems to have a different agenda (after all, he's deputy PM - DA).